Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episodes 1&2)

꽃미남/Kkotminams - or Flower Boys - and I: not the best of friends. Now, before you call me a liar, let me explain. I certainly don't mind my Korean actors being incredibly pretty and all, but that has never been my main impetus for watching KDrama. No - it's the acting and the stories that drew me in and kept me there.

(Why does this sound like a lie? o_0)
Anyway. tvN's Flower Boy series and I are also not the best of friends. I've watched the Ramyun Shop version and even almost finished it, but really ... Lee Chung-ah's weirdly stiff chin/mouth/lower face kept distracting me to no end as I kept asking myself why people are stupid enough to disfigure themselves with plastic surgery. Unfortunately, Jung Il-woo also doesn't press any of my buttons. And the Pillar ... what a dull kind of man. Boo. All in all, a very lukewarm experience and not helped by the certain ickiness to the romance (a high-schooler and a teacher? that's such a turn-off for me).

The Boy Band version I skipped altogether. I am so not into teenie angst dramas. Yikes. Glad I left my teenage years behind me and not interest to relive any of it.

What, then, made me watch the latest installment? I have no clue! But ... I liked it. There are several incredigly funny scenes in there that had me laugh out loud. And so, I decided to let my gifoholic self have a go at it. Park Shin-hye does alright in her eversame role - but the men are the real scene-stealers. Kim Ji-hoon and his friend vs. Enrique/Yoon Shi-yoon: who is funnier? The jury is still out on that one! 
You don't fool me, Enrique! You are in love with this girl ... but I would have taken the lollipop too.
Okay. Now I want to pat your head and scratch you behind the ears, you cute little puppy, you!
This gif is in honor of the Panda slippers. ... I'm thinking ... he is likely also wearing Panda underwear!
 Getting serious ...
 Being serious ...
 Being even seriouser
I love these two. AND the publisher lady ... And I am already developing serious second lead syndrome symptoms.
It's hard to win against the Panda hat. But this scene ... is my No 1!