Random Thoughts on .. Park Shi-hoo gifs

Today is Monday. This means, a) that I need to read many pages for the class I am teaching tomorrow (which keeps me from watching KDrama, so you may guess how I feel about that) and b) that there is five more days until Cheongdamdong Alice (which is simply terrible and makes me want to weep).

And suddenly, I realized that the world may in fact end before they air episode 7. Only 6 episodes of my favorite RomCom ever? (or rather, ever and ever. It cannot be topped). World, do not end yet, please!!!
Noooo! I'm not crazy!!
In my panic, I decided to make some more sweet Park Shi-hoo gifs. There can never be enough gifs in one's life - particularly of Park Shi-hoo: #Fact #GreatLessonsInLife #BelieveKakashiAlways. Can this be my future job, Park Shi-hoo-gif-creator?
Yes? You like that?!
Sweetie, I could look at you all day. Is that normal? For a moment, I feared that you might be my rebound guy (very recent broken heart due to Lee Jun-ki and all) but can a rebound guy feel that good? Of course not. You are my true love and have always been.

Today, I'm giving you ...

... parts of the measuring scene. *Gulp*
... him in anticipation of meeting her. *Gulp* - *melting like ice cream in the desert*
 ... him being excited about going out to have something to eat with her. What a boyish cutie he is.
 ... the school shenanigans.
 ... he is having so much fun, I want to clap my hands in joy!
 ... love how he is channelling Jack Sparrow and his swagger here.
... this is for the fans of Dong-wook, his doctor-friend-"acquaintance". The hospital shenanigans must be seen in sequence for full effect. Gifs don't do it justice.
... after telling Se-kyung his (almost) real name and seeming surprised about how it feels. Such a tender, sweet moment ... *loooooooooooove it*
 ... in the restaurant. So cute (What's that stuff on the table? Rabbit ears?!)
 ... the "oh shit I love him"-moment. Moon Geun-young ... I think something's not right with you if you think about this twice.
Saturday, come quick!!!!!