Ten Things I've learned from K-Dramas - Part 2 (Guest Post)

aka how close is T.V. to real live?

Hello KD fans! I've been off grid doing family things. I managed to get my sister and college bestie hooked on KDramas! Using KD classic Coffee Prince. So I decided to ask them what they've learned about Korea from watching the show.

7. When two koreans kiss they keep that position for at least a minute while everything around them stops.

see: every korean drama ever made. Also all korean girls kiss with their eyes wide open in surprise, just stand there and rarely if ever put their arms around the guy. and and usually there is a prop to help with the effect (cherry blossom, street light, umbrella)

Typical kiss where the girl just stands there

8. Random Things
Like, Soju only comes in little green bottles, beer is drank in white and blue cans and ramen is only bought from corner shops and heated in a microwave.

9. Koreans go to Norebangs to drown out their sorrows in karaoke

see: protect the boss etc

10. Every Chaebol's grandmother looks like this

Sunbae status to the person who tells me what her name is.