When A Man Loves - Episode 15 (A SqueeCap)

ShukNote: Poor Oppa just can’t get a break, as the events surrounding Mi-do’s accident created an area around filled with hateful people and evildoers. And is Mi-do’s memory really as damaged as we think it is?
JoNote: Yes, it is.
kakaNote: Her brain was certainly never a big one. So it can't be really badly hurt either
The theme song of this episode is "Beyond the Stars" by Evans Blue (it's not Korean, but sooo apropos)

Episode 15

Shuk: In the hospital waiting room, the two suitors sit in similar positions but as far apart from each other as possible. Idol Boy runs out from the room and says she’s regained consciousness, and they both hustle to her room.
JoAnne: Don’t understand why it’s not her parents, but whatever. This is way more dramatic.
kakashi: I really like Oppa's shoes! (btw, people: most of this SqueeCap's gifs are made in Shukland, cause this woman has been away collecting shells on Denmark's shores. I think they're even bigger files than mine so all you tablet-readers, get ready for some overheating!)

Shuk: With the background noise of the machine that goes “Ping”, our vehicular victim opens her eyes from her unbruised face and looks at both men at her bedside. With an unbruised hand she reaches out to Tae-sang. She whispers his nickname (I promised JoAnne I wouldn't repeat it), and his face lights up as Jae-hee’s falls.
JoAnne: She is remarkably unmarked. At the very least, the back of her body should be so bruised that it could be mistaken for the lividity that shows up after death as the blood pools. She does have that one tiny bruise that Oppa gave her in real life.
kakashi: She even looks kinda pretty with that turban and that slightly bruised eye. 
Shuk: The Seo family rushes in, and Tae-sang backs away. Mom recognizes her daughter’s boss and wonders why he is there - is he the one that swayed her daughter’s heart? She immediately yells at him to leave the hospital room, but dad and bro push her out and the leave our love triangle alone.
JoAnne: This woman has no sense of place or timing, but her unerring beeline for the sugar daddy is without flaw.
kakashi: Just throw her under a truck.

Shuk: Jae-hee once again tries to engage her memory but she asks him to leave; outside the room, the doctor tells him it might be months before she regains her memory again.
JoAnne: Who? Not the mom, right, but MiDo the Mighty Metal Munchkin?
kakashi: Did she secretly give him money to say that? 
Shuk: Jae-hee, along with Mi-do’s brother and buddy, walk through the accident site. He sees a battered, tattered, and sad pink shoe. After retrieving it, he gives it to Eun-hye for safekeeping. He decides to play detective, and starts canvassing the area for any witnesses.
JoAnne: Isn't that funny, I was remarking on how untouched the shoe looked. Sadly. Because Pepto-Bismol Pink shoes went out in 1988. I know, because I bought the last pair.
kakashi: I want oppa's shoes. Oh, I think I said that already. 
Shuk: Either Mi-do has a large growth on the back of her head, or they managed to repair her head injury without removing a single strand. It’s a KDrama; guess which one I’m guessing. Her parents assist her off the bed, but she immediately collapses to the floor. It appears she might have sustained some neurologic damage in the impact.
JoAnne: Which is not all something they could possibly have foreseen or tested for, as they assessed damage in the emergency room upon being told that she had been hit by a car and flew several yards through the air.
kakashi: Oh, JoAnne, do you know: Shuk has been preparing an oeuvre about the depiction of the health profession in KDrama. It's not going to be pretty. 
Shuk: The doctor can only speculate that she may possibly regain her ability to walk to the future due to a spinal chord injury. Tae-sang finds her in a wheelchair outside, staring at the trees in the compound. He offers to take her and her family on a trip when she is better. She doesn't remember Guam, so he explained it to her briefly, “You went alone, you came back with me on the same plane, and I drove you home.”
JoAnne: She’s suffered a brain injury. Oppa is being practical about what he shares so as not to overstress her. And IF I MAY…he’s been very nice about Jae Hee hanging around. Oppa is civilized. And so FREAKING HOT in stubble and head to toe black.
kakashi: Oh yes. I almost forgive the lack of abs for this. 
Shuk: Lee Chang-hee is writing a confession letter to Tae-sang:
LCH: “I wanted to tell you first if I had to tell anyone in the world. I didn't have the courage to tell Jae Hee myself. It's about Jae Hee. I changed Jae Hee's life. Jae Hee is not my brother.”
Shuk: Okay, that was something I didn't see coming.
JoAnne: ME THE F*** NEITHER. I love you, Show. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
kakashi: Oh wait ... what if Jae Hee is Mi-do's brother?!
Shuk: Jae-hee is squawking to an unsympathetic officer, who promises to do all they can to catch the perpetrator.
JoAnne: It’s like so much Charlie Brown adult noise: mwah wah wah mwah wah wah. Go away. You’re going to regret poking this pig, Jae Hee.

Shuk: Chang-hee finishes his letter asking Tae-sang hyung to give it to Jae-hee if something should happen to him. He places it inside the same frame that he kept the Asia Star chairman information.
JoAnne: If something happens. IF. IF there’s snow at the North Pole. If the ice caps are melting. If Pissy is fish-faced. Right. I think we can all pretty much agree at this point that our Most Admired Maid is a) bat shit crazy and 2) going to die a bloody and painful (albeit quite emotional) death.
kakashi: Oh, he has great potential as a serial killer, in fact. I will talk to the TEN team. 
Shuk: Outside Mi-do’s hospital room, Jae-hee contacts Roy Chang to ask for a postponement of their meeting, citing the accident that hurt his girlfriend. The Vice-Chairman is decided cool towards the idea, and states if he is able to call then he is able to meet. Tae-sang overhears the conversation.
JoAnne: And still acts like a gentleman. And by the way, F.U. Roy Chang. That’s not very humane. It’s also not very LOGICAL.
kakashi: He is a real ass, this one. Epic clashes ahead. 
ShukNote: Did I ever mention my love for Alexander Calder?
kakaNote: Nope. never. 
Shuk: Stepping back into the room, he glances on the pair of unblemished pink shoes, past the wheelchair, and lingers on her face. He whispers his apology just as she wakes up. While fetching her a glass of water, Mi-joon bounces in with her repaired cell phone.. When she finally unlocks it, she redials the last phone number – Chang-hee.
JoAnne: See, those shoes came through just fine, just like I said. And oh shit, this will be good. Does Chang Hee know she didn’t die? Will he think this is a call from beyond the grave? Are we adding supernatural elements to our story, now?
kakashi: Will Sam and Dean have a guest appearance? 
Shuk: When he sees who it is, he debates with himself whether to answer, but finally does. She asks him why she tried to contact him, explaining that she has lost her memory in an accident. Tae-sang is staring at her while she talks to his best friend and most likely the man who tried to kill her.
JoAnne: Oppa’s doing a good job of showing various emotions here. I keep forgetting he’s supposed to be the prettiest sucky actor in the world, as he continues to, oh, I don’t know: do a good job, maybe?
Shuk: A rattled Chang-hee pretends that his phone wasn't working, and he has no idea why she tried to call him. After hanging up, Tae-sang confirms that he is a friend of his. He leaves to get some juice, and our lovesick idiot sidles into the hospital room, and tells her to relax. She’s obviously uncomfortable with him, but that doesn't stop him from questioning her while grabbing her hand and touching her. He ignores her pleas to leave until she calls out for help.
JoAnne: Son of a BITCH, Jae Hee - how do you keep making me feel bits of sympathy for you?
kakashi: Because he is a fool in love and really, really cute. Plus ... he's got some acting skills, this one. 

Shuk: Tae-sang returns and she asks him to remove Jae-hee from the room. Tae-sang quietly asks him to leave until she calms down. I love that isn't aggressive towards the younger man, even with Mi-do giving him permission to throw him out.
JoAnne: Oppa loves them both. It’s tragic. It’s EPIC. It’s BIGGER THAN ALL OF US, MAN.

Shuk: And then, in a moment of mini-aegyo, Mi-do explains that “that man” came in and touched and scared her, and she asks Tae-sang to make sure he is banned from her room. Jae-hee hears this from a partially-opened door as Tae-sang asks her, doesn't she remember him at all? He walks away, disheartened.
JoAnne: *grumbling* stupid cute fat cheeks Chubs with his stupid sad eyes and his stupid perfect little tear.
Shuk: And in a dark hospital room, Tae-sang methodically erases all of her contact attempts with Chang-hee from her handphone. Ah, so now he will have to protect his friend and do what he can to keep the girl. This will be interesting.
JoAnne: This is stupid. She already knows she talked to him.
Shuk: Is that the bike from IRIS 2? Is MI-do also an NSS agent??
kakashi: A similar bike. But the bike from IRIS2 (me wantz it, btw) was white. 
Shuk: Tae-sang explains her memory lapse to the family. Of course, Mom is excited that she doesn’t remember “the other man”, but Mi-joon stands up for his sister and says she really liked him. The same sides taken by everyone, but this time you can see the guilt of the accident is weighing on Tae-sang’s mind.
JoAnne: You can haz hug, Oppa. I gives.
kakashi: Why don't they throw the whole family under the truck. 
Shuk: Jae-hee is yet again at the hospital, unwilling to let things lie, and this time brings his camera with the Guam party pictures to try and force M-do’s mind to recognize him. Tae-sang is almost apologetic to Jae-hee about her memory loss. Jae-hee finishes with a request to walk again, even if she can’t remember him. Outside, the two talk, and Jae-hee all but accuses Tae-sang of causing the accident. He explains that Mi-do’s words on the video were a misunderstanding, but Tae-sang can’t tell him where the misunderstanding occurred, and so he takes Jae-hee’s anger.
JoAnne: Not to mention that he has to endure seeing those photos, my Oppa. And am I nuts or did Jae Hee say ‘sorry about that’ in reference to what was obviously a difficult emotional position for Oppa? If so, that was a little bit human.
Shuk: Later, at the villa, he picks up his couple ring, and after a moment’s hesitation, puts it back on his finger. Chang-hee shows up at the villa and pretty much admits everything. He gets a punch in the face, but is unrepentant. Tae-sang asks him why; Chang-hee says he did for his only family: Tae-sang and his brother. Besides, didn't Tae-sang hyung want her gone too? Oh, poor Chang-hee, madness is knocking om your door with an express package just for you.
JoAnne: Shades of Harry Borrison, ne?
Shuk: Jae-hee and Seon-yoo meet, and the information on Roy Chang is exchanged. She then goes to the hospital with real flowers and fake sympathy. Tae-sang pulls her out of the hospital room and they have a little tête-à-tête out in the hallway. She hisses to him that she knows who the driver is, and wonders if he ordered the hit. All of this is overhead by Seo Appa.
JoAnne: Oppa, you should always flat out deny what you didn’t do. You never know which person will hear and misconstrue.
kakashi: No, oppa doesn't lie. He is a good man. And he will probably have to die because of it. And I think these two should have angry sex. There were sparks flying out of my screen when they got aggressive with each other!
Shuk: Mi-do is brought to the apartment, but she asks Mom whether the repairs are complete at the bookstore. SEE?? I KNEW SHE WAS FAKING IT! Dim Idol Boy catches the slips, but she just smiles.
JoAnne: How is that proof of anything? She knows lots of things. She has a gap about the accident and about the two people who put stress in her life: Chang Hee and Jae Hee. How convenient that they’re brothers, I know, I know. I think she forgot Chang Hee because he’s the reason she was there, and Jae Hee because he actually introduced the stress into her life. IN MY VIEW.
kakashi: She probably doesn't have amnesia but post-traumatic-something and her brain makes her forget stuff out of fear. 
Shuk: At the office, President Han and Manager Lee have a conversation. Tae-sang tells him Mi-do’s condition, and warns Chang-hee that his brother is looking for the car. The Romeo shows up to give an update on Asia Star – they are amenable to an investment. Chang-hee chastises him for his language, but gets pulled aside by a grim Secretary. He meets the little gangster on the Rooftop; it seems Dong-goo has been skimming off the company. Chang-hee tells him to return the money in a week. Geez, does anyone look at Tae-sang for anything other than money or security??
JoAnne: I just giggled that ChangHee thought stealing from Oppa obviously warranted jail, but murdering someone is ok. And I’m VERY amused that everyone knew automatically who it was who stole it.
kakashi: And I do wonder whether this slimy little weasel is playing an important part at all ... can we throw him off the roof in front of a truck, please? 

Shuk: At Physical Therapy, the television segues to a talk show hosted by Kelly Jo, while at the same time, she contacts Mi-do’s cell phone to check on her preparations to go to New York City.
JoAnne: How did that end? I have no memory of anything past Kelly Jo asking her how preparations are going. Probably because it’s pointless. But shouldn't Mi Do be seen wondering about it?
kakashi: Why isn't she using the other witch's Pilates equipment for this? Seems a bit wasteful, no? 
Shuk: Uncle Cabbage is still pressuring Han Eomma to go see Tae-sang about his brother, but their conversation is interrupted by the police detectives. Our green slimeball is reduced to eavesdropping outside the restaurant as they interrogate her again. They reveal that her former lovers’ identification cards and wallet were found at a construction site, with bloodstains matching the victim. She denies any additional knowledge, and tells them Han Tae-sang has never met him before he went back to his original family.
JoAnne: So wait, they just randomly found his bones in the woods 10 years later and then COINCIDENTALLY found his ID and wallet at a construction site, also 10 years later. These are some lucky mo-fos.
kakashi: I don't get this bit. I fast forward everything Han Eomma scene since the beginning, that is why. 

Shuk: Gu Yong-gap, looking so much better without the purple hair and leisure suits, meets up with Seon-joo and the fake Tae-min. She tells him to knock it off; she’s found the real younger brother. They discuss their manipulation of Jae-hee, and decide on what, if anything, they should leak to Mi-do.
JoAnne: I can barely see you two through the haze of dislike and boredom covering my eyes. You are not needed. Go away.
kakashi: Go get purple hair again. This blond is not at all exciting. And I think you have been completely side-lined by the writers. 
Shuk: Tae-sang arrives back to the apartment and exchanges friendly words with Eun-hye. He asks her to come with them to tomorrow to the resort. Eun-hye pulls out the frame with the Kim Yong-taek poem; Mi-do found it in the recycling and gave it to her. Tae-sang half-jokingly tells her she can't ask for it back later
JoAnne: That’s just weird. Why did he want her to keep that, of all things? Oh wait, I know why: because Oppa figures when the shit hitteth the fan and she wakes up, she’ll want it. And he cares about her. NB: I had to say hitteth there because when I tried to say hits the computer insisted it should be hit’s. F*** you, you’re wrong, and I fixed you didn’t I!
kakashi: When the shitteth hitteth the fan is the correct expression I think.

Shuk: At the mini-resort, it’s the youngsters and Tae-sang. And apparently, it’s not wheelchair-accessible as he piggybacks her up to the entrance. He receives a phone call from Chang-hee; his friend tells him there is something strange about his girlfriend, but doesn't say what.
JoAnne: You’d think they would mention that they have a member of the party who is wheel-chair bound when they made the reservation. Also, in one place didn't they call it the rehab place? If so, what kind of rehab place doesn't have accommodations for disabled people?
kakashi: JoAnne ... you are being too logical. This is KDrama.
Shuk: The gang is prepping for an outdoor barbeque, and for no discernible reason, Mi-do is left alone somewhere and dozing as Chang-hee walks up to her, bows and introduces himself. He offers to show her a more scenic view, but she is comfortable where she is. Instead, he grabs her wheelchair and walks her farther up the hillside. As they walk, he explains his relationship with Jae-hee, and his belief that she is lying about her injuries and memory.
Shuk: At the top of the hill, Chang-hee abandons her and tells to think on her actions and walk back down the mountain on her own. She tries to move the wheelchair, but careens out of control and gets dumped, rolling down the hillside.
JoAnne: Ok, FIRST? Chang Hee, you’re insane. And quite scary. Also stupid, though. SECOND? You wanna know what this writer SUCKS at? Finding the interim moves to get from one major plot point to another. The actual plot points are fine. How this person gets from A to B is completely awkward. 
kakashi: This wasn't supposed to be funny, right? But it was.
Shuk: Tae-sang sees Chang-hee walking down the mountain and wonders why he’s there. He freely admits he left her on the mountain to prove she is faking everything; he tells his hyung he’s already forgiven the woman, hasn't he. Tae-sang replies: “The person who needs forgiveness is me.” He shoves past Chang-hee and races up the mountain. He reaches the top and calls out for her, just as it starts raining. She wakes up, scared and scratched up. She starts repeating the words Chang-hee threw at her and apologizing, crying as she drags herself along.
JoAnne: NOT FAKING. Also, more banged up than when she flew through the air. Well the flying wouldn’t have banged her up but the hitting part with the car and the ground should have.
kakashi: She hit her head on a piece of wood. I think her memory is now back. 

Shuk: Tae-sang finds the wheelchair and Mi-do. All she can do is repeat “I’m sorry” while she cringes away from him. Good job, Chang-hee, now she really thinks Tae-sang is a monster.
JoAnne: She was quite believable there, poor little thing.
Shuk: She wakes up at the villa with everyone around her. Tae-sang is asleep to her right, but her movement wakes him up. He checks her for fever, and lays back down, but she asks that he move away from her, repeating what he said at the Vivaldi Resort so long ago. Yeah, that choosy memory is pretty selectively selective.
kakashi: That denim shirt wanting to burst open ... *gulp*
I saw his abs!!!
Shuk: Outside, he went back over the words she just said, and realizes when and where he said them (the Vivaldi Resort when he first saw Jae-hee leave her hotel room, to be exact). His face registers his shock and a growing anger.
JoAnne: There’s a small possibility of an outside chance that she is now faking.
Shuk: [snorfle]


Shuk: The clouds of darkness just keep building as the line begins to blur between our people. Chang-hee hurting both his brother and his hyung for the sake of NOT hurting them? And Jae-hee isn't his brother? It’s all getting a muddled but in a good way. I still feel Mi-do is not really an amnesiac, even if her legs aren't working. It’s interesting, and a bit tantalizing, to look at her words and her actions and try to determine the truth. Five episodes to go!
JoAnne: I will leave you with the words to this old Scottish tune, slightly adjusted for the current situation
When a body meets a body,
Comin’ through the rye
Can a body kiss a body,
Without the world say aye?

What if Oppa is that body
And the apple of an eye
That belongs to one sad body
With Crazy Chang Hee eyes?
kakashi: I think she was an amnesiac until she hit her head again when she had the little joy-ride in the wheelchair.  There will be blood. Soon. But whose? Stay tuned. Terminal illness is also still possible.