Random Thoughts on ... Lip Sins in KDrama

My grabby-hand noona friends (I mean this in a very endearing way, girls!) and I have noticed something strange that seems to have taken root in KDramaland. It's make-up related. Lip make-up related to be precise.

I guess it's a trend when four subsequent or parallel dramas do it? The horror!
It looks as if their lips were stained instead of using lipstick in a proper way, or like they just had lunch and then forgot to touch up ... But see for yourself! 
Someone a bit more knowledgeable among us suggested that they might in fact be trying to go for the so-called ombre-effect. But does ombre effect equal looking like they just ate a strawberry but forgot to wipe their mouths? Certainly not! It could and should look like this:
Wow, that's beautiful!! Try again, make-up people!

The second lip-related disaster that seems to have become a trend is color that is completely off the charts. This woman just looked into the mirror:
And this ... Isn't she supposed to be a top fashion model? Don't they have mirrors there? What happened to this beautiful, beautiful woman?!
This should be considered a Drama crime in my opinion. In fact, we should really try to get the ones responsible fired, because...

Cannot be made unseen ... very, very, very bad lip color for a man, very, very sad ... *am crying*

While we're at it, I must confess that it only recently occurred to me that all men in KDrama have colored lips. It was when my husband asked me whether Lee Jun-ki as Magistrate was a girl. I went "What? Why? Can't you see how manly a man he is?" - and he goes: "but he is wearing lipstick!" - and he was totally right. Just glad he didn't see Jade Emperor's pink luscious lips and weird librarian hair ... imagine the explaining I would have had to do!
Speaking of Yoo Seung-ho (why are you so young?!) ... this is what lafer (one of the guest bloggers on here) calls his "party look": he looks so "made up" that it is actually jarring.
And then .... this!!! o_0 (picked up from @Mystisith Twitter feed after 1st posting)

Ah ... Maybe the make-up "artist" took advantage of a sale on pink lipstick? Yes, that must be it! This is not a trend! It is not!! Things will return to normal soon. Yes?


Rosie said…
I have noticed this not-a-trend, sadly. That lipstick on Park Si Yeon in Nice Guy seriously bothered me everytime I saw her on screen.. Maybe that was part of the character.. so deliciously twisted, even her lips look like she'd just sucked the soul out of her every nearest victim..
Anonymous said…
Actually, with the uniformly white faces and pink/red lips, I was wondering if they weren't making some sort of visual Kabuki reference. Just one more visual clue that we are in for tragedy with a capital T?
kakashi said…
that's an interesting thought. I would prefer that explanation to it just being very bad make-up!
mystisith.com said…
Ha! I just saw the IMY recap at Koalas's playground but I had noticed before than some make-up choices and application techniques are quite hazardous. Colored lipstick for men = NO. Non colored lip balm = YES. And that uglyful flashy strawberry thing should be banned from any make-up bag. Bleh!
Awurama said…
I agree with all of you! Ban that non-ombre ombre effect.