Seeing the good...The Great Seer (part 1) (Guest Post)

Please give a warm welcome to a new guest blogger Lemna gibba! It's her first blog post ever and I am very proud to have her write it for this particularl blog :) - kakashi
Honestly, I was quite pumped for this drama. The background had already been set by Faith, so all it had to do was continue the historical tale. And yet, and yet..I could write the most verbose exposé on this show. But I'll keep it short and sweet. Let's start with what they got right. *Spoilers ahead*

Mok Do-Ryoong Portrayed by Choi Jae-Woong, Mok Do-Ryoong is probably the only consistent character in the whole drama. He plays the seer who finds the Purple Enclosure Site (which is the cause of all worries) and actually DIES protecting the site because of his belief in it! His love for the princess Young-Ji and for Ji-Sang (Ji Sung) puts him up there for husband and father of the year. He had a pretty awesome eye patch too!

Lee Seung Gye

Ji Jin Hee nails this role, transitioning from the brash, uncultured soldier into the almost, almost smart king who puts 'new wine into new wineskin'. His quest for the creation of the new Joseon is not without corruption but he has got to be the nicest of greedy people in terms of his wanting the kingship. Plus,any guy who can rock an animal skin like this..well...

 Mok Ji Sang
I was worried because I did not think Ji Sung had the face to play any role in a sageuk. Plus, in my head he will always be the chaebol kid with the horrible perm in Protect The Boss (a role he was hilarious in!). However, he did quite a good job , transforming from the kid who was only focused on finding his mum into the man who basically led to the creation of Joseon with his smarts and seeing abilities (see what I did there?). 

Honorable mentions to the awesome costumes, the intrigue (though sometimes dragging), the monk (Ahn Kil-Kang reprises his role from Iljimae here-ish), and Ji Sang's adoptive father (Lee Mon-Sik also has an Iljimae-like role here too).

Who would have thought this guy would create one of the most impressive dynasties ever?
Did I miss any other good parts?

PS: Ermahgad! My first blog post!