Anticipating ... IRIS3

Yes! Me too! Believe me!! IRIS, Athena, and IRIS2 were bad enough, but now, it looks like they are going for IRIS3! See this awesome cliffhanger right here?? It's a bomb! This is the beginning of a new one!
Or not boom? Who will be the next poor bastard that gets to play an agent that is killed at the end for no reason whatsoever?

This cannot go on. We cannot let this happen. We - that is Ori and yours truly. We already made plans for IRIS3 the other day and we will make sure it will be awesome. No inconsistent characters. No non-story.  No. This is in the past - the OriKaka power couple will finally turn the IRIS franchise into an awesome spy sci-fi spectacle.

Read below:
However, have you ever seen anyone looking happier than these guys?! I guess they will decline our offer to be resurrected for IRIS3 .....