Kdrama Endings....better than RL?

Why this Drama? Coz it's called happy ending....It's actually pretty sad tho. But I like the title.
One thing you can say about Kdramas their endings are always inspiring. Sometimes because they’re just so sweet and justified and right (most times because they’re just so gosh darn awful you can’t believe the actors didn’t perform hari-kiri when they read the final scripts). But they are always…always better than real life (RL).

Don’t believe me? Imagine these scenarios.
1.      Your immediate boss is giving you hell and you’re ready to quit. You don’t care about the economy, you just want out! And you want out yesterday!

RL ending: You hand in your letter of resignation and go home. As you’re eating seaweed (Gim) in bed and crying over the ending of Heartstrings you realize you haven’t finished updating your resume. FYL.
Kdrama ending:  Just after you handing your letter of resignation the CEO...
 (who is always this lady)
marches into the office and proclaims that you are her long lost granddaughter/son. Her daughter run away because she was against her marriage to somebody from (insert your country of origin). She wants you to come back with her and learn how to run the company.

2.      You’ve been lusting after your neighbor/friend for a year now.
You guys get along so well, he’s sweet and kind and not embarrassed to see you cry. You’ve heard rumors that he’s gay but you don’t believe it. This must be love! So you finally suck up the courage to confess your undying love.

RL ending: He smiles at you sweetly and tells you he’s flattered but he’s gay. *sobbing ensues*

Kdrama ending: He smiles at you sweetly and tells you that he’s been pretending to be gay to get closer to you because (insert implausible but sweet reason here). You have an awkward Korean kiss…with a little tongue coz you’re YEH and that’s how you roll.
Much better right? Though…when I think about it there’s one situation where RL ending trumps Kdrama ending.

3.      Your crush/boyfriend/the love of your life is with you at the beach. It’s sunset and romantic and you’re wondering if you should confess your love. Before you can open your mouth, he turns to you, put his hands on your shoulder, looks soulfully in your eyes and says

RL ending:  “(insert your name here) I love you” Then pulls you in for a nice, sloppy western style kiss.
Kdrama ending: “(insert your name here) I love you” Then you stare deeply into each other’s eyes as the sun sets. Maybe he hugs you (if it’s a TvN drama).
I was going to put a picture here but frankly it's too depressing so here's a picture of TOP instead.

You're welcome.