Cheongdamdong Alice ... Cute OTP Moments

After a very disappointing and choppy episode 11 (let's just pretend it never aired, ok?), there is some incredibly cute OTP moments in episode 12 - but still not much funny (I make an exception for the Cha-Cha-interaction. These two ... seriously ^^). I know it is the usual mid-show slump in KDrama; also called the angst-turn. In CDDA's case, it's the viewers that have the angst - when? when? WHEN? will he find out? - and not so much the characters. Let's hope this drama finds its footing again soon!

Cha Seung-jo is on cloud seven, and if I didn't know that this cannot last, I would call this one of the sweetest OTP episodes ever. We see that Han Se-kyung is really good for Seun-jo - she seems to have a healing effect on him, which makes the coming calamity even worse, I guess.

This post is dedicated to the sweet in episode 12 - not too many spoilers below, I guess. But lots of smooching. yum.

Smooch No 1 - in the car
 Happily walking to his place. I know what would be happening next if this were an American show!!!
 ... but it's not an American show, so they just smile at each other so sweetly ...
 ... and he picks her up again and swirls her around. Park Shi-hoo, you like to get your exercise, yes?
Let's call this one the triple-kiss, because they kiss three times! I am a bit suspicious. There is way too much kissing in this show!!  
He is anxious - she is comforting him. It's this and many more scenes that make this one of my favorite OTPs ever. If only ... she would have told him the truth already!!!
 What a display of PA! And of course, the evil vixen is watching.
The shoe, the shoe, the shoe is gonna drop ... drop ... drop...
See you next week!