Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif time! (Episode 11)

Gifoholism continues. There is something highly fascinating about choosing gif-worthy scenes, frame by frame, and turning them into gifs. On the other hand, I might soon have to change the name of this blog to "Gifs, gifs, get your daily fix here" if I continue to churn them out like this. I guess it's a little bit lafer's fault ... she is away, baking in the sun, living the good life, not writing for this blog. And of course, latteholic and bcook are also busy with other stuff. That leaves ... me, myself, and I, struggling alone on the Blogger platform.

Cheongdamdong Alice is currently in extension talks. A few weeks ago, I would have embraced this idea wholeheartedly. But now ... I am not so sure anymore. First, CDDA is cheating. Its episodes have been +/-70 minutes each. Come tomorrow, we will have had 120 minutes more than "normal", which equals two full episodes. Second, CDDA seems to be slowing down. And it is getting less humerous and funny, as the secrets and schemes weigh our protagonists down. As a result, it is becoming harder to find bits for good gifs. Today's episode only reaches a 4/10 on the gif-o-meter.

Still, our OTP is very, very cute - and they both look stunning when they wear black. Moon Geun-young, who, so I have heard, is called ugly by some people (hello? blind?), looks particularly good in this episode with her hair pulled back.
"Here, Moonie. Take this ring as a token of my heart. And if somebody calls you ugly again, rub the ring and turn it three times. I will appear as vengeful ghost and smash their heads in with a metal white rabbit"
Oh. This scene reminds me of The Princess' Man! Oh! I want to see TPM again. Now. And: I have broad, muscular shoulders, Park Shi-hoo. If you need a place to rest, they are yours.
 I want these friends. Where can I buy them?! At Look Optical? Great, I'm on my way there!
One of the irresistible Park Shi-hoo smiling scenes. If Cheongdamdong Alice messes up from here on and makes my "oppa" cry, I'll still remember this drama for the way it made him smile. No regrets.
This is one of my favorite pairing in this drama. From the very beginning, this father-son interaction has been intriguing and they have given the father enough depth and complexity to make him multi-dimensional. The attempts on both sides to get closer again are heartwarming. Already, Han Se-kyung has had a positive effect - so maybe, her "sins" will weigh less heavy in the end for being instrumental in bringing the Chas together again.
Han Se-kyung's character remains a little hard to like. I don't belong to the ones that almost hate her for what she is doing - but I mind her constant crying. When she takes things into her own hand (several times in the episode!) she is great; likewise when she smiles.
I keep waiting for the shoe to drop. For drop it must. Drop hard. On whose head in what way? Not sure. Let's wait and see.