Kdrama/Kpop Glossary.....for the newbie (Part 1) (Guest Post)


So you've just finished your first Kdrama (congratulations!!) and you're ready to delve into the wacky world of the Hallyu fan (watch your step... many have been *slices at neck* by kakashi....*whispers* stay away from Shi-Hoo-ssi)

So to help you along I've prepared a glossary of words/acronyms you'll encounter as you venture off into this brave new world *cue dramatic music*

But First!!!


This is Lee Min Ho....he is Lee Min Hot. Everybody will understand that you like him. There is no shame in it. 


This is Park Shi Hoo...I can't comment on his looks because I value my life....and Kakashi is a secret agent (oops! sorry! I promised not to say that)
Well since this is my last post ever (secret agents to like being exposed. Sorry Unnie!).... Lets get on with the Glossary!!! (Not in alphabetical order)

a. MV : Music Video (no explanation needed)

b. CF : Commercial Film (I dunno why *shrug*). There are lots of adorable clips online but this is my favorite.
ok ok. It's not a CF but I couldn't resist.  Kim Hyun Joon saranhaeyo!!

c. BTS :  Behind the Scenes. Usually of a Kdrama. There are usually little specials that they do to show us loyal fans what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite drama. Sometimes you have to search hard for these ones if you need english subtitles.
d. Eng Sub : English Subtitles. If you speak/read English this will be a valuable part of your video search.
e. FBND : Flower Boy Next Door. If you're not watching this drama you're seriously missing out.
f. Hallyu : Korean version of hollywood but encompases music, film and television stars

Watch out for Part 2!! I'll fill you in on all the actors/idols you need to know to really enjoy the hallyu experience