Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 10)

The weather outside! You wouldn't believe it. It's as if the world was ending ... and practically the whole city is down with some nasty cold/flu! ... waitasecond. Maybe the world IS ending?!!

Oh well, at least I saw another episode of Flower Boy Next Door. And - woah! - what an episode it was! 
First, they continue the Swiss theme from episode 9 (Fondue!) with a nice Toblerone ad right after the opening scene. Well done, Korea. Keep promoting Switzerland so that more Korean stars want to come here for photo shoots! My stalker senses feel so neglected these days!
"Will you stalk me a little, ahjumma? Yes? Please?"
(Note: If you watch on Dramafever, you are unlikely to have seen the Toblerone ad I'm talking about. Therefore, this clever woman has turned the ad into a gif for you (Toblerone, do you want to send me some free samples for this maybe?):

Second, we get to see Kim Ji-hoon in a very broody, super sexy post-army shower scene! What, you didn't see it?! Did they censor it?!

... buahaha, yeah, wishful thinking. Unfortunately. He definitely NEEDS a broody shower scene, the way things are going. Well, Dok-mi is being very nice to him in this episode, which results in more dorky smiles, but the preview tells us ... stop, kakashi, no spoilers.

Unfortunately, there is no good Jin-rak gif-moment in this episode. If you miss Kim Ji-hoon in this post, go look at yesterday's gif-post. Don't kick things, ok?
Third, we get the earnest/serious Enrique a lot. He is a bit boring - correction, very boring - but at least he doesn't come across as 3-4 year old anymore. Good. Cause any romantic pairing with a seemingly 4 year old is obviously out of the question. And love, especially when it's budding and a bit complicated, is, after all, a serious matter. Isn't it?
Fourth, the Editor is my favorite side-character ever. Well done, tvN, for realizing what she's worth. Awesome scene in this episode, really. I want to be like that woman when I grow up.
Fifth, what a greeeaaat cliffhanger. Way to go, tvN. At least you gave us a preview. So we know what to look forward to/get crazy about. My poor, poor baby! I feel for you. Sorry. No spoilers I said. Goodbye then!