Random Thoughts on ... Lip Sins in KDrama

My grabby-hand noona friends (I mean this in a very endearing way, girls!) and I have noticed something strange that seems to have taken root in KDramaland. It's make-up related. Lip make-up related to be precise.

I guess it's a trend when four subsequent or parallel dramas do it? The horror!
It looks as if their lips were stained instead of using lipstick in a proper way, or like they just had lunch and then forgot to touch up ... But see for yourself! 
Someone a bit more knowledgeable among us suggested that they might in fact be trying to go for the so-called ombre-effect. But does ombre effect equal looking like they just ate a strawberry but forgot to wipe their mouths? Certainly not! It could and should look like this:
Wow, that's beautiful!! Try again, make-up people!

The second lip-related disaster that seems to have become a trend is color that is completely off the charts. This woman just looked into the mirror:
And this ... Isn't she supposed to be a top fashion model? Don't they have mirrors there? What happened to this beautiful, beautiful woman?!
This should be considered a Drama crime in my opinion. In fact, we should really try to get the ones responsible fired, because...

Cannot be made unseen ... very, very, very bad lip color for a man, very, very sad ... *am crying*

While we're at it, I must confess that it only recently occurred to me that all men in KDrama have colored lips. It was when my husband asked me whether Lee Jun-ki as Magistrate was a girl. I went "What? Why? Can't you see how manly a man he is?" - and he goes: "but he is wearing lipstick!" - and he was totally right. Just glad he didn't see Jade Emperor's pink luscious lips and weird librarian hair ... imagine the explaining I would have had to do!
Speaking of Yoo Seung-ho (why are you so young?!) ... this is what lafer (one of the guest bloggers on here) calls his "party look": he looks so "made up" that it is actually jarring.
And then .... this!!! o_0 (picked up from @Mystisith Twitter feed after 1st posting)

Ah ... Maybe the make-up "artist" took advantage of a sale on pink lipstick? Yes, that must be it! This is not a trend! It is not!! Things will return to normal soon. Yes?