Lee Jun-ki in Switzerland ... AB ROAD Magazine

Hello chingus! Can you imagine how pleased I was when I discovered new Swiss Lee Jun-ki images in my newsfeed on Facebook this morning? (thanks, JG Family!) It has been too long since I last lusted after this pretty boy on his Swiss adventure. How much fun I had! And how much my heart broke! Ah, the memories ... 

These pictures have appeared in a monthly travel magazine and there are a few pages on Joongi's travel to Switzerland in the January edition. I hear this magazine is a Jeju Air inflight magazine so it cannot be bought on the street. We are waiting for the proper photobook anyway, are we not? In the meantime, let's enjoy the pretty ...and indulge in reminiscences.

In the magazine, three Swiss cities/towns are mentioned: Chur, St. Moritz, and Lucerne. And what about Zurich?! Huh. They probably thought nobody would notice, but this, my friends, is Zurich, as it lives and breathes!

It's the top of Bahnhostrasse, one of the world's most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. Joongi are you crazy!!!!! You know how high the likelihood is to die on that spot your are standing?? The trams are vicious!!! Get off the street!
Next up, we have Joongi in, what appears to be, a train bar? A boat bar? I don't have the slightest clue where that is.

This I know! I told you all about the red trains already, didn't I? It's the train company that only operates in Grison/Graubünden, where Joongi spent a large part of his journey. Again, he is doing something very dangerous in this picture!! You shouldn't lean out the window like that, every child knows it!
Next up, snowboarding pictures. He had to go very high up to get to the snow (Piz Corvatsch, as we all know, above St. Moritz). Does he really snowboard? If not, they did a good job with the snow on the board. Looks legit.

See? Not much snow. This is down in St. Moritz. It's nice to ride one of these carriages! Carriage driver, do you know how goddamn lucky you are?! Will you tell your kids and grandkids?
The rest of the pictures are taken in Lucerne. See, I'm from Zurich. Zurich is the best town in Switzerland. As every Swiss person will tell you. I don't mind that Lucerne gets more touristy attention, not at all. It is very pretty. But Zurich ... nothing compares to it.
Looking good there, Joongi! I happen to know how difficult it is to play the Alphorn though. I bet my left hand that you did not produce a single note, am I right?
Ah!!!! Danger again! Swans ... vicious, vicious creatures. Almost worse than trams, in fact. Somebody should have warned you. So sorry. Why didn't you ask me?
... and the last. Lucerne again.There is a misterious woman in pink in the background. Who is it? Joongi's secret girlfriend? I guess we will never know ...