When A Man Loves - Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: President Han gets a little mothering from Mama Seo while waiting in the bookstore for Mi-do. She mentions in passing that her daughter likes musicians, and, for a moment, he looks unsure of himself.
JoAnne: Oppa can haz lessons?
kakashi: #WhenAWomanWhoIsNotWatchingButOnlyGiffingThinksThisIsTotallyRando. Oh: and 
#WhenAWomanGiffingThoughtThisWasADifficultEpisodeToGif but #WhenAWomanEndedUpWithMoreGifsThanEver

Shuk: Meanwhile, outside, the previous episode spins out, but from this angle, you see that Mi-jun witnesses the kiss. Jae-hee confesses that he had wanted to kiss her since Guam. Little Bro works as both cock-block and expositional knife as he speculates out loud who the guy was that kissed his sister. This is overheard by Tae-sang, who is now really feels like crap.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanFeelsThePainOfOppa :(
Shuk: Inside the house, Mi-do finds out that Tae-sang was there the whole time, and timidly goes to the bookstore. He pretends he was engrossed in his book, and her confidence is boosted by his familiar shy demeanor. She gives him her gift: aftershave and facial masks, and cheekily tells him to send her a selca so she knows he’s using the masks.
JoAnne: #WhenAManIsObviouslyRelieved “She must like me, right? She bought me a gift and wants to take care of me. I don’t need to worry about some guy kissing her outside. She said that was nothing to her brother, and she didn’t even know I was here, so why would she lie?” Yes folks, that was a thought process you saw flash over Oppa’s face. BAEKSANG ANYONE?
This will be Song Seung-heon's soon!!!
Shuk: While eating strawberries, he mentions that he wrote the lines from the “Desolate” book on the chalkboard (the one Jae-hee likes), and his face falls when she dismisses it.
JoAnne: Be scared, Mi-Do. Be scared.
kakashi: #WhenStrawberriesAreAClassicAphrodisiacAndThisIsKindaLikeForeplay! (Google that, Han Solo: She clearly likes you!)
Shuk: Seon-joo shows up at the alley restaurant owned by the ramyun ahjumma. She makes several probing comments, and promises to bring her boyfriend the next time she eats there.
JoAnne: I’m ignoring you. I hope your face bloats up so much from that ramyun that even the midget Gangsta Manager laughs next time you come by. I hope DOZENS of purple-haired old men try to date you. Just go away.

Shuk: Amber Eyes is out of prison!! Chang-hee’s eyes fill up with tears as his mouth is stuffed with tofu. Oppa showed up! They exchanged manly hugs.
JoAnne: #WhenAManChewsWithHisMouthOpenAndDribblesTofuOnOppasSuit But honestly, ChangHee Chingu, you’re adorable. I love you. Not like I love Oppa, but you’d do in a pinch. In fact…come here. I want to pinch you.
Shuk: At a tofu restaurant, Tae-sang tells the Gangsta Manager to help Chang-hee get some new threads for his first meeting with his younger brother in seven years. The little yippy manager also mentions that Jae-hee doesn’t believe that his hyung was overseas.
JoAnne: He went to Stanford, after all. How DO you say ‘No Shit, Sherlock!’ in Korean?
Guest Post Chekell's Answer: It's way too colloquial for Hangul, but the closest would be phonetic 아니 동 셜록 (ani ttong syeollog).
kakashi: #WhenFoodJustNeededToBeGiffed. I give you: food porn!
Yeah, and there is also this: #WhenAManIsKingofDerpFaces:
Shuk: Jae-hee is still in courtship mode, sending Mi-do pictures of the party and contest. Mi-do, in the meantime, is working on the Guam resort presentation, but needs additional pictures of the St Laguna Chapel.
JoAnne: Google one, Hussy.

Shuk: At the bookstore a stalking strolling Jae-hee sees the newest quotation: “The book never to be opened again”, but erases it and adds his own: “I like this Spring because you exist.” Seo Appa sees this earnest young man and takes an immediate shine to him, inviting him for coffee and talk. While chatting, he receives a text from Mi-do asking for chapel pictures, and writes back she’ll have to meet him for lunch.
JoAnne: Where is my nail file? Time to sharpen these babies. I know one skinny little PissyFishFace who’s gonna need PS for real. Staaaaaahp with the mixed messages. Poor Chubs. It’s not like he deserves this.

Shuk: While sneaking out of the office, she bumps into President Han. They dance around the issues: where she is going for lunch, where he was this morning. Trump card to her, though, when she asks if he had taken a picture of the facial mask yet. He bolts, pretending to look for it on his handphone.
JoAnne: Right about here I began gurgling ridiculous shit about how cute Oppa was and how much I couldn’t stand it and how could she go to lunch with another man? NO. Stick with the Oppadorable.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanIsInAweOfHowBeautifulThisManLooksAllTheTime (even when just fondling his phone)
Shuk: Lee Chang-hee and the little gangster are finishing up their clothing purchases when they get an unpleasant confrontation with our resident baddie with no fashion sense. Well aware of the public (and security camera’d) area, he verbally goads Chang-hee, asking if his brother knew his education came from blood money. Still smarting from his prison stay, he punches Yong-gap several times and chest-butts him to the floor, before being pulled away by his friend.
JoAnne: Grandpa Leeteuk seriously gives me the willies now. First of all, he’s had the same suit on for about 8 years. Second of all, his hair is changing from lavender to mulberry, but only in certain areas. THIRD of all, the manic glee in his eyes when he instigates trouble is kind of scary. This guy tortured cats when he was little. He stiffs convenience store clerks on the change, doesn’t tip waiters unless someone else is having dinner with him, and he probably shaves his legs. I have always said he killed Jealous Boss, his ‘friend’ – and now I’m convinced that more than anything, he’s the vehicle for serious (well, serious. It’s an Oppa Melo, so of COURSE it will be) makjang-y melodrama later in the series. You mark my words. *shakes finger at everyone*
kakashi: #WhenAWomanThinkThisIsAGoodVillain: #WhenAManIsHatedByEverybody
Shuk: At the park, Jae-hee tries to engage in friendly conversation, but Mi-do cuts him off; the man she is interested in was at the bookstore, and she asks him to not contact her anymore. He talks about her dreams; does she still want to be in the entertainment business? She says she has to leave, and he sadly smiles, but promises not to bother her anymore. He hands her a package before he leaves; it contains the Queen CD and his Stanford T-shirt.

Shuk: Chang-hee and Mi-do share an elevator ride at the office, and they both recognize each other. A coworker pulls her aside and says the new employee just got out of prison for murder, which shocks Mi-do.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanReallyHatesThisDoReMiWoman
Shuk: In President Han’s office, Seon-joo and Tae-sang are discussing business. There is a happy reunion with Gangster Moll and Amber Eyes, but the gathering is cut short when the police arrive to arrest Chang-hee for assault.
JoAnne: ChangHee Chingu and the Terrible, Awful, No-Good, Horrible Day
Shuk: As he’s escorted away, Seon-joo and Tae-sang discuss the situation. Seo Mi-do, watching from the outside, sees the friendly exchange and thinks the worse. In reality, Seon-joo promised to go to Yong-gap and try to reason with him.
JoAnne: Oppa, if a woman says she loves you and you reject her, and then she says well let’s just be friends, but she continues to make passes at you over the years? You should stop accepting her help and send her on her way, because she’s not really your friend. Or you should sleep with her. Oh God, tell me you never slept with her, Oppa. TELL ME YOU NEVER SLEPT WITH HER.
kakashi: JoAnne, my dear ... I know you don't want to believe it, but Oppa is clearly a virgin. I am not sure he even knows what that is, sleeping with a woman. Unless he looked it up on the Internet.  

Shuk: In Yong-gap’s office, his price to drop the charges? Sleep with him. She fires back; can she think of someone else while they are having sex? He agrees to drop the charges and accept an apology, if she kisses him. With the bandaid. On his lower lip. [shudders] And it happens, but you can see it was more power than passion on his part. Her duty discharged, she leaves, while he looks ready to cry.
JoAnne: This was just very squicky all the way around. I hate this guy, and I’m not really crazy about this girl, and I just don’t get how they can both be so freaking PITIFUL about shit. FIND SOMEBODY ELSE.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanThinksTheseScenesAreTooUncomfortableTooWatch (no gifs)
SHUKNOTE: I don’t know if it was makeup or a late filming session, but Chae Jung-ah’s eyes look particularly bruised and hurting during this scene.
JONOTE: Yep, noticed that. Liked it. You deserve it, stupid.
Shuk: Seo-joo gets home and goes through the motions of disinfecting¸ using expensive hooch at first and ending with a spitting session in the sink.
JoAnne: I don’t blame her, but I blame her. It’s not like she hasn’t ever had contact with someone she didn’t love, after all, even if this particular partner is PARTICULARLY gross.

Shuk: Late at the office, Seo Mi-do store Jae-hee’s gifts and walks into Tae-sang’s office. He’s in no mood for her questions about the events in the office, and tells her to mind her own business.
JoAnne: Whip Status: Not Quite Full
kakashi: #WhenAWomanLikesThatThisFishyFaceIsBlownOff
Shuk: At home, she sees the quote Jae-hee left, and her father mentions he met a nice young man that he wanted to introduce to Mi-do. She erases the board, and writes: “I’m comfortable, but still sad.” Her brother comes by her room to look for some ointment for his knee, and she asks him about their dreams where together they go into the world of entertainment. Enter a flashback of the two of them discussing their dreams under the stars. Back in 2013, she thinks about Jae-hee reminding her of her dreams.
JoAnne: He says: You wanted to show people things and talk. I said: Sell Tupperware.
kakashi: #WhenThereIsACuteSceneofJae-heeEatingPizza
Shuk: President Han completes a phone call from Seon-joo just as Chang-hee and the little gangster return from the police station. Tae-sang tries to convince him to go see his brother, but he refuses.
Shuk: So it’s a Boy’s Sleepover at President’s apartment, with Han-cooked food and wine. Chang-hee isn’t ready to embrace the future, but he’s ready to toast to it…sort of.
JoAnne: Oppa cooks, but somehow, even though there are rice cookers to do it for you, a bachelor can make a mean stir fry but NOT plain white rice. Or buy kimchi. Korean Level: Fail 
kakashi: #WhenAWomanThinksTheseCookingOppasAreHOT
JoAnne Again: Did you guys laugh when ChangHee Chingu coughed into his wine and it splashed up on his face? I did. You can’t plan that shit.
kakashi: No, I didn't laugh, but I made a gif for you: 
Shuk: That night, Tae-sang screws his courage to the sticking place and tries a face mask. Chang-hee unexpectedly comes into his bedroom, and catches him in the act. He adorably hides under the covers, but Chang-hee outs him. Bromance! Yay!
JoAnne: He was so CUTE with his dewy, poreless skin and the little damp curls on his neck and his delicious self in thin, 100% cotton, form fitting yoga wear. Especially when he was all butt up in the air with embarrassment. Also: Do not mention outing and Oppa in the same breath ever again. Even if he IS very comfortable with his butt up in the air.
Shuk: [Makes note of butt...err...request]
kakashi: #WhenAWomanMadeTONSofBeautifulGifsOfTheMaskScene (Wow, he looks georgeous here. It's the white shirt and the blue background. And the face and the eyelashes)
Shuk: At the idol dorm, Mi-ju is yelled at by the choreographer, but the ramyun boy shows up with soup and friendship. And another link is forged between characters.
JoAnne: I was all excited about young brothers, but we’ll see.

Shuk: Gu Yong-gap shows up at The Golden Tree, surrounded by black-suited thuggish thugs, who turn everything chaotic, even going so far as to knock Mi-do to the floor. No one stops them (or calls security) as they make their way to Tae-sang’s office, and it’s a face-off with President Han definitely taking the higher road.
Chang-hee makes a formal apology, but Yong-gap shows his true nature by insisting the apology be public in the center of the business. He also insults Tae-sang, blows off his words, and insists on a kneeled apology, while Chang-hee seethes and is held back by Gangster Manager.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanThinksThisIsAGoodActingMoment! #SSHCanAct!
Shuk: Yong-gap sneers that President Han sent a woman to do his dirty work (meaning Seon-joo), but he keeps his cool in front of his staff, and doesn’t snap until Mi-do is knocked to the ground. Then he loses it and the fight is ON!!

Shuk: Yong-gap gets in a few swings, and then gleefully steps back to record the carnage as the Golden Trio take out all the Boys in Black. Mi-do tries to help with her standard push-with-a-purse, but she gets slapped to the ground. Tae-sang starts pummeling the gangster that hit her, until Mi-do screams “STOP” and runs out the door.

Shuk: And I think, does she not want him to be able to protect her????
JoAnne: And I think, ‘This ain’t your first rodeo, girl, so get a grip.’ I seriously hate the trauma trope.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanWouldHaveDroppedTheDramaThenAndThereBecauseOfThatStupidWoman

Shuk: The little gangster actually chastises Yong-gap for starting a fight and categorically rejects his offer to join his gang.
JoAnne: This is the second time the Lavender Loser has tried to put doubt between Oppa and his buds. I wonder if seeds have been planted for later. I also wonder how much longer my hate level for Grandpa will continue to rise, and if my blood pressure will kill me before the bitter taste of rage does.

Shuk: A downcast Chang-hee sits in the president’s office, and Tae-sang tells him to go home and see Jae-hee. So Jae-hee comes home to an extra pair of shoes at the door, and the smell of his hyung’s cooking.
Shuk: He looks in disbelief as his brother asks him, “Did you get taller?” And the reunion brings tears to my eyes as Jae-hee cries on his brother’s shoulder.
CJH: “I missed you. I thought that maybe you were dead and people were lying to me. I was even worried about that. But I couldn't ask because I was scared.”
They have a feast of salty food, talk about Jae-hee’s life, and engage in a mock battle/pillow fight, until Jae-hee breaks down completely, and Hyung rubs his head and promises good times ahead.
JoAnne: We’re going to pay for all this love in a little while. I feel it in my drama bone.
kakashi: #WhenMoreCookingMenAreEvenHotter
Shuk: President Han is disappointed that Mi-do left work early, and spends some time in thoughtful strolling, sitting on a bench and putting his own bandaids on his knuckles.
 kakashi: #WhenThereAreManyBeautifulMomentsWhereOppaStrutsAndIsPensive

Shuk: She goes home, exhausted, but sees a fruit basket and some medicine sent by Tae-sang. Seo Eomma insists Mi-do call President Han and thank him, but she ends up falling asleep, reliving her boyfriend’s beatdown of her attacker.
JoAnne: Psst, Pissy – if you get rid of Grandpa, you won’t have to deal with Oppa’s gangster past anymore. Oppa went legit, remember? GRANDPA GROSS brought the bad, not Oppa. Don’t hold it against him.
Shuk: The next day at the office, surprisingly, it’s like nothing happened, but as Seo Mi-do sits down at her desk, President Han comes in and announces the new Director of the their team – Jae Hee! The two lock eyes in recognition.
JoAnne: And Oppa stands in the middle, a tragic victim of that curiously Korean affliction which renders peripheral vision nonexistent and reduces your ability to see comically shocked goggle-eyed guilty parties even when they’re within six inches of your face. Sigh.

Final Thoughts

Shuk: I'm not sure what's up with Seo Mi-do. You know he's a (former) gangster, and you've been knocked to the ground before (and that was hard asphalt), so why the histrionics now? It's time to put the big girl panties on and deal.
JoAnne: Couldn't have said it better myself!
kakashi: What's Up with Do-Re-Mi? She is THAT KDrama character. The one in the melos. Hateful and stupid. Gah.

Shuk: I look at Gu Yong-gap as a purple-topped Dalek screaming "Must Ex-Ter-Min-Nate!" with few redeeming qualities and bad fashion sense. I wish there was a little more backstory for him. Then again, that would give him more screen time, so nevermind, Writer-nim! Forget I said anything...
JoAnne: Oh, no. Definitely no. If there's purple hair and no explanation I will hurt someone. It can be brief. I'd like it to be explained by the person standing over his dead body, in fact, but I need to know why.

Shuk: It's been argued amongst my Twitterbean friends and on Open Thread that a bad script with a good PM can have a decent showing. For all Song Seung-hun's performance flaws and past history, I am really enjoying his character, and see more to Tae-sang than a mere gangster in need of a hug. Or... whatever he needs.
JoAnne: Oppa needs a Happy Ending. I believe I made that clear. But actually, I don't understand the derision so far. I get that the story is a cliche and the characters are archetypes of the form. Welcome to KDrama, folks. I think it's way more entertaining - and not ironically so - than people are giving it credit for, and while these actors (some of them anyway) might not be the BEST actors out there, they're doing better jobs than expected. This can go WAY south, and probably will, but at least to this point this drama is FAR from the bottom of the list of what's being offered currently/in recent memory. On a scale of 1-10, it's about a 6. For comparison, Nine is a 9.5 at this point - I deducted half a point for the ridiculous bad guy.)
kakashi: Han Solo needs a foot rub. For starters. And an abs massage. And as the Giffer here, I can say this drama is decent. I've giffed much worse. SSH is so beautiful, he makes every gif of him a winner!   

Shuk: Annnnnnnnd.... On a final note, and with my Google Fu and nerd skills, I leave you with the one thing JoAnne wanted. Enjoy!