Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 13)

Who would have thought that one of the best dramas in KDrama history would be one in which nothing, absolutely nothing happens? Which tells a slow, heartwarming story of a woman, who rediscovers the world thanks to ... a crazy, butt wiggling panda boy? Not me!
This is the episode in which even less than usual happens, but everybody looks and probably feels vulnerable. Yes, even the evil plastic witch. Must I steel myself for some Do-Hwi - Jin-rak loving?! Nooooooooo!! Please don't do this to me, show ...  Poor baby Jin-rak's sadness in this episode almost broke my heart. And the hyung-dongsaeng moment between him and Dong-hoon made me cry a little. Come on, who cares if Jin-rak is a runaway chaebol son! Look at the clothes he is wearing! He seriously doesn't have any money!
We are three episodes away from the finale, and there is no angst. Yes. No. Angst. And yet, this is KDrama. I think I'll just watch tvN dramas from now on. And some OCN, because of Vampire Prosecutor and Special Affairs Team Ten. This is television! Awesome television! Real people with real problems, real reactions and real friendship. I could watch them all the day.
 What a delight you are, Flower Boy Next Door.
 Oh - and by the way, Happy Birthday, Park Shin-hye! I wish you happiness; and many a great project to come.