Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 6)

In tonight's episode, Jin-rak is exposed as a complete loony. I'll take him in and treat him! No problem! Unfortunately, he doesn't get as many scenes as in Episode 5 - and overall, this episode is far less funny. Is there a correlation, maybe? The more Jin-rak, the funnier? I haven't seen Kim Ji-hoon in anything else than FBND and parts of Joseon X-Files (which I am currently watching), but the boy does funny well!

Ah, I am still so grateful to this show for giving me cute and funny without me having to fear the angst-bomb. Though I get the feeling from how it ended and from the preview that we are getting a liiiiittle bit more serious next week. Oh well. If it's only a liiiiiiittle and nobody gets cancer or goes blind, I think I can handle it.
I am growing increasingly fond of Enrique. He still annoys me, but it's the kind of annoyance where you laugh. He seems to be a good, kind, selfless person through and through. There is a tint of sadness and quite some loneliness underneath the bubbly; but it's not an act. I would really like to have him as a friend.

 Ok. This woman cannot end of up with this man. CANNOT. If you do this, drama, I will kill you!
 Explaining what happens when a man and a woman ... you know ... (love the gesture. haha)
 ... imagining the worst ...

The next three gifs are for those who ship Jin-rak with the editor. Yes, Mystisith, mainly for you! ^^
though she tells him to go confess "right now"!