When A Man Loves - Episode 4 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: The two men are at a restaurant in Guam as Seo Mi-do in resplendent in orange walks towards them with dramatic doom music background. They both look up and wonderful smiles turn to shock.
kakashi: Yeah. Understandably so. She looks like a warning in that dress. 
Shuk: But wait. It’s not our Cinnabar Chick, but the Pink Princess who shows up, pretending like she wasn’t stalking our fearless President Han. Jae-hee invites Seon-joo to their table, but Tae-sang takes her outside the restaurant. He tells her he has plans and she needs to leave; she acts all flirty like this wasn’t her next salvo to win his heart and walks away.
JoAnne: I don’t even want to talk about her. She’s a lying liar who lies and her dress is way better than Seo Mi Do’s tonight.
kakashi: Yes, I think I'm on her side. Awesome nail color, too! #WhenAManShouldGoForWhatHeGets

Shuk: The tete-a-tete is watched by Seo Mi-do, who is spotted by Tae-sang as she flees to the elevator. He doesn’t reach them before the doors close, and we get a profile of his pretty pretty neck as he leans against the wall in frustration. Back in her room, she texts that she’s not feeling well.
JoAnne: Which REALLY means that if he was less of a gentleman and went up to her room, he could probably get some angry kissing in. Angry kissing is good kissing. But no, Oppa has to be all gentlemanly about things. And this isn’t a K-Movie. *lapses off into a reverie of Oppa starring in Sex and Love*
Shuk: Later that night, Mi-do spots Tae-sang doing laps across the skinny part of the pool. She sees the scar on his back, and remembers when he was stabbed giving her a chance to escape, so long ago.
kakashi: Ooookay, now we're talking. He has been not-naked for far too long. 
Omo, omo, omo ... I can't stop giffing ... 
Shuk: He bashfully jumps back into the pool the moment he spots her, and comments that she must like peeking at his body. (don’t we all…). She asks about the scar, which he blows off as a boyhood injury. She reminds him that he didn’t have it seven years ago, which makes him happy that she knows his body already.
JoAnne: Oh, Oppa. We ALL know your body.
kakashi: And yes, we ALL want to know your body more, more more. #WhenAManMustKeepItOff 
This dripping God of a man makes me go rather week in the knees ... (or is it the flu?)
Shuk: Before she walks away, she takes him to task for coming on to her when he has a girlfriend. He explains it’s just a misunderstanding. Baek Seon-joo is the girlfriend of the ex-boss who gave him the scar. And then this exchange of words:
SMD: It seems to be that she really likes you.
HTS: It seems to me that I really like you more.
And I melt. And rewatch. And melt some more.
JoAnne: Four times. I admit it. 
kakashi: Is this the magic of SSH I'm feeling? 0.o #WhenAWomanCannotStopMakingGifs (and drools)
Shuk; And finally FINALLY she gets it. He likes her! He tells her to enjoy the rest of her stay; he is flying out in the morning. And she watches him leave before looking at the moon for answers.

Shuk: And our watermelon-colored witch goes green with envy spying on the exchange.
JoAnne: They’ve had to up her wardrobe allowance because I could NOT take her as a serious threat if she kept on wearing sh** like that Pantsuit of Plaid. And did you notice how, when Oppa finally climbed out of that pool, he totally cat walked? Boy knows what he’s got and he WORKS it. I had visions of male birds spreading tail feathers, and Betta Fish spreading fins, and yes, Oppa just …never mind.
kakashi: #WhenAManShakesHisAss (and gets a slo-mo gif)
Shuk: The next morning, against a halo of sun, Jae-hee stands with a bouquet of pink plumeria and white billbergia, and the Freddy Mercury signed Queen CD that he won during the contest the day before. But before he gets too giddy, he receives a goodbye text from Seo Mi-do, who has decided to stand him up and leave Guam early. She writes that it was the best three days ever, but that she had to resume her real life in Korea.
JoAnne: Chubby cheeks was SO cute and SO heartbroken. And those flowers looked like a cartoon representation of flowers. They were AWESOME.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanHasSecondLeadSyndrome (that would be me. But only mildly so. From giffing him. He is cute)
--> Google Fu – The beautiful boat-shaped building is St Laguna Chapel (which has its own FB and FourSquare if you are interested).
JoAnne: The only FourSquare I’m interested in is the one that has me and Oppa’s feet hanging off the same mattress.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanDiesLaughing

Shuk: Seo Mi-do sits back in her first-class seat (and I complain in my head “how come my company never springs for the good seats?”) and regrets for a moment her blow-off of Jae-hee, at least until the proper object of her affection shows up on the plane, greets her, and sits down several seats further up.
JoAnne: Totally wasted opportunity. Snuggles under an airplane blanket? Hello?
kakashi: #WhenAManBehavesLikeASecondLeadEvenThoughHesNot

Shuk: Now in a bright blue-and-white frock (and don’t bright colors mean danger?), Seon-joo minces in her stilettos up to a glum Jae-hee. He gives her the flowers but keeps the CD.
JoAnne: How does she know? And I may not want Chubs to get the girl, but I don’t want the WITCH to get her claws in him, either.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanAgrees

Shuk: Now back in Seoul, Tae-sung insists on driving Mi-do back to her house in Ilsan. Casually, he asks if women go crazy for men who can stunt reverse their car, then does a nice spinning K-turn while she looks at him with a exasperation.
JoAnne: All women know a man has to be able to handle his stick.
kakashi: You go, Han Solo! Awesomesauce.  
Shuk: She calls him immature, which elicits a manly laugh, but then she receives an SMS from Jae-hee, with pics of him in Guam, and a heartfelt text:
CJH: “We didn't take a single picture together. I'm sure you have your reasons for standing me up. I never felt as excited or happy as I did the past three days. Thank you for giving me such happy memories. Always smile, wherever you are. I fear I will miss you for a very long time.”
Shuk: She stays in a pensive mood the rest of the trip, while Tae-sang wonders why her mood changed.
JoAnne: Chubs has got game.
kakashi: I don't like this. This will end badly. 

Shuk: At the house, she holds onto the stuffies that Jae-hee gave her, as her mom runs outside and preens in front of Tae-sang. He’s awkward in front of her, and promises to make a formal visit at a later time. Commence the beginning salvo of Mom’s attempt to land President Han. She’s disappointed that Mi-do did not come back with a ring, but excited that he promised to come back.In the darkness of her room, we hear the rest of Jae-hee’s message:
CJH: “…Do you still post quotes in front of the bookstore? When I pass by in the undetermined future, I will present myself if this quote is written there. I hope to see the quote posted on a warm spring day. I miss you so much.”
The quote reads: I have a song for you; it is too early to say farewell. Seo Mi-do walks to the chalkboard and erases that exact quote.
JoAnne: That’s what that said? *Goosebumps*

Shuk: At home, Tae-sang is adorably channeling his inner Personal Taste Lee Min-ho as he searches woman’s sites for information on what women want in a romance. I’d say “Game Over-mida” for him. And for my heart.
JoAnne: I think I died a little bit here.
kakashi: #WhenAManIsTheBiggestWhimpInTheHistoryOfKDrama... but oh so cuuuuuuute ^^ And look at his feet! He has the most perfectestest feet ever!
Shuk: In Guam, the Teal Tart grabs onto Jae-hee to prevent another suitor from bothering her, and they strike up a conversation. She offers to be his Love Advisor and, with typical Seon-joo attitude, snatches his phone to give him her number. She stiffens when she realizes the background pictures include Seo Mi-do.
JoAnne: 1. She totally set that up because she knows who he is in connection to Oppa. 2. That was her ‘aha, I can USE this’ move. And people make fun of Oppa’s eyebrow…

Shuk: Jae-hee finally returns to Seoul, although it seems only a day or so has past. Gangsta Manager meets him at the airport and takes him to his huge and beautiful apartment, set up so he and his brother can live there. GM spills the beans regarding his brother (that he’s not overseas for the company), but Jae-hee admits he knew but kept it under wraps so as not to embarrass anyone.
JoAnne: Which looks exactly like Gangster Girl’s apartment, so is Oppa paying for her place too? Like THAT’s not going to be a problem. 

Shuk: Seo Mi-do is busy on her report when Tae-sang shows up with a cup of coffee and a cute invasion of her personal space.
JoAnne: Insert squee here.
kakashi: Here we go, JoAnne
Shuk: At an inspection of a work site, Mi-do bumps into our Grape-headed Criminal, who stabs a few pointed remarks her way, and she suddenly remembers him from the fight at the boss’ club seven years ago. Thankfully there are no flashbacks.
JoAnne: Grandpa Leeteuk is a bit threatening here, actually. Without actually, you know, doing anything threatening. So maybe he’s not just a ridiculous would-be suitor for what’s her face/ opportunistic murderer. I’ve got my eye on you, Grandpa.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanStillDoesntGetWhyHisHairIsThatWay?

Shuk: Gu Yong-gap visits a returning Seon-joo, and ends up confessing his love, citing that he’s willing to share her former boyfriend’s money. She scoffs; she knows he took the promissory note for $ 3 million. He tries to bluff, but she tells him he’s a poor excuse for a criminal as well as a bad human being. Then he pulls out the big guns; he knows she was looking for Tae-sang’s missing family, but it won’t make Tae-sang love her.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanReadsPullsOutBigGunsAndThinksOfSomethingElse 

Shuk: Seon-joo replies, “This is the difference between you and me. I'm willing to do everything I can for him. Even if he doesn't love me back.” And between choking on my mageolli and my eyebrows getting lodged in my forehead, I have to stop. Wut??
JoAnne: So tell me, then, why exactly did you NOT share the news that you found his family that day back at the office?

Shuk: And as if this train of ridiculousness needed a caboose, Yong-gap declares his love for her as the only thing keeping him from becoming a homicidal maniac, and then demonstrates this while throwing her to the couch by the throat.
JoAnne: Nothing says lovin’ like a bruise, after all. Bastard. I don’t like her and I’d STILL cut you for that.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanIsNotGiffingThis (is it just me or does she look a little bit like ice cream in that sweater?)

Shuk: At the Seo family, there’s a full blown feast being laid on the table, while Dad looks like he swallowed a lemon. Tae-sang formally kneels on the cushion in front of the patriarch, just when Mi-do shows up. Soon, Tae-sang is (handsomely, as always) quickly eating through all the dishes at the table, and the father comments that his appetite is good.
JoAnne: This was funny because I said it and Appa said it pretty much at the same time. …I guess you had to be there. Just trust me, it was funny.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanGetsHungryFromWatchingKDramaCharactersEatEverySingleTime! 
Shuk: Han Tae-sang explains it’s been over twenty years since he has had such a wonderful home cooked meal, and you can see everyone soften towards him when he explains the loss of his family at seventeen and his descent into the gang. He finishes with his request to court Mi-do. Dad refuses, but asks Mi-do her thoughts. Her opinion? She lists both good and bad qualities, causing Tae-sang to alternately blush and spit take, but in the end agrees that he is a good man, and she would accept his courtship.
JoAnne: I had a really different take on this. Once he laid out his shortcomings - orphan, gangsters - well, they knew about the gangsters - I kinda thought it settled the dad against him and even made the mom step back for a bit. But then Mi Do did say she was starting to like him and didn‘t mind the age difference, and that was pretty much that. Pissy Fish Face for the win! How cute was Oppa when he looked at her then? I melted.
Shuk: Time for drinking games!! While the father-in-law / son-in-law carousing goes on, a bored Jae-hee walks to the bookstore. There is no quote on the door, but he smiles to hear the revelry upstairs. He gets chased off by Mi-jun, but manages to get a glimpse of Mi-do before he leaves.

Shuk: Dad is about passed out while Mi-do and Tae-sang clean up (and doesn’t he look adorable in pink gloves!). Dad gets the final word, stating he’s not good enough for his daughter. Mom’s on board with the plan, though, and gives Tae-sang a ring so he will know Mi-do’s finger size.
JoAnne: Wow, I missed that completely…when did I watch this? Was it right after the DBMeetup?
Shuk: Yep, so maybe you missed it in the soju...
kakashi: And here we go with the shy cuteness... Too many gifs? I can't help it...
Shuk: Through the diffuse beams of moonlight on a graveled path, hands barely brushing, in lockstep, and both are looking adorably nervous. Finally, Seo Mi-do takes the initiative and intertwines their fingers, causing him to protest – it’s not part of the plan! She lets go and marches off in a huff. He chases after her, and pulls her into a hug.
JoAnne: Dying.
kakashi: I feel sorry for him. How old is he? #WhenAllAWomanSeesIsEyelashes (by the way, giffing hug scenes is very difficult. I haven't yet been able to make a good gif out of a hug scene)
Shuk: After a moment, he tells her how much he wanted PDA; he even looked it up on the internet to learn the proper order of things. She quips in banmal that he has a cute side. His protest is half-hearted as they continue to hold hands.
JoAnne: Oppa’s intentions are HONORABLE.
kakashi: He needs some lessons. Right now. 

Shuk: Tae-sang escorts her to the door, and they share a charged nose to nose moment, broken only by my breathless giggle as he closes his eyes like a schoolgirl preparing for her first kiss. Her reaction? She tells him he smells of alcohol and to be careful going home. His reaction? A series of shoulder shrugs and head rolls, then he tells her he will read a bit before hitting the road. After Mi-do closes the door, he unlocks the bookstore with the hidden key and peruses the choices. Mean Old Fate steps in, and he picks up a book of poetry, and, inspired, writes a quote on the chalkboard before he heads home.
kakashi: #WhenASceneJustDemandsToBeGiffed!
Shuk: The quote reads: I have a song for you; it is too early to say farewell.
JoAnne: Like we couldn’t see THAT coming a mile away. It’s ok, Oppa. I’m sure you’ll win in the end.
kakashi: I'm not. Isn't this (also) a melo? Doesn't that mean he will die? Or her? Or both? 

Shuk: Seon-joo meanders into President Han’s office, only to stop short when she sees Mi-do there. Now the powersuit color is on Mi-do as they exchanged barbed pleasantries. Seon-joo implies that he is a passionate man with a mad dog dark side and too much for Mi-do to handle. Mi-do stands her ground and Seon-joo leaves the office. PissyFishFace 1, Gangster Moll 0.
JoAnne: I loved her right then, I honestly did. Kitteh has CLAWS.

Shuk: Jae-hee stops by the bookstore and sees his quote on the chalkboard. Ballistic with joy, he buys a bunch of random books, takes a selca of the chalkboard, and literally glitters with happiness.
JoAnne: Oh for pete’s sake. You’re killin’ me, Chubs.
Shuk: President Han diva-struts down a flight of stairs while setting up dinner plans with Mi-do, assuring her that she’s beautiful. She still nervous, though, and goes by her friend’s beauty store for lipstick.

Shuk: But, later, Tae-sang’s business meeting goes over, and he has to cancel the dinner plans. She pouts a bit, as she bought him a small gift, and he promises to go by the bookstore when he finishes.
JoAnne: Dun-dun-DUN…

Shuk: Jae-hee is trying to find dinner plans when he spots Mi-do walking down the sidewalk. He chases her down, and, when he can’t get her attention, sends her the selca of the chalkboard. When they finally meet, she is adamant that she did not write that quote; he is adamant it wasn’t him either.

Shuk: At an octopus restaurant (hey, that’s what it says on the main marquee!), they share nakji bukum together. He tells her that the spot on his head still hurts from the suction dart, which means he misses her. She tells him she has someone she likes, but he’s undaunted. She ends the meal and tries to get rid of him, but Jae-hee is sneaky and beats her to the bookstore. They cutely argue in front of the bookstore, while an oblivious Tae-sang reads inside the building.
kakashi: #WhenAManAndAWomanShareFoodThatIsWetAndSlippery...
Shuk: Suddenly, Jae-hee leans down and kisses her cheek. Oh no!!
JoAnne: Little shits. You’re going to break my Oppa’s heart.
kakashi: oh no. Opppppaaaaaaaa ;-(( (which one are we opppaying about?)

Final Remarks

JoAnne: I completely forgot that Oppa is supposed to be a bad actor in this episode. Want to know why? BECAUSE HE WASN’T A BAD ACTOR IN THIS EPISODE. Oppa FTW!!!!
Shuk: Yunno, when I first started watching this, it really was because of JoAnne's comments and love of Oppette. But now, after four episodes, I find myself vested in a shy gangster. And I can crunch on him because he's only a few years younger than me! But, Show, please keep me interested when everyone finds out about everyone, and for God's sake, can we get another color for our Pathetic Purple Punk?? Thank you, Shukie.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanSimplyRefusesToBelieveClearlyBiasedPeople .... but