Song Joong-ki and ... his Hair

I've been wanting to do another "Hair Post" for a while, and today seems perfect for that. Lee Min-ho's hair remains the unchallenged top post of this blog. My attempt to unseat Lee Min-ho's hair with Park Shi-hoo's hair has been thwarted so far, though Park Shi-hoo is doing nicely as well. I guess people just like to search the Internet for K-stars' hair? Yes. Why not.

Here is my third try to come up with a challenge for Lee Min-ho: Man of the year and everybody's darling: Song Joong-ki... and his hair. I have not included everything that Soong Joong-ki ever did - but what I've seen him in. Mostly. I cheated a little. Well, okay, I cheated a lot. But I did it for you!

Will it Snow for Christmas? (SBS, 2009) as Han Ji-Yong 

Song Joong-ki' hair in Will it Snow for Christmas?: 10/10

And we begin with something I haven't seen at all (cheeeeeeeating!!). I remember vaguely what this drama is about because I read about it - but that is it. Song Joong-ki looks about 12 and absolutely adorable with his helmet-cut hair. Top marks. 

Hearty Paws 2 (2010) as Dong-Woo

Song Joong-ki' hair in Hearty Paws 2: 9/10
This is a movie Joong-ki is in. Have I seen it? Of course not. Why would I watch something called Hearty Paws 2??? The movie seems to be about dogs and includes puppies - animal and human ones. Joong-ki looks about 13 and has basically the same haircut as in Will it Snow for Christmas. I deduct one point because the hair is not combed nicely - and because I suspect he wants to make us crazy about him, the way he holds the puppies. And I don't like to be manipulated. Right, I'm resisting his charms!

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (SBS, 2010) as Ahn Kyeong-Woo

Song Joong-ki' hair in Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors: 8/10

No, sorry, haven't seen this show either. But I think it's the show with the worst title ever! Joong-ki plays a doctor and looks about 14. Maybe he is a genius kid-doctor? The hair is getting old ... I deduct two points for unoriginality.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010) as Ku Yong-Ha 

Song Joong-ki' hair in Sungkyunkwan Scandal: n/a
Now that one I have seen! A very, very good drama, and Joong-ki's breakthrough role. I loved all three men - and hated Park Min-young with a vengeance. Seriously, she destroys every single drama she is in. In my humblest of opinions, this could have been one of the bestest drama ever, if only they had cast a female lead with acting abilities. Whatever. Don't hate, kakashi, don't hate! Joong-ki is so, so pretty in this, but his hair cannot be rated because it's standard saeguk hair. Joong-ki looks legal for the first time, but only barely.

Penny Pinchers Romance (2011) as Ji-Woong

Song Joong-ki' hair in Penny Pinchers: ?

Yes, seen it! The movie has it's moments, but unfortunately, Joong-ki wasn't in it alone ... Han Ye-Seul is another actress I really don't like. Yeah, I'm a bit grumpy today. Hair-wise, I don't remember any details. From the pictures I found, it seems to have been the Joong-ki standard helmet-cut, a bit shorter and a bit more unruly. I refuse to give marks for this. Joong-ki continues to look legal, which is a good thing. 

Tree With Deep Roots (SBS, 2011) as Lee Do (young version)

Song Joong-ki' hair in Tree With Deep Roots: n/a

Er... have not seen it. I always wanted to but somehow didn't get around to it. I But it's a saeguk anyway and Joong-ki only plays in about 4 episodes ... therefore, the hair goes unrated.

Nice Guy (KBS2, 2012) as Kang Ma-Roo

Song Joong-ki' hair in Nice Guy: 10/10
Yes, of course I've seen this drama. Who hasn't? The writing was lacking towards the end, otherwise, this is one of the 2012 dramas that left me with the biggest impression (stickiness factor: 10!). Song Joong-ki is so incredibly hot in this drama! How old is he again? ... 27?! That must be a lie. He has three hairstyles in it - the first is the familiar helmet-haircut in his medical school days, the second is his slightly tussled look in the first revenge-part, the third is after the time-jump and we see his hot forehead. He is so gorgeous in this that he gets top marks again.

Wolf Boy (2012) as Chul-soo (wolf-boy)

Song Joong-ki' hair in Wolf Boy:10/10
No, of course I haven't seen this: We people in Europe (at least on the mainland) don't get to see Korean movies. Only after they have been released on DVD and somebody illegally uploads them. Such is unfair life for KDrama addicts on the European mainland who would also like to be KMovie addicts. The hair, though, is great.

Tschüss zäme!