My Awesome Birthday Post!

It is my birthday today! Yaaaaaaaaay! I love my birthday. I used to be one of those people who think they have to be depressed on their birthdays, but that was before I realized that birthdays are definitely not sad occasions. They are here to celebrate: Celebrate life, celebrate yourself, celebrate your friends, celebrate your family, celebrate whatever you can! It is worth it! 
To get even more out of it, I start celebrating my birthday at least one day early. If necessary, I take a day off work. This year, I am particularly lucky because my birthday is on a Sunday. After celebrating for at least 36 hours with very little sleep, I am now beginning to show signs of exhaustion. No wonder, at my age... 

Anyways, his is what I ate and drank on this awesome birthday weekend!
I had Jjajangmyeon for lunch on Day 1 of the celebrations. Oh man, that stuff was good ... I'm going back soon for lunch.
My husband had Maeuntang (or something like it ... it wasn't super spicy, so it probably wasn't. Anyways, it was a seafood soup of some sorts!) He didn't touch the tofu, cause he's adamant he hates it. lol, husbands ...
Then, I went and bought delicious stuff at the Korean store in the restaurant...
... and drank some Makgeolli at the lake.
 These guys were also very interested. But they didn't get any Makgeolli.
 it's spring! I love it.
After having drinks in an Irish pub (we really went multi-national), we went to a fancy Japanese restaurant. If you read German, you know what we had. Or you can also just look at the pictures below!
This is the first course.
 The second course (Tempura)
 The third course (more Tempura)
 Delicious Sashimi (fourth course)
 The best sushi I've ever had (fifth course)
 Why is this upside down? It's the sixth course.
 Dessert! And a candle. d'awwwwwz
 Each course was served with a special sake. Expensive, that stuff ...
When we finally hit my real birthday, the table looked like this

I really shouldn't have stayed up until 3.30am watching KDrama. Anyways, the next morning, I had a date with my family for birthday brunch. This is one part of the buffet ...
  This another. All my lovely sister's doing!

And now, I'm trying to figure out what I want to watch next. Hmm .... or maybe I'll just go to bed. god, all this celebrating is tiring!!