When A Man Loves - Episode 12 (A SqueeCap)

Episode 12

Shuk: Han Tae-hee calls out, and Lee Jae-hee slowly turns around, and the deer in the headlight gaze lands on his boss. Jae-hee quick-thinks and tells him they need more wine glasses.
kakashi: Temporarily saved! But only because Tae-san ist a bit ... slow? 
Oppa, searching for his horns
Shuk: Back in his hotel room, Jae-hee has a minor freakout.
JoAnne: Yeah but not about Oppa. You were a jerk just now, Chubs. A person likes who they like, no matter who else likes them, or whether that person likes them back or not. It can’t be helped. It’s either celebrated or endured. You are in the enduring category, Chubs. Throwing people up against walls when they don’t want you to do it is a bad choice.
kakashi: I don't really get why he freaks out. Is it because he did not get the sheksi time with the fishface he so desired? Or is he afraid of Oppa's muscles? 

Shuk: Now it’s the Wine Tasting of Probing Questions, and our Bad Thought Couple come up with semi-plausible answers to all of Tae-sang's questions. I want to carefully run my fingers through Oppa’s hair to look for blonde roots.
JoAnne: He so wants to believe. He so wants to ignore. I so want to hurt people.
kakashi: Okay, yes, that's plausible. He MUST KNOW. I don't want to believe he is really stupid. He is too pretty for that. #WhenAManIsInDenial
Shuk: Each person goes to their own room. Mi-do is thinking about her life; Jae-hee punches the window and thinks about what happened in her hotel room, and Tae-sang is reading over the portfolios of the investment companies.
JoAnne: Poor Oppa. You really can’t hear that train whistle?
kakashi: It's nicely done, show. I haven't felt that bad for a character in a long time ...
Shuk: Mi-do is finalizing makeup the next morning when Tae-sang knocks on the door, anxious for her opinion on ties. He hums happily as they share the mirror. He finds the pink shoes and insists she wear the to the meeting. They do match her dress better, in my humble opinion. Jae-hee sees them come out of her room together, and comments on her shoes.
JoAnne: Oppa, you are so freaking HAPPY. You can do that with me every morning, please? Chubs: You f*****g f***r who sucks.
kakashi: D'awwwwz, this breaks my heart ... He is like a happy puppy who doesn't know what a wolf looks like, happily runs up to the wolf, wagging his little tail, and then gets shredded to pieces!! 
Shuk: Seon-joo is at an important meeting involving American, Japanese and Chinese business personnel.
kakashi: For the sake of fairness, I made a gif of her. Cause she doesn't look all bad here. Sorry, JoAnne.
Shuk: She receives a phone call from Jae-hee. Oh snap, these are the investors they were supposed to meet, but she’s pulled them away to another resort. Wow, nice move. Bad for Oppa, but proof that she won't go down easily.
JoAnne: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO did not see that coming. Point to you, Delusional.
kakashi: Has this show switched writers? What is happening?!
Shuk: Jae-hee relays the gist of the conversation, and President Han replies with aplomb. Jae-hee is more upset, but Tae-sang says things like this happen in business all the time. Jae-hee replies that ruining a business because a personal relationship goes sour is wrong, and slams President Han for using Seon-joo’s unrequited love for business purposes. The staredown continues but Tae-sang warns that he is stepping out of bounds and leaves the table.
JoAnne: So props to Oppa for the cool business head, I was impressed. But Chubs’ question hit a nerve with me. Oppa…I really thought you were ignoring it for the sake of friendship. Was it actually because she brought you investors? Really? *sad face*
kakashi: #WhenTwoMenStartToHateEachOther.... nice.
Shuk: Strolling back to the hotel, the two younger employees talk. Jae-hee mentions her hot tub cry, and asks her if she really loves Tae-sang when he is so unsuitable for her. He tells her that last night was not a mistake, and that he had known for a while about their relationship, and he’s disappointed she would sell herself for money.
JoAnne: Awfully high and mighty talk from the dude who lives in the house Oppa gave him while he works at the job Oppa gave him that he is qualified to perform because of the education Oppa paid for. Still haven't forgiven you for that manhandling RUDENESS, Chubs.
kakashi: Surprisingly, this drama is surprising. Jae-hee is a really twisted character, I didn't expect that at all.

Shuk: Tae-sang is looking over the resort and thinking about what to do, when he receives a text from Mi-do. She coldly asks him if he is happy that his interference meant she lost the London job. He looks genuinely surprised, and tells her she is mistaken, but she brushes off his attempt to correct things. She offers to do whatever he wants, get married next weekend or next month or whenever, and, with that she walks away.
JoAnne: I don’t blame her for thinking this is what happened, but I no longer believe this is what happened.
kakashi: I do. It just shows what kind of person she is. You don't have to think ill of people if you do not know they have done you ill. She could and should have asked him. 
Shuk: The train ride back to Seoul is wordless and stiff, but Mi-do and Jae-hee exchange looks over a sleeping boss.
JoAnne: Poor Oppa, you trusting fool. Poor Mi Do when she finds out she is wrong and 1) she adores Oppa, 2) He was honestly devoted to her and always wanted to do well by her, 3) sees his abs for the first time and realizes she doesn't get to touch them. (No wait, serves her right.) Poor clueless Chubs, who still doesn't realize that even if pigs flew every single available man to the moon and he was the only man left on Earth AND King of the Pigs, to boot - he would still not end up with Mi Do permanently.
kakashi: Hmmm ..... why not?! Oppa could still die. From cancer or a broken heart or brokenheartcancer and then, these two would be with each other but feel forever guilty. That's melo! So far, this is not melo!  By the way, this scene made me feel so uncomfortable .......
Shuk: House mother Chang-hee is scrubbing the apartment and picking up things, when he hits his brother’s laptop and sees the Guam pictures of Jae-hee and Mi-do.
kakashi: #WhenAManHasATwitchInHisShoulderGif
Shuk: So now hyung knows. He sees Mi-do come into the office wearing the pink shoes, and puts two and two together so much faster than Oppa.
JoAnne: Behind every great man is a smart, busy woman. Oooh…could we have Oppa and Chang…no. Never mind. But seriously we could…no, we can‘t. But it would be GLORIOUS. (No, but seriously, I'm never letting a Korean person into my house to see the level of housekeeping I consider sufficient. Every drama, it‘s like hands and knees to clean the floor - makes sense, they do so much on it - and they work so HARD at housework.)
kakashi: #WhenAWomanRealizesThanksToThisDramaThatSheHasA"ManDoesCleaning"Fetish
Shuk: Seon-joo is getting a hot stone massage with one of the Hong Kong investors when she receives a phone call from Jae-hee. They meet for tea, and she drops the bombshell of the proposal. She admits she ruined the deal for personal reasons and then twists the story of his brother’s incarceration to make it seem like a business deal to protect Jae-hee. Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let loose Princess Poison. Jae-hee scoffs at it as sour grapes, but the seeds of doubt are planted.
Shuk: Afterwards, Seo-joo sits outside the teahouse and cries with emotional never-getting-overs as she blames Tae-sang for her acting like a b**ch.
JoAnne: Nope. Nope. Nooooooooooope. If you’re gonna be a bitch, OWN that shit.
JoNote: If there is one single gif of that woman on this squeecap looking any better than the evil witch in Snow White, I will riot. In fact, please add a wart on her nose in every picture from now on.
kakashi: Shuk, help! 

Shuk: Things are falling apart in more ways than one at the Seo residence, where there appears to be sand trickling down from the ceiling. Tae-sang arrives and tries to help, but gets the cold shoulder from Dad. Nevertheless, he offers his apartment for the entire family to stay until the repairs are completed. Dad adamantly refuses to leave but the rest decide to pack. Mi-do is playing the helpless martyr.
JoAnne: Seriously, if the roof/wall is in that state of decay, y’all should not be staying there, let alone going upstairs. Building collapse? Ever hear the term? Plus, those gloomy dark stain/shadows/ghosts of dead gangsters gathering in the corners - they weren't in earlier episodes.
Shuk: Tae-sang follows Dad to the bookstore to ask him why he doesn't like him, and Dad replies he can't forgive him for being the person who humiliated him all those years ago. Although he’s changed a little bit, Dad still sees darkness in him. Mi-do sees this all from the glassfront, but, as usual, I can’t tell whether she is sympathetic to Tae-sang or not.
JoAnne: I think she’s actually sympathetic to both. And wow, Dad, I totally had NOT considered this from the point of view of YOUR participation in those earlier events. I completely understand. I wish you felt differently, but I do get it. 100% get it. Shit.
kakashi: I don't understand at all because I have no idea what earlier event you are referring to. Ah, was that before I started giffing this show? Okay, those events don't exist for me, then. 

Shuk: At President Han’a abode, Seo Eomma is being typically embarrassing, oohing and ahhing. Mi-do is still sad and refuses to cheer up, even after Tae-sang apologizes again and hugs her.
JoAnne: Cheesehead Mom moves into Mousetrap Manor. Oppa is so HAPPY about this.
kakashi: He even makes her bed. Awwwwwww... #WhenOppaMustWAKEUP
Shuk: Chang-hee is awake when Jae-hee arrives at the apartment. He wastes no time in asking his younger brother questions about the girl she likes. He flat out tells him to stay away from Han hyung’s girl, but Jae-hee fires back that he wants to know the secret deal he made with President Han. Jae-hee asks if Tae-sang will get rid of him and Chang-hee slaps him. He is quickly contrite and promises to come clean, but later.
JoAnne: I am 200% convinced that Chang Hee and Chubs are NOT talking about the same secret. Also, if I was me (so A)not his brother and B)not a guy) and came home to that sprawled out in a chair showing an impressively bicep’d self and a stern but beautiful face, in the spotless apartment I knew he cleaned I would crawl into that lap and Oppa the SHIT out of him. Possibly let him spank me a little if I was naughty.
JoNote: A writer must be honest.
kakashi: I hate the way he rubs his feet. Gross. 
Shuk: Tae-sang, Mom, Idol Boy and Mi-do are having breakfast. Mi-do gets up to leave for work, and Tae-sang teases that they should get married and enjoy family life. Her blasé yes, sets everyone back. After she leaves, Mi-joon asks Tae-sang; his sister is unlikable and poor. I ask myself that every episode.
JoAnne: One thing that I notice in Asian dramas in general that seems different from romantic tales in the West: here, when asked why we love someone, we produce reasons. She’s brave, she’s plucky, she reminds me of X, she makes me laugh, whatever. In the East, it seems to be sufficient to say ‘Who knows why? I just do.’ I guess it ties in with the bigger emphasis on fate.
kakashi: Yeah, that unmyeong ... must suck. Imagine being fated to love pissyfishycheaty face!!! 
Shuk: Jae-hee is the only person in the office with she arrives, and she tells him the current living arrangements. He doesn’t like it.
JoNote: Shuk, I am sending you a gif for here:
Shuk: At Plaza de Pilates, we find the real reason for Mi-do’s dismissal – the Chaebol Princess’ father is an investor in Stage Plus, and she lost no time in destroying Mi-do’s information and threatening the manager. Actually, Tae-sang only did some fact-finding.
JoAnne: I knew it. I’m sorry I ever doubted you even for that brief moment, Oppa.
JoNote: Kakashi, are you sorry now that you said she was a nice girl and Chubs should date her? Probably not. I know you hate Pissy. I don't much like her but I have some sympathy for her, so now I really hate the Chaebol Princess.
kakaNote: JoAnne, I am not sorry at all. I wanted Chubs out of the way and he deserves this evil witch. That's why. 
Shuk: At the mall, Seon-joo and Mi-do meet yet again, and Seon-joo is on a tear: congratulations on the proposal, I guess you have the ring because it’s worth a lot, sorry for losing the theater job, sorry Tae-sang did that to you, and good luck. Mi-do gets into the fray stating that he would never fall in love with Seon-joo, but she warns her not to think of Jae-hee when she is with Tae-sang.
JoAnne: Why is that I could not be LESS interested in cat fights?
Shuk: At the Alley Restaurant, the two moms talk. Seo Eomma is over the moon about the apartment, and Han Eomma is about to talk when Yong-gap shows up with the picture of the Han brothers, causing their mom to collapse. You.Are.A.Bastard. For making her cry.
JoAnne: You JERK. I bet your manhood is so small you need tweezers to go to the bathroom.
kakashi: I am convinced of the opposite. About the only real man in this whole drama. Though, without the purple hair, I do not like him that much anymore ....
Shuk: Chang-hee invites himself over to President Han’s place to meet the family, then waits for his brother, telling him they are going to a party. Chang-hee invites himself over to President Han’s place to meet the family, then waits for his brother, telling him they are going to a party. They show up while Mom is industriously cooking and Chang-hee pointedly identifies Mi-do as their future sister-in-law.
JoAnne: I loved this move, the whole thing. He’s trying so hard to stop that train from killing everyone. For a while, I thought everybody might get out of this alive. I no longer do.
kakashi: I no longer believe that people will die in this drama. But they will all suffer. Like ... a LOT. 
Shuk: Jae-hee is moodily staring at the ceramic figures, and tapping “Do – Mi” on the keys over and over, until Tae-sang notices.
JoAnne: Oppa. OPPA. You don't notice anything at all ever and THIS catches your ear.
kakashi: Cause he has become a musician for his Do-Re-Mi! 

Shuk: Walking back, the two brothers, and Chang-hee gives him some experienced words of wisdom, but Jae-hee is in tragic hero mode and doesn't listen. Mi-do receives an invite to coffee with Kelly Jo, who offers her a job in New York, stating her boyfriend Jae-hee suggested the idea.
JoAnne: Sigh.

Shuk: This episode our idols are rocking to "See Through" by Primary featuring Zion-T and Gaeko with The Dark Cloud That Is Mi-do leaning against the wall.
JoAnne: They choose good music, at least. Interestingly enough, although the idols belong to JYP Entertainment, they aren’t limiting themselves to JYP music. And NO ONE has whispered ‘JYP’ at any point in the drama. Hmmm….
Don't they kind of look alike? Just sayin'
Shuk: Ooh, a new twist: The mysterious man, who called the orphanage to say Tae-min is dead, is currently perusing the internet and reading the business articles on Tae-sang. And he has the same childhood picture of the two of them.
JoAnne: *Pats self on shoulder for calling it several episodes ago.* *Realizes she probably just set herself up for future embarrassment, pauses, and leaves as is.*
kakashi: *yawning a little*

Shuk: We get another look at those lovely lovely feet as Tae-sang lounges on his couch. We have another reason to hate her as Mi-do walks in and he sits up, hiding them.
JoAnne: Don’t ever make fun of me for being fond of Peter Ho or Chicken Beak again. (But he does have very elegant feet, even for me who thinks feet are DISGUSTING.)
Shuk: [whining] But Peter Ho has a ski slope! I wanna make fun of it!
Shuk: At work, Jae-hee announces he is leaving for Hong Kong in the morning; Mi-do didn’t come to work, and Jae-hee mentions he wants to see his team before he leaves. Tae-sang invites him over to the house.
JoAnne: Excuse me please, Writer-Nim. Where the F*** DID THAT COME FROM?
Shuk: The police are already at Tae-sang’s apartment, investigating a missing person case. Mi-do turns them away, but she is thinking about what the officers said when Jae-hee shows up, with flowers and a wrapped painting, and a goodbye.
LJH: “I'm going to be working in Hong Kong from now on. Good bye, Mi Do. I was really glad to have met you. It's a bit of a heart breaker. But it's much better than not having anything at all in my life. Good bye. Don't be insensitive and send a wedding invitation. When you see something funny on the blackboard, don't think that it's me. Erase the three days in Guam from your mind. I'm sure that you have erased it already."
JoAnne: G-D you Chubs, you ALWAYS pull me back in.

Shuk: She squeezes his hand hard, and then, with tears, lets go and turns away. He lunges after her, and ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit ohshit they start a frantic kissing / removing clothes session, bouncing into walls and blundering into objects, ending up in Tae-sang’s closet. She is an active participant this time. Not the shirtless scene I really hoped for.
JoAnne: Still: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that was HOT. You know what I loved? Remember in the middle of the passionate kisses how he keeps stopping to stare intently at her face, making sure he has permission? And then at one point, he pauses to remove his shirt (!) and the FORCE pulling them together in this moment is so great that he just has to be connected to her even then, and he chooses to kiss her forehead? The forehead kiss. Ohhh, the forehead kiss. Let me count the ways in which I think that is the sexiest thing on earth, precisely because it is NOT sexy. When a man who so CLEARLY desires a woman down to the soles of his feet takes the moment to gently kiss her forehead, what he is doing is treasuring her. He feels intense emotion, not just desire. He wants to protect and cherish. That’s what I get from a forehead kiss in this context and it makes my panties DISSOLVE. They dissolved, I tell you. I was sitting here fully dressed, and suddenly became aware that my panties had left the building and taken all my self-respect with them, because OPPA.
kakashi: Gaaaaaaaaaaah, what the .......... I was making gifs, sound off, in my daughters room while she was sleeping beside of me and then .... THIS?! *triple gulp* *checking whether this is really KDrama* ... What just happened to you, drama?! Turbo booster or what? Hear this sound? It's all the people that dropped you undropping you!!!
Shuk: Suddenly the E and C notes are struck on the piano and they freeze…
JoAnne: Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.
kakashi: A cheater's worst nightmare.
Shuk: Tae-sang calls out for her, wandering around and sniffing the soup on the table, while they try to pull themselves together. She comes out just as he spots the flowers and frame. She comes up with the story of asking Jae-hee to help put the picture on the wall. Tae-sang points out the open shirt Jae-hee is wearing, and he quickly buttons up as he leaves. Mi-joon is walking in just as Jae-hee is leaving, and recognizes him as the guy that kissed his sister.
JoAnne: Is this the moment? Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.
kakashi: Oppa .... for F's sake .... do you need MORE signs still???!!! 
Shuk: Tae-sang is thinking in his bedroom, socks and shirt intact. Jae-hee is finishing his packing, and stuffs the teddy bear in his carry-on.
JoAnne: Chubs is thinking ‘I got SO CLOSE.’
kakashi: ... and thinking: hottest KDrama scene ver. Well done. 

Shuk: Tae-sang looks for another shirt to change into, and notices a shirt on the floor. He looks closely at it – THE INITIALS ON THE CUFF SAY JH LEE. A quick montage of every close moment between his two proteges flashes in his mind, and Tae
JoAnne: Tae what? Tae WHAT? I’ll tell you what, since my friend over there has lost the ability to type. OPPA RIPPED THE SHIRT IN HALF. HE KNOWS. HE KNOWS. Oppa HURT. Oppa MAD. Oppa RIP SHIRT. GRRRRRRR. Plus he’s only wearing an undershirt which plays up his shoulders and biceps to excellent effect, not half because it’s white (Kakashi). HE RIPPED IT IN HALF. It is ON like donkey-kong, fellow squee-ers. Next week is going to be one bumpy ride. I CANNOT WAIT.
kakashi: *speechless**staring**whiping tears and sweat*
It is ON!!!