Cheongdamdong Alice ... Product Placement Update

Did you think there was a liiiiittle bit too much attention given to some random eye cream in Cheongdamdong Alice, episode 11? Lovely product placement ... NOT! Totally, utterly, hilariously random bit of product placement! Why in hell would Cha Seung-jo apply morning eye cream to his eyes when talking about his marriage proposal to hottie Doc? And it wasn't even in the morning!
In case you don't mind such details and want to buy the cream, here it is:
Only 42'000 Won? That's almost nothing, right? I am considering ... If it makes me look like PSH, I'll buy the whole stock!

(In all seriousness: somebody should set up a service in South Korea, where people like me can bulk order all the products from a particular show. If you are in South Korea and you read this and you get spitting rich from turning this into a real business, make sure to send me Korean gifts every month as a sign of your appreciation, yes?)
For everybody else: If you want to give me a present, I'll have this Park Shi-hoo Cell Phone Cleaner, to wipe my phone glass and cover. And my face. And lips. Thank you.

On another note, I didn't know before this morning that Park Shi-hoo is totally loaded in real life. This TVNeNews program highlights Korean stars who have a rich background. PSH is ranked #1 among the “Power Elite” (cause he comes from a prominent landed gentry background, has an apartment in Cheongdamdong, and a HUGE ancestral home in Buyeo). But hello. No wonder he plays the chaebol so well!! Nooooona wants!
I'll be living in the ancestral home and he can live in Seoul. I'll go visit him from time to time to play with the kitty (called Jam-i). And play with the man and his kitty. Oups, that sounds wrong...