When A Man Loves - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: Seo Mi-do stares in shock as Lee Jae-hee is introduced to her by President Han as her new boss. They both keep in professional, and Tae-sang has no idea these two had met before. Multiple times. Even after she agreed to see him.
JoAnne: Because Oppa, despite multiple reasons to distrust humankind, trusts these lying liars who lie. I hope he gets MAD. Because if Oppa responds with crushed heart and tears, I will... I'm checking ticket prices now. It's a foregone conclusion, really.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanIsVeryAnnoyedByThisFishFace (and is experimenting with the color scheme on here - what do you like better, SqueeCap Readers? All black or with colors?)
and did you notice that she has a very, very weak handshake? 
Shuk: Jae-hee wastes no time in pointing her as the maknae and the one he will work with the most of the team. Tae-sang and Jae-hee leave after pleasantries, and Tae-sang says out loud he hopes he gets along with the team.
JoAnne: Oppa does NOT mean that in the horizontal way. Everybody! Two feet on the floor at all times!

Shuk: Flashback to a pleasant memory, when Tae-sang offered Mi-do a cup of coffee in the employee lounge. She argued until he pulled the cup out of her hands and walked away, sipping the cup for an indirect kiss.
JoAnne: At first I thought this was just later in the day but no, it becomes apparent to me this is history, coming back to bite Oppa in his juicy, delicious, perfectly-formed little butt. Also: Here is where it really struck me that when Pissy says she wants something, Oppa doesn't argue the point. He just backs off. We're always saying how we hate the guy who argues the girl into loving him, but here... man, where's my wrist grab?
kakashi: #WhenAWomanIsJustVeryAnnoyed. Leave this kind-hearted oppa alone, you wench! 
Shuk: Seon-joo and Chang-hee are walking through a vacant apartment while she explains how her real estate business works. She admits to him that she wants to get closer to Tae-sang through him, and probes him for information on anyone he is seeing (meaning Mi-do). Chang-hee admits that President Han appears to be dating, but he doesn’t know who it is. She tells him (and is convinced  in her own mind too, it appears) that she is the only person fit to be his woman.
JoAnne: Incoherent muttering at the screen. And what a FUGLY apartment. Plus, laughing at gangster ChangHee Chingu flipping such precious real estate.
And he's really interested in what she has to say...
Shuk: At the office, Jae-hee immediately zeros in on Mi-do to help him tour the properties that The Golden Tree developing. He uses the drive as an excuse to tell her she reminds him of a girl he met overseas. She tries to bring it back to business, and he sobers up and tells her he won’t make it hard for her.
JoAnne: I hate that I can't hate him, so I'll focus all the hate she's earning PLUS the Chubs hate on Pissy. Grrrrr. Except...she's trying, too. Dammit. And I know people think she's only after Oppa for his money but I honestly dont' think so. I think money is a factor and she hasn't hid that, but she's trying to actually get to know him and see if feelings develop, too. Damn them both to innocent young heart hell.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanSays:WhatsWithThePenguins?
Shuk: As they are walking the site, she receives a phone call from Tae-sang, checking up on her. She tells him she is going to a jimjilbang with a friend, and he wistfully says he’s never been to one. They promise to meet up tomorrow.
JoAnne: It's rude to break a date with a girlfriend to go on a date with your boyfriend. Let's just put that out there, shall we? But yay for a win for Oppa!
kakashi: Wow. SSH looks soooooo good on the phone! I made many versions of this gif. This is the one you get. I'm keeping the others for myself! haha. 
Shuk: At the site, Jae-hee inadvertently gets drenched in what looks like a few gallons of coffee, and when tries to help him, they get doused a second time.
JoAnne: Foreshadowing all the CRAP that will rain down on these two if they don't get over their own precious little two-minute romance and focus on BUSINESS. And OPPA.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanJustShookHerHead. What kind of construction site is this?!
Shuk: They go to a jimjilbang to clean up, with all the drinking / eating eggs / personal conversation that it entails. She offers to leave and go find a clothing store; he asks her if she is in a hurry to meet with “her man” at the bookstore.
JoAnne: Goddamn you both for being so freaking CUTE together.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanAgreesAndGoesAwwwwww
Shuk: At the office, President Han and Dong-goo, are eating noodles over reports, and Tae-sang asks a question that’s been burning inside of him. What does a woman mean if she give a man cosmetics? The little gangster beams and tells him the woman wants to keep her man’s skin pretty. Tae-sang is happy a the thought, and after lunch, heads for a jewelry store.
JoAnne: So did Gangster Princess LIE about all those years she picked up his stuff for him? Because he knows she likes him, so what did he - geez. Did this guy really not have a clue? Did that poor girl REALLY THINK she had a chance? No WONDER she's mad. I don't blame her. Except - no sex? Seriously, you expect us to believe that she kept up in the face of no SEX? Men don't turn you down unless they really, really, REALLY don't want you.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanGiffedTwoBeautifulShotsOfOppa
Shuk: At the jimjilbang, the cuteness continues. Jae-hee pretends he’s sleeping in a beautiful dream where he is with Mi-do. Jae-hee admits he is working at The Golden Tree because he wanted to thank President Han for supporting him through school, and she realizes she is not the only one he assisted.

Shuk: At the vintage store, we get a montage of clothing options, and then he takes her home. Dad is there, and happy to see Jae-hee again, tempered by his belief that he has a girlfriend. When he leaves, Mi-do gives him one of the teddy bears from Guam.
JoAnne: Stop it, Show. JUST STOP IT.
Shuk: Baek Seon-joo is finishing her Pilates course when she is invited to dinner by Tae-sang. Her happiness is short-llived, when Chang-hee and Dong-goo show up – he had planned this as a welcome party for Chang-hee. Seo-joo offers Chang-hee a job with her company; which is accepted. The two younger guys stagger off together, while Tae-sang calls for a driver.
JoAnne: Not for the first time, I wonder how much fun it can actually be not to be able to stand up or speak coherently. Why would you do that?
kakashi: #WhenAWomanGivesYouAnotherOppaGifBecauseHeIsBeautifulAndTheOthersAreNot
Shuk: Seon-joo finds the Cartier box with the couple rings, and begins a drunken, impassioned plea for Tae-sang’s love, but he gently reminds her that she is just a friend and that he loves another. With that, she runs off.
JoAnne: She's just embarrassing.
kakashi: Bleh. 

Shuk: The smarmy frog-colored messenger shows up at the ramyun shop, and the ahjumma recognizes him. It appears they are cousins, and Greeny’s name is Bae-choo (which is Korean for cabbage, hah). Through the strained conversation we get glimpses of the past; Tae-sang stayed with him for a month after she disappeared and the house was confiscated. She tells him to leave and never come back, but it’s pretty obvious this is a shakedown for money, and that he is eager to contact her son. She warns Cabbage that she will kill him and suicide rather than face her son again.
JoAnne: Mom cheated on dad. As a result, Dad killed himself and younger brother disappeared, and home was lost. Remember all this when YOU cheat on Oppa, PissyFishFace.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanJustRollsHerEyes

Shuk: At the Mouse Trap apartment, there’s a delivery of a shiny new piano, and Tae-sang plays a short tune. It appears as a kid he refused piano lessons.
SHUKNOTE: See kids? Always listen to your mother.
JONOTE: I recognize the song too, it's on the tip of my tongue. And yes, always listen to your mother.
KANOTE: It's the Flea Waltz. And I am your mother!
SHUKNOTE: I play the drums, so I only know "Turkey In The Straw", sorry Mom.

Shuk: At the Seo residence, Eomma is pushing for Mi-do to do what she can to land President Seo, but she’s not happy that the potential mother-in-law abandoned him, and there is a cute exchange between the elder Seos.
JoAnne: Not cute at all. Mi Do was in the room and they talked about her like she was furniture.
kakashi: Hmmm .... but doesn't Oppa look good in the piano shots? 

Shuk: Lest we forget our resident Gentian Dalek, Gu Yong-gap, breaks a few baseball bats for fun, then goes and get his hair done yet again. It turns out it’s the same salon that Seon-joo is at. He plays the usual game of trying to separate her from Team Tae-sang, but this time, thanks to the dinner the night before, the seed has been planted in Seon-joo’s mind.
JoAnne: Oh, don't rush past that baseball scene. I'm very disturbed that Grandpa Leeteuk still has Leeteuk's bod. It's not just the hair and the face. How old IS this man? What kind of kimchi is he EATING?
kakashi: #WhenAWomanTriedToGifThisButItDidntWork... but only at first!
Shuk: Cabbage has somehow made it past the non-existent security and is wandering around President Han’s office, until he is stopped by the secretary. He leaves his name as Uncle Bok Bae-choo.
JoAnne: Well that is it for me. That's just not realistic. I may have to quit this show.
kakashi: Uhm ... no, JoAnne, you can't! Remember the contract you signed with your blood?? Anyways, there were no giffable moments for a while, so I'm giving you ... SSH on the phone!
Shuk: Jae-hee wakes Chang-hee up with a glass of honey water, and they exchange brotherly advice, and Jae-hee mentioned that his hyung was talking nightmares in his sleep. They promised to eat together later; hyung has to visit a grave that morning.
JoAnne: When I see these two together, I just wonder which one of them ends up dying at the end.
kakashi: Wanna make a bet? 

Shuk: Tae-sang is adorably excited over his date with Mi-do, and at the bookstore, smiles at the quote: “I name the new power I have, love”, and hands Mi-do into the car. Mom shows up with a picnic basket and her full approval.
JoAnne: His jeans. His little pink jacket. He's so freaking CUTE.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanSeesDoomAhead. 
Shuk: He told her at the school is greatest memory of joy was receiving his top-achieving college test score, listening to Mozart’s Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra, and he thought his life would begin that day. But that was the day he went home and found his mother and brother gone. She replies that good memories make you strong when times are tough, and he asks, “Will you make me happy and stay by my side?” She doesn’t answer, and he covers the awkward moment by claiming hunger.
JoAnne: Kimbap as a substitute for kisses? Nope.
kakashi: #WhenAWomanDoesntLikeThisShowBecauseItsMean
Shuk: In the middle of the woods somewhere, Chang-hee is looking for a particular mossy rock, and we see a him piggybacking someone in the rain, before his incarceration. As he pours soju around the rock, he speaks out loud.
LCH: “Please forgive me. Forgive me. I'll pay for everything when I'm dead. Please don't collect on your debt while my brother and I are alive.”
JoAnne: Parents? Oppa's brother? Jimmy Hoffa? The only person in the world who can turn Grandpa Leeteuk's hair non-purple? Whooooooooooo?

Shuk: In a café over lunch (where’s Seo Eomma’s picnic basket??), Tae-sang opens up more about his mother; they said she ran away with his younger’s brother’s married art teacher. At dessert / cheesecake time, Mi-do’s phone goes off, and Tae-sang hands it to her. It’s Jae-hee, asking to meet her for coffee, but she talks in OfficeSpeak, and he realizes she with someone. Tae-sang goes Presidential, and tells her that it’s rude to have him identified on her handphone as “Lee Jae-hee” instead of “Director Lee”, especially as he a friend of Tae-sang’s. AKWARD.
JoAnne: I figured this would be a set up for Oppa to find out later, because they had that earlier scene demonstrating that someone was at the office... but not Chubs.
Shuk: He mentions that she seems to be in a low mood today, but she says everything is okay and hey finish in silence. When it’s dark they drive back to the bookstore, and Tae-sang asks if she would like to take a walk. He’s noticeably nervous, and asks her to sit at the stop of the stairs, after laying down his hankerchief for her to sit down.
JoAnne: Seriously, he looked like that kitten that throws up near the other kittens fighting on YouTube.

Shuk: A master of romance [snicker], Tae-sang pulls out the ring box and hands her the ring, urging her to try it on. She, stone-faced, refuses and asks him to explain what happened at the office with the thugs. He tells her he didn’t want to kneel in front of her, and he punished the one that struck her. She apologizes and says she doesn’t want to wear a couple ring.
JoAnne: I almost, sorta, kinda understand but not really. She had to know that this was headed here, and she DID know about his past. She also knows that the fight was not instigated by him and that he's done everything he can to be a straight person.
kakashi: #WhenIJustHateHer
Shuk: Our oppa is devastated, and quietly tells her to return home. This lasts until she is a flight of steps away, then, with resolve, he chases after her, and in an impassioned voice, yells at her:
HTS: “Why are woman so damn complicated? I'm ashamed I got into a fistfight in front of the woman I like. And now I have to explain all my reasons in detail? I won't do it! You and I were too different from the start. I know you're trying hard, but you don't really like me. So let's end things here. Isn't that what you wanted to hear? Look, I'm sorry. For beating up someone. For not apologizing sooner
For being a gangster. For loving you.”
JoAnne: Oppa, yes, you have to explain your reasons in detail. This is what being partners means.
kakashi: #WhenAGiffingWomanReallyAppreciatesHowSSHActsHere. Just saying. 
Shuk: And with that, he defiantly puts on the mans’ couple ring, and thrusts the box into her unresisting hand. He tells her to do what she wants, and storms off to his car. And the rest of us prepare for a beatdown of her for making Oppa cry.
JoAnne: I LOVED that he put on the ring.
kakashi: Just go away, stupid woman (I mean Fish Face)

Shuk: She sits in the darkened bookstore and remembers all the times he tried to tell her his feelings, and looks at the open box.
JoAnne: Stupid girl. You honestly don't deserve that man.

Shuk: The next morning Jae-hee meets with the team, and the President’s secretary mentions his uncle. This is overshadowed when Dong-goo runs in in a panic – Gu Yong-gap’s handphone video of the fight has gone viral. President Han quickly gathers everyone to the employee lounge and publicly apologizes for the fight scene and his delay in talking about. Seo Mi-do sees that he is wearing the ring, but he not-quite-impersonally glances over her as he talks.
JoAnne: I'm sorry, but when a purple-haired monster resorts to YOUTUBE to shame his rival for the love of a not-very-nice woman the rival doesn't even WANT, I have to wonder if I'm somehow watching another show and didn't realize the channel changed. All the actors look the same but...YOUTUBE? Gangsters be changin' wit the times, yo.
Shuk: Jae-hee steps up and tells everyone that the gangsters started it, tried to humiliate the President, and even assaulted one of the employees, and that he supported the actions of President Han. Tae-sang, in the meantime, glances at Mi-do’s hand and sees that it’s bare.
JoAnne: Chubs did a good job there. He figured it out pretty quick and said what needed to be said and he got the employees on their side.
kakashi: #WhenAManLooksSoSad...
Shuk: Seon-joo shows up to the office in an bright red outfit that matches perfectly with Tae-sang’s tie right down to the stripe (which she probably bought, darn it.). She tells him the Chinese investors have pulled out after seeing the video, and notices the ring on his finger. He tells her to stay away from Yong-gap.
Seo Mi-do knocks and enters the office, and the Magenta Maven also notices her hand is bare, turning away from her with a sneer. Mi-do calmly drops a copy of the official press release on his desk, blocking Seon-jo’s view of Tae-sang as she pulls a chain off her neck and shows him the ring…
JoAnne: My faith in humanity is restored.
Shuk: And the awesome new addition to the OST plays! Yay!!
kakashi: #WhenAWomanExpectsDoomSoon (and #WhenAWomanThinksThereShouldBeMoreAbs)