Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 11)

For whatever reason, this last week feels like an eternity to me. Well, could be because I was in bed with a fever and marathoned Time Between Dog and Wolf as soon as I felt better. Could also be because six days is a very long time when waiting for a kiss?

This person here admits she has jumped ships: I'm now on the Enrique and Dok-mi ship. They are really, really sweet together. Even though it still angers me that the loud, obnoxious person should get the girl, while the shy, introverted and truly epic-dating-fail-specialist gets the broken heart, I very much appreciate the change we get to see in Enrique. As soon as he is more honestly himself, akaa little less loud and over the top, the sweetness shows. Great acting, by the way, by Yoon Shi-yoon, (whom I see for the first time in anything). Not that the rest of the cast is any less good - but he impressed me the most today. A mad-sad Enrique? Wow. Be still, my heart.
Hello??? What are you staring at?!
Ahhh .... poor Jin-rak oppa. I'm so sorry. He is such an awkward dude ... Him telling other people at the exhibition to be quiet? Epic. Him trying to hold her hand? EPIC FAIL!