Kdrama/Kpop Glossary.....for the newbie (Part 2) (Guest Post)

Sorry for the haitus. I've given up Kdrama and Variety Shows for Lent and trying to avoid temptation (being a Christian is hard sometimes).

OTP:  One True Pairing. The characters that you know will end up together by the end of the show. Usually obvious.
She made it happen
Power Rangers: Not the original power rangers. These guys are from fusion saguek Rooftop Prince. So cute!
I never liked pink ranger anyways
YG Entertainment: Home of BigBang, 2ne1, Seven, Psy. The cool kids of Kpop. YG artists are known for their individuality, playfulness and badassery.
SM Entertainment: Known as the Kpop factory. SM has a reputation of treating its idols badly and having some pretty large groups (SuJu is like the Duggers, 15 and counting hehe). It's home to some of the most successful groups in Kpop....

Which of these is not in a group? ..trick question
Second Lead Syndrome:  When you think the lead is a jerk/douche/horrible/not your bias and you would rather the second lead get the girl/guy. See FBND, Protect the Boss.
Viki.com explains it better in an article on S.L.S  here

Kraddict (TM):  Kdrama addict. You can usually identify them by the bloodshot eyes, dark circles and the fangirl/fanboy squee when you say Coffee Prince.

Pedonoona:  You know who you are. Any fangirl who's years older (some times decades older) than the idol/actor she's shipping. Sadly, given the ages of many idols, 85% of fangirls could call themselves Pedonoona.
Americano:  The coffee of choice for kdramas (most likely IRL too). Not being a coffee drinker, I have no idea if it's good or not.
That's it for this edition. Do you have any words/phrases you'd like to see here? Should I do a special glossary for actors/Idols? Let me know in the comments!! Annyeong!