Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 12)

So, many people are terribly disappointed about our first real kiss on Flower Boy Next Door? We know Yoon Shi-yoon can kiss (from YouTube, because I haven't seen Me too, Flower) so I guess ... but see this conversation on Twitter between Shukie and myself for more details:
Shukie: I think it's her. Maybe she's afraid of suction? Probably tried live octopus or sea lamprey or something and got traumatized.

kakashi: awww, leave the kids along. PSH is pure and doesn't want to do wicked stuff with her tongue on TV.

Shukie: Not even tonsil hockey, it's like she just opened her mouth on the final note of a Celine Dion song and froze there.

kakashi: = classic KDrama kiss. i'm on her side. all this sharing of bacteria... gross!

Shukie: You shouldn't end up with a bleeding lip like Yang Eun-bi, but the lips have got to line up.
Awww, come on... have you tried kissing while crying? Your nose is all blocked and you seriously start choking when you're not careful. Anyway. Here is our OTP post-kiss. And *bang* there go the post-its. That's a mean little trick, drama. Poor Jin-rak. 
The endless farewell scene is one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. Ah, and how it reminds me of when I was still young ... younger...
***Nosebleed ***

Where was I?
"One ... and ... another one! Oh sh**. That's one too many"

It is funny how the Tuesday episodes always seem more Enrique-centric and the Monday ones are Jin-rak's place to shine. Or be dorky. Not as many Jin-rak gifs today, unfortunately. But I've jumped ship anyway. Yeah. Kakashi is really, really loyal.

Is the drama losing steam a little? Maybe. So far, I do not care. It has not suddenly turned into an angstfilled tear fest in its second half. That's good enough for me. 
 You all sleep well, chingus! Until next week!