When A Man Loves - Episode 11 (A SqueeCap)

The Deck has now become the outdoor and better-smelling version of the Bathroom Stall of Overheard Information. Will Oppa let PissyFace go to England? Will Chub’s obsession turn darker? Is there enough plot to handle another 10 episodes? Can we please have one of our guys end up shirtless (even Lavender Locks at this point)?
kakashi: People! Shuk learned how to make gifs! She did all the ones with pretty people and let me do all the ones with Lavender Grandpa. But it's okay. It's okay. Yes, it's okay... [*goes and cries in a corner*] 

Episode 11

Shuk: Seo Mi-do tells a waiting Han Tae-sung to break up, all being watched by our third wheel, second string, first rate stalker, Lee Jae-hee.
JoAnne: Eaves-droppers never hear any good, Chubs.
kakashi: And the eaves-dropped-ones never see the eaves-droppers in KDrama. Like they're blind or something. Oh wait: is someone turning blind finally??!

Shuk: Tae-sang grabs her elbow – Is that all he was to her? She promises to pay off the debt, and his face grows stony as he slowly lets go of her arm. For the first time in his life, he put aside his pride and begged someone. She apologizes and tries to explain that she cannot let go of her dream. She asks for his understanding, but Tae-sang counters; did she even try to understand him? Is it really her dream or vanity?
Shuk: Jae-hee walks off, thinking.
JoAnne: Of course he does, because why eavesdrop all the way to the end? You heard enough to fuel your fantasy, Chubs Who Rubs Me the Wrong Way Today.
kakashi: He could redeem himself if he took off his shirt. Just saying. 
Shuk: The confrontation continues. Mi-do tears as she tells him she tried to love him, but he cuts her off. “I’m going to pretend that you pretended because of the money.” And President Han walks off and leaves Mi-do crying on the deck.
JoAnne: To be exact, she was quite truthful. At first she tried to like him because she felt an obligation to make the attempt but eventually, she really did come to care about him. And lets be clear: She felt an obligation to see if she could learn to like him, and thus continue dating. Not an obligation to date him. CRUCIAL difference. If she couldn't like him, she would stop dating him. She does try to explain: “I loved you. But I love myself, too.’ She’s irritating but she’s young and she tried to navigate a pretty thorny path and I think she gave it the old college try and this is a kind of realistic( ?Huh what?) response in an unrealistic situation. She didn't use him, and she wasn't faking it, ever, and she tried very hard to keep Jae Hee at arm’s length despite his constant efforts to get in her pants. Ok in her heart, but THEN in her pants. And the job was a whole separate thing. She took the job because he said that’s how she could pay him back for the money. She dated him because she felt obli- I know. I know. But she only agreed to try and like him, and if she didn't, she wouldn’t. I sorta get it. Wait, I mean: I hate you! You hurt Oppa!
kakashi: I absolutely hate this character (and this actress), but the crying wasn't bad. I felt a pang of saddness as I thought about what left-over gif to make for her. 
Shuk: And has his own BSOD in the stairwell before pulling himself back together and going back to work.
JoAnne: He wiped the tears off his face like a little kid does. It broke my heart.
kakashi: Here you go, JoAnne. And... Baeksang! (Did he get one by the way?)
Shuk: Things are less than happy at the team meeting, they are discussing possible investors, and President Han advises everyone that Baek Seon-joo is no longer working with them, which surprises both Jae-hee and Mi-do. Later, there’s a three-way Skittering Glance contest between the sides of our Love Triangle.
JoAnne: Chubs is thinking this: ‘Wow, didn’t expect that.’ Oppa is thinking, ‘YEAH, that’s right, I got rid of her for you and you STILL left me. I love you! Come back!’ and Pissy is thinking ‘Shit, now I feel even worse. Wait..are those TEAR tracks on TeeTee’s face? Hmmm.’ JoAnne is thinking ‘Mine NOW, Pissy. Get off.’

Shuk: More Pilates machine (and I’m jealous of her flexibility).
kakashi: You may think this is a cool machine. We all think that when we get machines like that. But then ... they just stand around, unused, filling up space. People: do not buy machines like that. 
Shuk: Seon-joo relives the goodbye scene before heading off to continue her search for information on Han Tae-min. She visits the orphanage, and learns more about the mysterious phone call from “a relative”. There’s a single scene of a mysterious man staring out of a high-rise and calling the orphanage to tell them in English that Tae-min is dead.
JoAnne: It’s Oppa’s brother. This show isn’t sophisticated enough to be obvious and get away with the obviousness.
kakashi: Who is this Taemin?! Isn't he an idol?

Shuk: Seon-joo flashback while she’s driving: Tae-sang trying to convince Seon-joo to go home to her father. She tell him this is the first time someone was sincerely trying to assist her. Thoughts of Oppa cause her to have an accident.
JoAnne: You and me both, Honey.
kakashi: Random gif of gangster oppa! YUM. 
Shuk: That night, as the Seo residence, Mom yells at Mi-do for breaking up, Dad is supportive (but quieter), and Mi-joon doesn’t understand. Mom tells her to understand from President Han’s point of view; Dad tells her to turn in her travel paperwork and not look back. To her credit, she doesn't refute either side.
JoAnne: Mom’s actually an idiot and a terrible human being. Dad wants Mi Do to do what she feels is right for herself, which of course as a parent I espouse as the correct parental choice. Also as a human. Sorry, Oppa.
kakashi: Tae-san has been wearing the same suit for about ... 5 episodes now? Let him change! Come on! 
Shuk: At a kendo studio, we get sweaty men with flashing shinai, but it’s clear one isn’t paying attention. After repeated strikes, the match is over, and both men remove their bogu to reveal Tae-sang and Chang-hee.
JoAnne: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Who wore it better? (the kerchiefs, I mean?) Surprisingly, I vote for ChangHee.
kakashi: It's the white. It looks good on his bod but not so good on his head!
Shuk: He tells his boss about his meeting with Uncle Cabbage, but Tae-sang is only interested in tracking down his brother, not his mom. He also gets another twinge from his shoulder wound. Chang-hee urges him to find happiness; forgive his mother, get married and live somewhere warm.
JoAnne: He didn’t mean warm like the Bahamas, either. He meant warm as in happy family. He knows what Oppa really wants. A woman to love, kids to raise, a family to be proud of. Pick me, Oppa, PICK ME.
kakashi: He is dying! He is dying!!
Shuk: At Café PPL, Mi-do and Eun-hye discuss the situation. All I get out of it is the question, “Do you like Ahjussi?”
JoAnne: I actually HEARD the clicking sound of brain synapses firing in order when Mi Do registered that she actually does care for her TeeTee more than she realized.
Shuk: Tae-sang shows up at the bookstore, and envisions an alternative outcome where he wishes her luck and they end up hugging.

He writes a message on the chalkboard
A Man's Calendar for the month of May -
The month I want to eat spicy noodles together.
The month I'm nothing without you.
The month I want to live for you.
The month I'm afraid of Spring to be without you.
The month I wait for you.
The month I love you.
Shuk: [goosebumps]
JoAnne: Oppa. Oppa. I was pissed at you for not making it easy for her to go, but you know what the better choice was now that you've had a moment to think about it. This is love, Oppa. I’m proud of you for re-thinking and I’m proud of you for being able to lay your heart out there as clearly as you do. Too bad it means you're going to be destroyed by the end of the next episode, according to the unbreakable Kdrama Rule of Melo.
kakashi: Unless someone dies, I am not convinced this even is a melo. 
Shuk: At the hospital, a mustachioed Yong-gap shows up to see Seon-joo (no running in a hospital!). The suit is still terribly disco, but the grapehead is thankfully missing. He eagerly identifies himself as her guardian and takes her home, and is giddy that she asked him for help.
JoAnne: It actually hurt me to see how happy he was to act as her guardian. This damn Grandpa Leeteuk…he’s like ½ lonely boy and ½ psychopathic monster. It’s a really good contrast against Oppa, who has the lonely boy and the capability to commit ugliness within, as well. But with Grandpa, it seems like a really short hallway between the two rooms of his soul, and with Oppa…you pretty much have to drag him down a football field kicking and screaming. I wonder if that’s really much of an excuse though. I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks. Sigh.
kakashi: Where is my favorite hair :-((((((
JoNote: Little known fact: the production paid back all costs at the end of the last episode, so now they can afford to correct the terrible dye job they gave GrandPa Leeteuk in the beginning. Coordi Noona is very happy to be able to stop saying ‘No one will notice it, it’s barely purple at all’ while hiding her giggles.
Shuk: When they arrive at her apartment, he comments on how messy it is, and Seon-joo invites him to stay the night. He goes all noble and refuses, and she goes to sulk in the bedroom while he goes domestic in her living room. While picking up, he finds a childhood photo of the two Han’s and tells her he has met Tae-sang’s mother. She runs into the living room, and he proposes they find Tae-min together, or, at the least, come up with a fake brother. She threatens to kill him if he hurts Tae-sang or his family, and he blows her a kiss and leaves.
JoAnne: I thought she only warned him off Eomma. And what the hell was up with her inviting him into her bed? Why would she do that? Was she planning to commit sexual suicide? Kill her soul by sleeping with the pathetic creep since she can't have Oppa? Tragic thought running through her head: "What use is my vagina ANYWAY now?"
kakashi: He is even cleaning up for her! How much more sincere can you get?
Shuk: Seo Eomma is in bed bemoaning that her house and her family is falling apart. She calls Tae-sang who is driving on his way to work, and begs him to stop Mi-do from leaving for her sake.
JoAnne: You are not a mother. You are a pimp.

Shuk: Another horrible pantsuit shows up as Mi-do heads for an appointment in a felon-striped monstrosity. She drops her traveling documents off at the Gerbil House, but as she is driving away, she sees President Han heading for the front entrance.
JoAnne: This won’t end well.
Black and white horizontal stripes are never the best fashion idea.
Shuk: Uncle Cabbage is counting his lettuce in front of a less-than-amused Chang-hee. He tries to swagger, but ends up pinned to the wall by the throat. He leads him to the Alley Restaurant, then runs, the little toad.Chang-hee orders a bowl and soup and recognizes Tae-sang’s mother from the last time they tracked her over seven years ago. He pays for his meal and walks away after brief eye contact.
JoAnne: Why is he so choked up? Is it because he knows how much his bud has suffered? He already knows the guy doesn’t want to see her. She’s not HIS mom, so what’s the deal? Is he sorry to her, for maybe, say, killing her lover or something? Goddammit, her lover better not have been ChangHee’s dad.
kakashi: I think Shuk likes this cabbage guy. Secretly. She even made a gif with him!! 
Shuk:     [Quietly choking back the taste of vomit]
Shuk: Plaid meets stripes. Mi-do is researching in the library when Jae-hee tracks her down and confirms she is planning to head overseas. She tells him her boyfriend is supporting her. He attempts to get an invitation to visit her in London, but she rejects all his flirting attempts.
JoAnne: Confirmation, to me, that she was NOT leading him on (at least not intentionally) while dating Oppa. Chubs got friend-zoned even without a boyfriend in the mix. She wants her career. Not easy money from a rich Daddy Long Legs, and not the distraction of young, ardent suitor who is going places in the business world, either. Sisters are doing it for themselves, ya’ll. *minor break while Jo dances*
Shuk: [tapping along with the girls]
Shuk: At a pojangmacha, Dong-goo and Chang-hee are sharing snacks and soju; the little gangster mentions the name “Kim Seon-ju” that he heard from our 70’s Baddie. Chang-hee’s eyes widen for a moment, but he denies knowing the name.
JoAnne: Guessing not the dad, but the body in the woods, for certain.
Shuk: The police show up at the ramyun ahjumma’s shop and ask about the same name. She knows him, but hasn’t seen him. The police say he is missing, but leave without saying anything. For the record, the guys I work with are much more polite…
JoAnne: Oppa has been off the screen for too long. Bring him BACK.
kakashi: At your service, JoAnne. Random oppa prettiness on escalator.
Shuk: Mi-do arrives at the bookstore at the end of the day, and finally reads the Chalkboard of Cheese. Dad is still pushing for Jae-hee. She curls up under the covers, and Mom is still pushing for President Han. Bro is probably wandering around lost in the house. SSDD.
JoAnne: I like that cheese. I also like the term.
kakashi: And I don't like this family.

Shuk: Things are running around in President Han’s head in the office when he receives an SMS from Mi-do asking to meet. He sends her back a curt reply to handle her departure through Human Resources, then spends more time practicing his thinking, which seems to cause him pain.
JoAnne: It’s ok, Oppa, because you are effortlessly beautiful.
kakashi: Oppa (check), suffering (check), white shirt (check), at office (check): 
Shuk: He tools off in his car, demanding that Mi-do meet him at a specified location. That location is the Cartier store, where they talk in a private room, with Mozart tastfully playing in the background She asks him if she should stay, but he wants to know her reasons. She gets defensive: does she need to spell it out? And I’m thinking YES!! But, as usually, he lets her off the hook and drags her to another room ...
Shuk: …that’s filled with red roses and candlelight, and a small red box.
“Even though I will miss you, I’ll be patient for two years. Have a safe trip, and in two years, marry me. When you come back in two years, wear this ring.”
JoAnne: He understood what she was having a hard time saying out loud. They communicated (so proud)

Shuk: Tae-sang goes on to say with texting and video chatting, they can stay in touch. They pause for a moment, and then he swoops in for a real kiss. She channels her inner Park Shin-hye and stands there, wooden, while this hot guy she likes pours his emotions through those lips.
JoAnne: I actually thought she responded more than most, but not nearly enough to be realistic because let’s be honest: if Oppa’s going to kiss you like that, you should need to be held up by his strong arms for one of two reasons: 1. You‘ve gone weak in the knees, or 2. You‘ve got your legs wrapped around his waist. I vote for number 2, in case anyone was in ANY doubt whatsoever. Here’s where I curse the Korean TV Sensibility. You know that everyone and their brother is telling her, now, you’re supposed to be this young and inexperienced girl, so you must not respond wantonly when SSH kisses you. Plus, he’s so much older. So we need to be careful not to inflame the ahjummas. (Not us, but the real ones. We definitely do not count, because if we did, Oppa would be naked for 90 percent of this drama. He can wear clothes on that observation deck, or when they go to a restaurant. Although I’m reconsidering the observation deck…)
kakashi: That was a pretty good kiss in my book!!!

Shuk: The preparations for the overnight trip are about done, but Mi-do’s shoes have been damaged by a roof leak. Mom secretly throws in the pink pumps from Jae-hee into her luggage.
JoAnne: Sigh.
kakashi: Sigh. Just put on comfortable shoes for once! You'll be grateful when you're 40.
Shuk: The little gangster is singing President’s Hans virtues at the office, and Jae-hee is going to need an optometrist from the amount of eye-rolling. The object of the conversation shows up, looking stylishly casual.
kakashi: Random gif of gangster-oppa crying. If you don't get the context, take it up with Shuk. 
Shuk: In the train, Mi-do and Jae-hee end up facing each other, and they both take turns studiously avoiding eye contact as our Cute but Blind leader happily reads the paper.
JoAnne: OMG HOW COULD YOU SKIP OVER ALL THAT IMPORTANT STUFF? What about the kissing? And the revealing? And the cute? 
kakashi: JoAnne, he looks SO GOOD in these scenes, how can you want kissing with that woman?! Look at him!! 

Shuk: Writer-nim has some type of Expositional Brain Tumor when Seon-joo shows up at Cartier, and is shown to a messy room strewn with roses and candles, and shown the personal information of the proposal by the other Cartier clients the night before. Whut??
JoAnne: Seriously, I was like this: Da Fuq?
Shuk: Tae-sang gets caught stealing kisses from his No Emotion girlfriend, and finally admits with a smile that the two of them have an office romance. Jae-hee pretends to be surprised, but it’s not reaching his eyes.
JoAnne: Oh. Ok. Never mind.
kakashi: Oppa is pretty but also a bit blind. 
Shuk: At the Daemyeung Vivaldi Park Resort Sono-Felice, they go their separate ways: Jae-hee from some Jeep time, Mi-do to go soak her head, and Tae-sang to arrange dinner and get in a little golf.
JoAnne: Gotta say I would never ever stay at a place named like that.
Shuk: Google Fu says it's a swanky place.  One our readers, laos7, found a better link to the resort.
kakashi: I've seen it before. In what other KDrama has it been shown recently? 

Shuk: Mi-do gets bad news: her employment with the Stage Plus Theater Company has been cancelled. A wandering Jae-hee finds her crying in the hot tub.
JoAnne: Oppa, you goddamned bastard. (Yes, I am a proponent of angry sex as a preliminary to actual communication. What. You can't HIT people.)
kakashi: I guess that non-bathing suit is meant to look chaste, but honestly, I find it much more sheksi to be sitting there in a wet T-shirt than in a bathing suit. 
Shuk: In an outdoor cafe, Jae-hee and Tae-sang breaches Mi-do's dreams, and her boyfriend remarks they are close.
JoAnne: Ok, I’m thinking that this is so obviously the writer’s way of setting it up to make Jae Hee THINK that Oppa did something. So I feel better. Bad writing, but good for me.
Shuk: Mi-do is crying in her hotel room when Jae-hee shows up with roses. She accepts the flowers, but starts to close the door in his face. In an instant, he muscles the door open, pushes his way in, and starts forcefully wall-kissing her. After struggling, Mi-do pushes him away.
JoAnne: I love you! Let me slam you from one wall to another! No. 
kakashi: He has rapist energy. Get lost. 
Shuk: Just about that time, Tae-sang shows up at her door with a pretty smile and two bottles of wine. BUSTED! They both freeze as Tae-sang alternately knocks on the door and calls Mi-do.
JoAnne: Who else expected him to call Chubs and hear the phone ringing from inside the room?

Shuk: Jae-hee gives an insincere apology as Tae-sang rings his phone. Tae-sang walks to Mi-do’s room, but the door opens before he gets there, and Jae-hee walks out.
JoAnne: It’s too soon, so I’m curious to see how they get out of this one.
Dun-Dun-Dun .... 

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