IRIS 2 - I love you (Episode 1)

Be still my heart! IRIS 2! How incredibly awesome was this first episode?! Gaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! *spazzing* My heart is starting to feel a "bit" crowded with all the men it has taken in: My husband, Park Shi-hoo, Lee Jun-ki, Kim Ji-hoon, and now ... Jang Hyuk! But what can I do? Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! *more spazzing* Oppa-who-is-a-few-month-younger-than-me-but-looks-5-years-older:!!!!

It's Chuno all over again. I fell back in love hard right after he opened his mouth and said:
 And when he laughed his trademark laugh just a little bit later, right after some awesome car chase in a prominently displayed KIA, and an even more awesome car flip moment - wait, gif-making in progress - here we go:
... I was in Jang Hyuk heaven on cloud seven ... 

But ... dare I say that, besides this incredible cast, I was particularly enraptured with everything around it? The bunkers! The corridors! The houses! The communication towers! Simply put: the built environment in the IRIS 2 universe is of an incredible beauty. And the director positions his humants really, really well into his beautiful architecture.

Dare I hope? Dare I hope? Please, IRIS 2, please! Continue to be as awesome as you were in your first Episode! Or else ... .........