Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 4)

 Kim Ji Hoon, 사랑해 ... So please. PLEASE promise me not to go out with that terrible woman whose name I don't know and don't wanna know! I am fair enough to acknowledge that she is quite good in her role, so thoroughly hateful and at the same time making fun of herself, but by god! Her face! Plastic surgery victim!! Looking at her always creeps me out, I'm not kidding (but I'm sure she's a very nice person in real life, blablabla).

In Episode 4, Kim Ji-hoon does not have any screen time with Park Shin-hye and only little screen time with his buddies. But he has a lot of screen time with she-who-shall-not-be-named, and that is why he does not feature very prominently in ths blog entry. Sorry, "oppa".
"I don't care, kakashi-ahjumma, ok?"
I am "sorry" that this scene looks so brutal in gif-form. He doesn't really slam her against the wall. He gently swirls her. More or less gently. At least he is not in love with her. PLEASE drama, never make him in love with her!
Enrique and Dok-mi on the other hand have plenty of sweet moments with each other. Very sweet. He is like a hyperactive 4 year old and doesn't shut up. I would stand his company for about 30 seconds. She is slowly opening up to him, probably recognizing their similarities. Funny, my second lead syndrome has disappeared. As much as I prefer Kim Ji-hoon's manliness over Yoon Shi-yoon's baby face, Enrique and Dok-mi are a perfect match. Back off, Jin-rak. 
 no, no, Enrique. No touching there. It may be a cable drama, but you're not on HBO!!
If you have a weak heart, don't look at this gif. Cuteness overload. (What is it you wanted, Enrique? All my money? Have it. Have it all. *melting*)
 You annoy me to death, Enrique - but you are so cute, you're forgiven.
 Dok-min: "I don't know this person. Go away."
Enrique: "Yeah, I took you to the beach while you slept. Deal with it, grumpy bear."
Enrique: "See! I'm doing product placement for Canon! And Eider! Or whatever outdoor brand is sponsoring our outdoor gear."
 "... and because I have the mind of a 3 year old, I'm running backward even though there's an ocean. oupsie! I fell in."
I have noticed the trace of upper lip hair there, Enrique. I must say ... it's quite sexy. ehum. I have checked your age, and all is good.
 ... and then again, you are like a three year old and that does not overly attract me. ouf. 
 "Why is this blog entry full of Yoon shi-yoon?! Kakashi-Ahjumma, you are evil! I'll block you on my twitter account!"