The Funny White Bike ...or PPL in IRIS2

There is a lot that IRIS2 isn't good at, but product placement (and throwing people off bridges) isn't one of these things. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised by how unintrusive PPL is in general, especially when compared to some other recent shows like Nice Guy or Cheongdamdong Alice (and I hear That Winter The Wind Blows went a liiiiittle over the top as well). Sure, IRIS2 has it all: the cars (KIA, of course), the café/restaurant (Paris Baguette), the electronics (Samsung, Canon, Nikon), a tire company called Hankook who has their logo on the NSS trucks (?) ... 

... and it also has a weird white bike.

I noticed the weird white bike first in a restaurant scene in episode 5, when I still had hopes that IRIS2 could be a really cool show. In that scene, Jung Yoo-Gun (Jang Hyuk) meets with his lover Ji Soo-Yeon (Lee Da-hae). And there are random bikes hanging and standing around. And I mean really random. How many random bikes can you spot?
The next noteworthy scene with the white bike is in episode 8, when dear agent Seo Hyun-Woo (Yoon Doo-Joon) takes one out of his trunk, unfolds it, and starts riding it through Seoul. All totally random, I must add.
Okay, at this point, I want the bike (of course). Hey, after all, I'm the woman who owns a watch that Maru (Nice Guy) wore.

In episode 12, the funny white bike has invaded Jang Hyuk's apartment, too. It may in fact be an alien life form? (Hyun-woo also rides it again sexily, but I already lost about an hour searching for that scene in episode 8, so please excuse me for not watching this crappy episode again). In any case, there even is a picture of the funny white bike in Yoo-gun's study. Definitely an alien life form.

to be continued?