Ode to Song Joong Ki

For two years I've had my eye on Song Joong Ki. It's no surprise that I've discovered, especially after ten weeks of Nice Guy followed by the big screen experience of Werewolf Boy, that Song Joong Ki is more than just a pretty face--he can act. Really, really, well!  Not only that, but his voice is awesome, his smile contagious, and he carries himself with both confidence and an air of humility. He's mastered the art of not only eye-loving, but eye-hating, eye-lusting, and eye-hurting (for those in need of an eye-acting explanation, refer to this post.)
Suddenly I found myself thinking--wow, this guy may well be at the top of my "Actor Who Rocks My World" list! I came to this conclusion because of

1) The audible gasp that came out of my mouth when Kang Maru showed up with his sunglasses and new hairdo in episode 9 of Nice Guy. And the constant rewinding of that scene.

2) The way I practically catapulted out of my seat when, while flipping channels, I saw his adorable face RIGHT THERE ON MY BIG SCREEN TV during an awards show on Mnet. (I only watch dramas on my computer.) And the constant rewinding of that scene.

3) The use of the word "my" in front of his name, as in "Look, look, there's my Song Joong ki!" (Which is usually followed by my husband or daughters saying "huh? Are you talking Korean again?")

4) The infinitesimally small time that elapsed between a) finding out that Werewolf Boy had been released in the US and was playing at a theater within driving distance from me, and b) the time until I was actually driving manically through traffic to make the next showing.
Yes, all signs point to Song Joong Ki being at the top of my list, and this position is not to be taken lightly. When it comes to Kdramas actors, I'm pretty fickle, and finding a favorite actor that meets all my criteria has been a daunting task. In fact, the list consists of only two (there were three, but I'm sorry, Gong Yoo, if you still held a top spot on my list, I would have finished Big no matter what, right? Hmmm....maybe I should watch Coffee Prince again.....)
In honor of his ascension to the First Place position, I present my personal ODE to Song Joong Ki

I first saw your charms in Sungkyunkwan Scandal
(Which even Yoo Ah In found too hard to handle)
Then cringed with despair when (I’m sure) Sukkie slashed you
And cried quite a bit when that b**** Jae Hee trashed you

Penny Pinchers with Han Ye Seul - yeah, how you rocked her!
And surely I’d faint to find you were my doctor
It was young King Sejong that brought you great acclaim
Kang MaRu and then Cheol Su shot you to fame
Your eyes can speak volumes, your silence speaks more
Your smirks and your smiles make me faint on the floor
You look flirty and fun when you're behind the scene,
Even puppies are second when you're on the screen!

Those boyish good looks attract all different ages
To list all your charms would take pages and pages
Oh, how much I'd love to see you face to face!
(I'm too old for this stuff--yes, I do know my place)
But one call from you and I’d sure come a runnin’
(Oh why God, oh why is he still such a young’un?)

I read that Joong Ki is looking for a girl that would act like a noona towards him.  Hey, I can act!  Or I wonder if he'd be interested in having an American as a second Mom?  That I could definitely do........