Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 5)

Cuteness overload!

Unbearable cuteness... ahhhh!!! I'm developing a serious crush on Kim Ji-hoon and that's a problem, because ...  how can I love so many men at the same time?! And also ... I am praying to the mighty KDrama Gods to please, please, PLEASE keep this drama as good as it currently is. Please. No weird melo turns. No character assassinations. Just a nice, funny, heartwarming, a little bit heartbreaking rom-com ... when is the last time you gave us that, huh?

*Spoilers beyond this point*

Kim Ji-hoon / Oh Jin-rak / Oh Jae-won being jealous is the funniest bit of television I've seen in a long time (apart from Park Shi-hoo's early Jean-Thierry Cha scenes) and him and Enrique together is just ... just ... KDrama paradise. This episode ups the ante and I am loving every single bit of it. And I am no longer on Enrique's side: why should the loud pushy ones get the girl? Jin-rak/Jae-won is incredibly cute when he finally dares to speak to his secret love.

This episode was so good, I made at least one hundred gifs. These are the best, I believe. And I also had to make two movies. The dialogue? Simply priceless. 

- (one-sided) love at first sight -
 ... and very deep feelings ... "Respectu!"
- is this what we call a fun drunk? - (the friend, whose name I currently don't remember, always does the funniest little things in the end of a scene, like here, when he covers him with this tiny bit of cardboard)
- caught in the act! -
- Bad hair day!! -
- "Oh-my-goooooooood!" - (this is when he realizes that I am already married. Yeah, sorry. In my next life, maybe?)
ok. Ms. Plastic. I still think she looks to witchy and terrible (I shudder when I see her) but she knows how to make fun of herself. Well done, Ms. Plastic!
one of many "Enrique I could strangle you"-moments. "Ahjumma, ahjumma, ahjumma!"
- getting ready to strangle him -
 FAIL! haha
- there is no charm against Enrique's charm -(the start of a wonderful bromance)
awesome manga-like bromance moment
oh no ... second lead syndrome! It's back with a vengeance!!!!!