Difficult Decisions ... Picking my Next Drama

Ever since the debacle of Cheongdamdong Alice ended, I haven't had the energy or impetus to start a new one. You may have noticed the upsurge in nonsense posts on this blog? Shower scenes, swimming pool scenes, etc.? That's always a sign that I don't have any new, exciting dramas to write about. Tonight, I decided that this has to end. Three wonderful dramas aired on this peaceful Wednesday:
  • IRIS 2, Episode 1 (KBS)
  • That Winter, the Wind Blows, Episodes 1 (and 2) (SBS)
  • Level 7 Civil Servant, Episode 7 (MBC)
So, which one will kakashi pick?

I may have certain preferences (and those of you who "know" me might guess what they are), but I decided to give all three of them an equal chance (never mind that Level 7 Civil Servant has a head start). Therefore, I will watch all three AT THE SAME TIME and without sound. I will check in with them after 5, 10, 15, 30, 40, 55, and 62 minutes. I will directly compare the three images and pick one as the winner based on what I am seeing. The drama with the most points wins. Here we go... 

5 minutes in

We have Jang Hyuk on the floor with some nice (rice?) bags in the background vs. a very beautiful blue suit (is it Jo In-sung who's inside?) plus a very red haired Kim Bum fleeing vs. a woman in a ugly yellow jumper screaming at two elderly people, one of which is Lady Choi. I'm assuming that she is screaming, since said elderly people are covering their ears.
That's an easy one: That Winter the Wind Blows wins this one.

10 minutes in

10 minutes in, we have three faces to choose from. Nice! There's Jang Hyuk (opppaaaa!!!! oh wait .... shit. He's a few months younger than me. But, man, I look so much younger!!) vs. Jo In-Sung with a very wry-sexy smile vs. Lady Choi. Well, objectively, Jo In-sung wins that one hands down (sorry, Jang Hyuk, it's the hair!), but I really like Lady Choi.
She brings home this point for Level 7 Civil Servant.

15 minutes in

Oh. wow. There is an absolutely amazing snow scene vs. beautiful Song Hye-kyo (who I think belongs to Rain in Full House) vs. the teacher from Sungkyunkwan Scandal, on the phone.
I'm not much into women, so this one is easy: Iris 2 wins. I would like to give two points, but I guess that would be cheating.

30 minutes in

Jang Hyuk looking cheeky with NSS logo in the background vs. Jo In-Sung in, gulp, a hot red suits (and Song Hye-kyo) vs. ... another ugly yellow jumper, some guy I don't know and Joo Won (who is picking the clothes in this show?!). Sorry, Jang Hyuk, but the hair ...
That Winter the Wind Blows wins this one

40 minutes in

Here, we have ... an alien invasion? vs. that brat from Me Too, Flower vs. the teacher from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Ah, she also was in that. They're having a reunion! Hm. Difficult. I'm most fascinated by the alien invasion, so ...
IRIS 2 wins.

55 minutes in

Kim Sun-ah's father in some pinkish gown! vs. ladies in a car vs. ... Joo Won on the floor ... after being run over by a car?! Oh dear. Things are heating up in at least one of the three dramas. I don't have any strong preferences for each of the three. If I'm to judge by looks alone, Kim Sun-ah's father wins, because of the nice color he is wearing. It's one of my favorites.
IRIS 2 wins this category.

62 minutes in

Endings credits vs. preview vs. guy being sad. Oh my god that house! Why don't I have a house like that?  That Winter the Wind Blows wins.

And the Winner is ...

.. .... what? It's a draw?! 3 for That Winter the Wind Blows and 3 for IRIS 2! How could that have happened! NOOOOOO! I will not watch two additional dramas. Will. not. Cannot. Will? Can? Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (kakashi just went mad)