Back soon from RL!

Happy Friday, dear friends and enemies! (What, I have those?! Impossible!)

I'm still very busy with RL stuff. Yeah, there's a major conference coming up, for which I need to write not one, but two papers (one is done, now on to the next!); there's a special issue I'm editing, and acceptance letters need to be send out PRONTO (i.e. next week); there are 4 reviews to be written (two papers, one research proposal, one book); one master thesis to read and grade; and a 1-pager to be written for a discussion forum.

Sorry if you are not at all interested.

Oh well. Drama wise, I'm slumping. The only current show I'm watching is IRIS2, but not because it is good. I watch it because I promised I would. In fact, this show is one of the worst I have seen in a long, long time. The only good thing about it is watching it with some Twitter friends, like Orion. The stuff that comes out of these Twitter interactions (especially when I'm not there, methinks :) ? I.e. THIS:
Buahaha, this is just perfect. 

The drama slump has positive effects too. While waiting for the new batch of dramas (i.e TEN2!!), I have been watching Kim Ji-hoon dramas. Old ones. Like: Stars Falling from the Skies and Love & Marriage. Oh, I love to marathon. And I am very much in love with this guy. Not as much as I'm in love with my husband, of course, but still very much.

Here he is. He is now Honorary Ambassador for National Pension. Well done, Kim Ji-hoon. And now you will choose your next drama, okay? 
Meanwhile, Kim Ji-hoon is being pretty. Pretty hot.
And he can even cook! Marry me!
I hope to be back soon with some more KDrama posts. Be assured: I plan to.