Fanservice ... or Song Seung-heon, Shirtless, a lot

Am I going to watch When a Man Loves? Hell, no! Song Seung-heon plus melo? No thank you.

But then I heard about the shirtless scenes. Maaaaaany shirtless scenes... And who would I be if I didn't jump on them like a tick jumps on a passing deer? (yeah, yeah, I know ticks don't jump, but I couldn't think of anything else fitting). Yay, finally, a chance to do more gifs! I missed making them ...
SSH pumpin' it.
 SSH after pumpin' it, i.e. getting up.
Alright, sorry, he is not naked here, but this is a very dramatic scene. So it deserves a gif.   
Here, I realized that everything that SSH does looks like he's in a commercial. Is this a commercial? PPL maybe. 
 See? It this were a commercial, I'd buy it immediately. Whatever "it" may be
 pensive soaking in the hot tub
 SSH is exercising. These are very hard to do, by the way. SSH exercises well.
More exercises and a cool shot, with the reflection and stuff.
A very pensive SSH, drinking some juice. Well done, lighting director.
 A pensive SSH, watching something on television. He is a tough cookie. Look at that face!
No, no, no, SSH! You misunderstood: No putting ON a shirt. Take it off! Take it off! 
awwwww, poor SSH. He is hurt. Good acting there, SSH. Hwaiting! 

I'll keep checking future scenes for abs. That's a promise