Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif time! (Episode 9)

Sometimes, long waits are not good. It makes the fervor go down and/or anticipation to surge too high. Yes, I was a bit afraid that my crazy love for Cheongdamdong Alice might have changed in the last two weeks. But ... I needn't have worried! This drama is back in its old glory, and all the people who hated episode 8 for showing us a Han Se-kyung willing to go to the dark side are in for a surprise - cause things are not going all that smoothly for her. As before, this show does a wonderful job in not giving us what we expect. The relationships get more and more complicated as soju flows like water.

And here are my gifs for Episode 9! Obviously, these are *spoilers*!
"hmm ... yeah!"
PSH: "I'm going to a party at kakashi and lafer's! quick, wrap this all up for me"
(quickly! tell me which 3 PPLs you see in this frame! You can't? Then read this!)
the worst "My Way" interpretation forever and ever and ever
surprise! Han Se-kyung! Look who's been hiding behind the banner?
oups! sorry!!
the King of the Crazy Dances is quite happy about the accidental kiss, it seems. 
Yup, definitely happy!
PSH: "Yes, Han Se-kyung ... I shaved this morning! Feel it!"
cause Driver Kim is awesome :)
Wow. Truly sweet friendship moment. And they don't even know they're friends yet.