Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 14)

Hmmmm ... way to end, drama, thank you very much ... NOT. And the wait for finale week begins! Damnation!!!

*mild spoilers* I think can forgive this drama the slight (mis)step into noble idiocy territory. However, I would have preferred a slightly different take. I would have preferred Enrique to make the right decision of his own free will. The right decision, for me, is to go to Spain, do his thing, and then come back. A choice between career and love is hardly ever a choice for either or. He can go to Spain for a while and come back. They can chat with each other on the phone or on skype every single day. She can go with him for a while, or simply visit. He can visit her. Millions of people on this earth have long distance relationships --- and they work! It's really not such a big deal, drama ...
E.T. phone home
For me, this episode showed particularly well how much Jin-rak has changed through the interactions with both Enrique and Dok-mi. And what a great human being he is. Best second lead, ever. This drama also gets something very fundamental right about love right: love without friendship is worthless. And friendship and camaraderie and love are so closely connected, they sometimes are the same. Here is to friendship. And to Jin-rak. I want a friend like this. I really do.
This drama also does really well with humor. Goodness gracious. Zoolander modeling, high noon feeling on the street, Enrique gone mad as Spanish gangster. Absolutely priceless. We're now down to only three flower boys, but oh boy.
 Awww, come on, Jin-rak. Hug him already! Or I will!!