Flower Boy Next Door ... gif time! (Episode 9)

This weekend, I finished Joseon X-Files or Secret Investigation Record. I kept putting the last two episodes off as long as I could, because I did not want this awesomeness to end. Alas, ended it has, leaving me with a sense of longing and a thirst for more ... Kim Ji-hoon! Hooray, today is Monday, and there he is!

Oh wow, what a great, great episode, with some crucial developments for pretty much everybody involved. That excludes the security guard and the suspected owner of the house, whose love story does not progress much - and Watanabe, who, sadly, seems to have become sidelined as a character to do some product placement (bibigo) and provide the space for all our protagonists to meet (cooking lessons).

Enrique's growing attraction for Dok-mi is becoming more and more obvious (to everybody but himself?) and Jin-rak finally gets to speak more than a few jumbled words to Dok-mi. Sure, it still seems rather obvious that Enrique will "get the girl", but in an odd way, this stopped to matter for me at this point. This drama does such a wonderful job in showing us how people change by interacting with other people. The romance and the cute rivalry between the boys gives Flower Boy Next Door an additional flavor of awesomeness - but I would not be disappointed at all if Dok-mi stayed single and friends with both guys in the end.

Here are my gif-caps of tonight's episode - enjoy! 
"What? There's something in the air you say? sniff, sniff, sniff - what could it be?" - It's LOOOOOOOVE!
And here we were, all the adults together, kinda glad to be without the kids, when ... "allo, allo!" (shouldn't it be 'hola' = Spanish? never mind) in it comes, bearing gifs ... er, gifts.
Tonight, they are learning how to do ... a proper Swiss cheese fondue! Hmm .... I know what happens to many Asians when they eat that (up to 90% of the population is lactose intolerant in some Asian countries), but I am sure you are all dying to know how to make one? Here's a good recipe.
At first, I thought Enrique was making Glühwein (mulled wine), but then somebody suggested it is Sangría. Glühwein makes more sense cause you could well drink it with the Fondue, while sitting in a cozy châlet in the Swiss alps (you drink it hot!) - but Sangría would make more sense cause they boy is kinda Spanish. Sort of. Yeah, definitely Glühwein - see the cinnamon?
Oh no, somebody save Jin-rak from the plastic witch!!!! She wants to smooch with him again. There is a moment before this, when I felt a bit sorry for this disfigured actress. They seriously make fun of her plastic surgery face?! Jin-rak thinks he knows her voice, but he cannot recall her face, has she done something to it? Woah. And wow. Park Soo-jin, you are doing an awesome job at being a terribly hateful person and you know how to make fun of herself! Kudos. I think I like you, despite myself. 
Explainy-time, Mister. What are you doing, kissing the evil witch?! Yeah, Enrique, you are right to be outraged.
And on to the sing-off. Watch it. It cannot be giffed properly. 
Yeah, show, please don't tease us, okay? I know he will not get this girl, so don't pretend. I'm already suffering from second lead syndrome without these little tricks!

The boys. Waiting for her to wave goodbye - to pick up the milk. Sad. Especially Enrique's excitement --- and disappointment.

But we do not want to end on a sad note tonight, cause this episode was not in the least (all) sad. Right, Enrique?
 The Editor! I love her. Nobody shouts "RIGHT NOW"! like her
Awesome little interlude with Dong Hoon's ... lips, uttering Papua New Guinea. And again. And again ... 

More! We want more! See you tomorrow.  ^^