Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time; THE END!

And so it ends! Fuzzy, fuzzy, warm, warm feelings ... If you're afraid of spoilers, don't read any further and don't look at any of the gifs! Don't say I didn't warn you!! STOP!!

Flower Boy Next Door manages to give everybody a happy (or at least good) ending that does not feel forced or rushed. Wow. That must be a first! And the final scene is hilarious. Unfortunately, there are no Jin-rak gifs tonight (apart from a very brief appearance in one) - but let me assure you, things turn out well for him, too.

Thought No 1: Thank you, show, for not pairing Jin-rak with Do-hwi. I'm forever grateful. His (future) happiness is related to a cameo by Park Se-Young and I am really glad I finally know why Park Shin-hye posted two twitter pics with her in the last days, cause that really confused me.

Thought No 2: Yoon Shi-yoon looks so much better with black hair. I guess I'm glad he only has it for a few minutes and in the last episode; I already have too many K-actors I adore, it's hard to keep up.

Thought No 3: I really should read those 4 texts for my class tomorrow. Real life ... why do you always interfere?!

Ready for my fuzzy-fuzzy-happy-happy gifs? Here we go! 
(large files ... be patient!)
 And those two...
 This is it, friends! No more FBND gifs on this blog! Until next time.