Special Affairs Team TEN 2 - Episode 8 (Recap)

The title of this episode is Elegy (from the Greek word for "lament"), which is a mournful, melancholic or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead. I guess that this also explains the melancholy and quietness of this episode, which is almost entirely taking place in a closed space. I liked that it was slow and relatively unexciting - because it fit the mood. The team feels comfortable with each other and everybody seems at ease with themselves ... at least for the time being: Let's see how long that lasts. It is not a very hard case for the team to solve, but it is still a case that allows for reflection on human nature, especially on love ... particularly blind love. And also fear ... fear of the dark, literally, but also figuratively.
Special Affairs Team TEN 2 - Episode 8  
열레지 - Elegy
We are entering a club called Sound Holic. The rain is pouring down hard. There's a shaky, blurry camera ride through the different rooms, the bar area, the toilets, offices, kitchen ... everything is empty. But there, on the stage, a woman sits, all alone and illuminated. She is singing a sad, slow song - an elegy. Her eyes are dark pits. The camera moves over her body, coming in and out of focus.
She stops singing ... and it is dead silent all around. She has a troubled look on her face as she asks: "Is anybody there?" and the camera zooms through the club again, only this time to reveal 5 bodies, lying in different places throughout the club. Yikes.

Yeo Ji-hoon arrives in his car (which I like, btw. It's manly and assertive without being braggy or too flashy). There are people in bright neon clothing there waving glowing sticks rather randomly. lol. It is still raining and Min-ho comes to escort him to the club entrance with a large umbrella. Min-ho says it's 5 bodies in the one location, which means this is manslaughter (Sorry, what? Why is this manslaughter? Because nobody can murder 5 at the same time?? Nooo, I hope the subs will not let me down again, they've been really spotty). But Ji-hoon says: "Lots of killings is good - it means much more clues for us." Yeah. I guess you have a point there, Mr. Detective.

He does want to know though why this case given to them in the first place. It's not really a serial killing or difficult kinda thing, right? Min-ho says that there's a new administrator. And it's the first murder case since he's come in. (Politics, aha. And is this information important? It may be ... you never know with TEN.) So there's a survivor? Ji-hoon wants to know. SurvivorS, yes, says Min-ho - and one is also a witness. Also, they've found the murder weapon. Ji-hoon seems annoyed. I guess he thinks it's too easy for him to waste his talent on.

Do-shik is checking out the one alternative entrance, a back door. It is blocked (with loads of empty beer boxes). The culprit must have come in the main entrance then. Do-shik comments on the lack of security cameras in this club, which means they are running "blind". Kinda.
Ji-hoon and Min-ho enter the club and bar area. Ye-ri comes up to them. The red-clad woman who was singing earlier is sitting at the bar. "She is blind?" Ji-hoon asks. When Ye-ri confirms this, he asks how bad it is. Min-ho says she is visually handicapped, 1st degree - she can't even feel light. The woman was in the middle of recording when it happened and had no idea, Ye-ri says. Ji-hoon wants to know more about the recording. It was an audition recording, Ye-ri tells him, she was on stage the whole time during the murder. Ji-hoon asks for a flashlight. Don't trust her, huh? And he shines it right into her eyes. She doesn't react at all.
So this is the only survivor? Did they keep her alive because she couldn't be a witness? "Or ..." he says (and wants to add "she is the murderer") but Ye-ri interrupts him by saying "Director! That's a bit much". Ji-hoon doesn't press the issue but he also doesn't look sorry for suspecting a handicapped person. Ji-hoon wants to know about the murder weapon: It's a microphone cable. All of the victims were strangled with it. But there are no fingerprints on the cable, only traces of the victims. And it was found backstage.

"I thought the woman was on stage the whole time?" Ji-hoon asks.
"That's true", says Ye-ri, "but they left the evidence there anyway."
Ji-hoon just laughs and says "that's interesting" (ooooooohhhhhhh .... when he laughs ... see below). I think he is trying not to be too insensitive, especially because Ye-ri seems to be having so much sympathy for the woman, but he SO suspects her. One last question from Ji-hoon: Who reported the murder first? It was a singer (Park Eun-soo) who is on his way from the police station now.

Do-shik is checking CCTV footage from the front door. He sees the blind woman going in, and others, too. He is also checking when people clocked-in and whether it matches with the CCTV footage. The singer who reported the murders went in at 4:21pm ... and ran out again on 4:28pm. Again 8 minutes later, he comes back with several police officers. So there are two survivors, Do-shik murmurs ... The one is blind - and the other one is in and out in 7 minutes and reports the crime. There are beer boxes by the back door, only one security camera at the entrance. And no other exits. "That means that there are three possibilities: The criminal is the blind woman - or the criminal is the one who reported the crime - or ... "

He is interrupted by somebody who walks past him that he doesn't recognize. He calls out to the guy and then runs after him when he doesn't react, grabbing him by the arm: "Who are you? Police?"
The man produces a badge from inside his jacket and Do-shik tells him to wear it visible in the future for crying out loud! He stares after him, then turns, and orders the officer standing guard to lock the door and to not let anybody leave.
He then storms back into the bar and shouts: "Everybody freeeeze!" Awesome. He orders an inside search. Min-ho asks Ji-hoon, who is standing next to him and is still looking overall amused and slightly bored, what that is, an inside search? Ji-hoon says: "It's a closed door investigation. He is saying that the criminal may be hiding here among us."

밀실 (Closed Doors)

Do-shik coordinates the police officers to do the search. And they start ... while Ye-ri looks at the blind woman with pitiful eyes. She seems very nervous, biting her fingernails.
While the police officers (there's a lot of them) search the premises, we see and get told who the victims were:
  • Choi Dong Hyun, age 27, waiter. Killed in the toilet / on the toilet (but with the lid down).
  • Kim Yook Suk, age 28, another waiter. Killed in front of the lockers.
  • Kim Min Shik, age 48, club owner. Killed in front of his desk.
  • Bang Jung Hoon, age 41, head chef. Killed in the good storage room.
  • Choi Chul Gyu, age 34, manager. Killed in the kitchen.
All five of them were strangled to death, but only in Choi Chul-gyu's case there is any sign of resistance: he had a knife in his hand. Min-ho thinks it's very strange he got killed with a knife in his hands ... with the criminal record and job he had (meaning: this one was a skilled fighter and used to be a nightclub owner). And Ji-hoon notices some strange cut marks on the wall ... So he wielded the knife, but only cut the wall? Further, it is strange that there are no signs of a struggle in the kitchen.
The next puzzling thing is that these five victims did not seem to have known that the others were dead, even though the space they were all in isn't particularly large. And up goes one of their awesome whodunnit diagrams. It must be so much fun to draw them!!
It is pretty clear that the murderer was familiar with this locale: he/she knew the working patterns of all the employees really well. Strangling 5 people within 7 minutes is possible, Min-ho says, alluding to the fact that it must have been the singer, Park Eun-soo. Because ... how could a blind woman do it? But Ji-hoon has another theory. He thinks they might have been killed one after the other. In which case, the order of their death would match the order of their work clock in. That? Easily doable for a blind woman.

The Autopsy Lady speaks to them from the autopsy room over the phone. One body has a wound near the ear (Kim Yoon-suk). It's already well healed, so he had it for about a week. That's not really a clue then! The weird thing is, she continues, that he was strangled from the front ... like all the others. As if the criminal wanted to look into his face while he was dying. She complains that it's really confusing to keep track of who is who as she looks at the five bodies in front of her.
The inside search continues, but they are not finding anything or anyone. Alright, Do-shik says, then there's two possibilities left: The singer that went to the police - or the woman who waited for the police.
Ye-ri is currently interrogating the woman (Song Hwa-young). She mentions that the recording was turned off at times. What did she do during the breaks? The blind woman says that she was just on stage. What, all the time? Yes, comes the reply. Moving around isn't easy for her. Ye-ri keeps observing her and then tells her that she has beautiful eyes.
"Really?" the woman says and turns her eyes towards Ye-ri, "but it does not sound like you think they're beautiful."
Ye-ri laughs in her shy way and says "no, they are really pretty! I wish you could see them."
And the blind woman says that there was someone she wanted to see, somebody who used to say that, too - who wanted her to see her own face.
Ye-ri aks her whether she is living with anybody by any chance, which the blind woman denies. She asked because it looks like somebody is taking good care of her, Ye-ri says. The nails look nice, for example.
"They are red, right?" The woman says. "But I cannot see them. I lost this ability when I was two."
Ye-ri compliments her on the color, which suits her. And the blind woman suddenly remembers something: She heard sounds that night. The sound of footsteps.

목격자 (Witness)

The TEN team stands around, looking doubtful. Ah, they are listening to one of the recordings. We do hear some footsteps and then we hear the blind woman calling out "Boss? ... Eun Soo?"
Ji-hoon demands to hear it louder. What time was that recorded? Before 4pm, Min-ho says. But Park Eun-soo (the singer) came in around 4:21pm, at least officially, Do-shik knows. So why did you think it was Park Eun-soo? Ji-hoon wants to know. She just thought it sounded like him. Everybody's footsteps sound different to her - and Eun-soo's footsteps sound like boots.
And in he comes, the man in question: wearing boots (cameo by Jang Won Young, with surprisingly full hair). Do-shik and Min-ho tell him to detail what he did during the 7 minutes he was in the club. He says it was like any other day. He clocked-in, saw the woman on stage and went straight to the bathroom. But the bathroom was so dirty ... so he went to the next one, already getting a strange feeling because nobody was around, though it was time to prepare for the opening. And then, he discovered the first body. He ran out, screaming, shouting whether anybody was there. In the kitchen, he found the next body. Upon seeing the knife lying on the ground, he decided to go report it straight away.
But what about Song Hwa-young? Min-ho wants to know. She was just singing, says Park Eun-soo. So you didn't think to protect her in that dangerous situation? Min-ho asks, incredoulos. Park Eun-soo, the asshole, says: "Why should I have? I was more scared!" What, he was scared of a woman who can't see? Yeah, cause everybody was dead and only she was alive, and singing at that!! Hmmm .... Do-shik goes ... how did you know everybody else was dead when you only saw two bodies? Stammer, stammer ... he found out from the police. And Do-shik waves to him to come closer. When he does, Do-shik rips the red stinted glasses from his eyes and reveals a red, bashed up eye.

The blind woman tells Ye-ri that the Boss had ordered Park Eun-soo to quit. Because of her, in fact. He wanted something from her (and she starts crying) ... Like what? Ye-ri wants to know. I guess she's a bit too innocent sometimes, because what would he want from her? Sex, of course. Anytime, anywhere. The blind woman is crying now, saying: "That awful lotion smell!" She had no choice but to keep it for herself, she says, though she wanted to die, every time he touched her. Ye-ri says she should have told the police, but the blind woman continues: "He made it possible for me to sing".  Not long ago, the boss found out about the abuse and they had a big fight.
And Park Eun-soo, in the other room, confirms this: Yes, they had a fight. But who cares about this? Well, they don't care THAT he fought, Min-ho tells him (he's pretty awesome in this episode! You're growing up, cutie-pie!), but it is WHAT he fought about that is totally illegal! Park Eun-soo is very surprised, so Min-ho explains to him that sexually assaulting Song Hwa-young is NOT okay. And he continues telling the singer that being known as a public sex offender is much, much worse than going to prison. Park Eun-soo goes bonkers. This is driving him crazy. All of these people here? Really scary. They go waaaay back to the boss' nightclub days. And the blind woman? She would do anything to be a singer. It was in fact her that secuded him! And then probably went to the boss to tell on him!

Do-shik is once again checking out the backdoor, this time more carefully. There is a carpet where the beer boxes are. Strike! He calls the forensics team in and they find out that somebody has moved the beer boxes, and then wiped them clean, to remove the evidence. It looks as if somebody broke in, killed, and went out again through the backdoor. So there is a third person? Or was it Park Eun-soo that came in at another time?
They are grilling Park Eun-soo again and I am enjoying this, because everything about him says scumbag deluxe. He is outraged and wants them to produce evidence if they keep accusing him. Do-shik notes that his shoes are totally clean even though it is raining outside. You have a car, right? Do-shik asks. Eun-soo is surprised, why is he asking? Ah, no, Do-shik says, he isn't. He just wants to pay his parking fee because he is cooperating so well! And he puts a picture on the table. It shows Park Eun-soo in a garage. He parked his car there at 11:38. From there, it's not even 5 minutes to the club. (Do-shik says: "Even my dead grandma could get here in 5 minutes", hahahaa) So how did it take him 5 hours? In other words ... what was he doing?

Ji-hoon is on the phone with the Autopsy Lady again. She has discovered slight burn marks near the back of the neck of one victim. The light above Ji-hoon (who is in the kitchen) begins to flicker. "He was tasered", Autopsy Lady says. And that goes for everybody else! But there was another murder weapon, Ji-hoon suspects. And that weapon is fear. The guy that died while holding a knife in your hand? He must have been very, very afraid.
Min-ho and Do-shik are watching some CCTV footage on computer in the office. It is an alibi for Park Eun-soo ... who can prove that he was at a motel between the time he drove into the garage and when he came to the club (what, for almost 5 hours?! Stud!). The alibi is solid. So it wasn't him that moved the boxes ... Park Eun-soo leaves and tells them to keep up the good work. Bastard. Ooookay, and now the only suspect they have left is the blind woman?! But she mentioned footsteps. Is she just playing with them?
"There is a flower blooming among the dead bodies, making this confusing", is Do-shik's conclusion. Sounds wise, but I'm not sure I understand what he means.

시체 (Corpse Flower)

The blind woman keeps sitting at the bar - Ye-ri looks at her intently and then walks away. The TEN team meets in the kitchen, their temporary meeting room. Ji-hoon informs them that a taser was used to control the victims. And that taser was licensed under Song Hwa-young's name ... for self-defense. Both Min-ho and Ye-ri think that's too careless... why would she use it if it were so clear it's hers? Or was there a specific motive? To make it look careless? Ji-hoon, who has never believed in her innocence from the beginning, says she is hiding behind her handicap. And that they've been underestimating her because of it. But they can't prosecute her without proper evidence. All they can do is expose her true self - or find evidence.

Ye-ri calls what I believe is a management company or record company and finds out about a demo and a potential slave contract. That the Boss proposed? I don't get this part to be honest. And she notices a white dress hanging there. She opens the locker and finds many other pretty dresses (all white). It is Song Hwa-young's dressing room, but ... Ye-ri notices something weird. There is a window there. The blinds have been removed on this side ... but there are blinds on the other side. And that other side is the Boss' office. He had a full view into her dressing room. 
... and Ye-ri gets it. Not Park Eun-soo only. It was all of them. 
Do-shik watches the woman at the bar for a while and then goes out. He hears that a lot of customers want to come in. So this was a popular place, it seems? He calls the police helper woman (who is called Eun-jung in this episode :) and asks for bank records of this place.

Min-ho is in the men's locker room when Ye-ri comes in and asks him what he is looking for. Cologne. He has found three bottles ... all the same brand. And they were scattered in different locations: one in the office, one in the kitchen, one at the front door. What? All the staff members used the same lotion? They did ... and the really strange thing is, all of them were somewhat hidden.
And there is a fourth one ... but it's in splinters. Somebody threw it at the wall and broke it. Ji-hoon asks what the reason could have been for all the employees to be using the same perfume ... Ye-ri explains that Park Eun-soo molested the blind woman ... Enough for her to hate his scent. This scent. So, if all the employees smelled like him ... Shoot, that could mean she was molested by more than one. And Ye-ri tells them about the window and the missing blinds. And Ji-hoon says ... "The terrible abuse ... the terrible revenge."
Ji-hoon sits down next to her and she says ... "Eun-soo?". He has put on the cologne ... He tells her that everybody wore that lotion. She seems surprised - but is she really? And she thought he was Eun-soo even though he is not wearing boots? She says she is sorry ... she must have made a mistake. So ... does she know that Park Eun-soo walked around the entire café? She is flustered: "What are you saying? I only recognize his scent."
And he goes in for the kill: "Where is your taser?"
"My taser?"
"Yes. The one you reported to the police a week ago."
"It's at home", she says, after a short pause.
And Ji-hoon orders a policeman to send a patrol car to check this out.
Min-ho and Ye-ri are watching footage of her singing a while ago. They are all happy songs and she looks completely different, too. Why has the mood changed so much and she is now singing sad love songs? Min-ho thinks it's just a change of repertoires, which is totally normal, but Ye-ri doesn't think so. She even changed her entire style! And she remembers how she bit her nails earlier ... despite the rather expensive nail art. She clearly isn't used to these kind of nails yet ... it must be recent; like the rest of her extreme change. And she remembers how the blind woman talked about someone she wanted to see. She may have been disappointed in love. Min-ho doesn't believe it. Love? With whom?
The police officer is back and Ji-hoon confronts her with the fact that there was no taser at her home.
She doesn't believe it.
But Ji-hoon says: "What you had at your house were things for your sex life between you and the Boss."
"What does that have to do with this case?" she wants to know, close to tears.
Yeah, Ji-hoon says, you tell me! Why did you send us over there?
"It wasn't me!" she shouts, "how could I? A blind idiot like me?"
Ye-ri, Min-ho and Ji-hoon discuss. For Ji-hoon, it's absolutely clear. A closed space, 5 murders, a clear motive. Revenge, punishment ... other people would have used a knife, a baseball bat, an ax, a shotgun... to release their anger. But in this case, there was tasering and strangling. A very tedious and complicated killing. She had to get full control over them (with the taser) and she couldn't have them bleeding (because she would have been full of blood then, unable to hide it). But where IS the taser? But Ji-hoon says: it is not important where it is. But we need to understand why she sent us to her home that's important. And it seems pretty clear that it must be Park Eun-soo who has the answer.
Park Eun-soo is brought back in and is all angry about being called again. He is facing Ji-hoon this time and I would be afraid, scumbag. So why did everybody like this lotion so much? And don't even think about denying anything, your fingerprints are on it. Park says he only used it once, but Ji-hoon tells him that the blind woman says it's his. And that he molested her many, many times.

Park, however, has a different version of the story. The boss had promised to introduce her to a management company. And she agreed to work here at the club because of it. And there is a flashback. All the men are ogling her through the blinds, commenting on her sexy body. Park claims he found out about the voyeurism only a short while ago. And then he saw them taking turns in sexually assaulting her later. All of them were wearing that lotion.
"So it isn't yours?"
"Of course not!"
"Whose then?"
"Well ..." (he wants to say something, but at that moment, Min-ho comes hurrying in to whipser something in Ji-hoon's ear ... they have found another suspect!)
Checking the bank records was a briliant idea! There is one additional employee without an employee card. His name? Kang Jin-wook. Do-shik says the club was too busy to only have two waiter (wow, ahjussi, you are so smart). There's this third guy who gets paid less. A part-timer maybe ... and most likely the one in an intimate relationship with the blind woman. So he may very well have done some "cleaning" for the woman he loved! Park Eun-soo confirms about Kang Jin-wook. And the lotion - was his! He found out one day about how they sexually assaulted her by using his lotion. (Flashback: An outraged Kang Jin-wook throws a parfume bottle to the wall and it shatters). The reason why he didn't say anything earlier was because he feared they would suspect him.
The blind woman at the bar puts her hand up, while people are busy in the background. And she says ... "I killed them". Too softly at first. She repeats it, louder, and some of the police officers stop doing what they are doing and look up ... and then she screams it a third time: "I said I killed them!"

눈 먼 카나리아 (Blind Canary)

The blind woman is walking them through the bar, while Ji-hoon asks her questions. Whom did you kill next? She stumbles and says "The Head Chef". "But this is not in the kitchen", Ji-hoon answers, drily. She is either lying really badly (cause she gets it all wrong) or very cleverly, trying to throw them off again. Ye-ri implores Ji-hoon to give it a rest. The blind woman says she's sorry over and over while she is crying and shaking. I do feel sorry for her at that moment, but I also do not trust her. See this look on Ji-hoon's face? That's me.
Do-shik, who seems to have left the bar, is at some house, noticing that the automatic light is broken, when a security guard shines a flashlight into his face. He is led into Kang Jin-wook's apartment. Haha, the security guard follows Do-shik around like a baby duck. And Do-shik scares him deliberately, hahaha, so funny ... and then the doorbell rings, and the security guard jumps on Do-shik.
It is a police officer. He has a report on Kang Jin-wook. The victim's family reported him for assault. Huh? What victim? Do-shik looks at the case file, opens his mouth wide in shock and runs out ...

The blind woman asks Ye-ri what they are looking for and she tells her its Kang Jin-wook. And the blind woman tells her about her dreams, dreams that she has almost every night. She doesn't know what the colors are in her dreams, but it is not all dark, like in her real life. And she tells Ye-ri about the day she met him. She got off the stage and was really thirsty. She didn't tell anybody, but he brought her something to drink anyway. And said: "Whenever you get thirsty, just hold out this glass. Whenever. So that I can tell". And it was then she fell in love, the first time she felt that somebody was noticing her and was watching over her.

Ye-ri tells her to stop protecting Kang Jin-wook. They already know everything that has happened to her. But she is curious ... how did she not notice the difference, despite them wearing the same lotion?
The blind woman says: "Because I'm the idiot who cannot see the person I love."
And Ye-ri says: "Everyone can go blind when they fall for somebody. Anyone."
Double meaning. As so often in TEN. 
Do-shik is at the autopsy hall, all wet. He demands to know of Autopsy Lady which one Kim Yoon-suk is? And he looks at the guy on the table when the police officer from before comes in and says they have a problem.

The rest of the TEN team is wondering about the boxes in the meantime. They couldn't have been moved without Song Hwa-soung's help. So, are these two accomplices? Seems so. Kang Jin-wook is hiding behind her handicap - did he use her? To kill these men? And then went missing.
And they lead a guy into the bar, all bandaged up, arm in a sling. It is Kang Jin-wook! As they come to face him, the door is opened and Do-shik steps back in, right at the moment when Ji-hoon asks: "Kang Jin-wook?" And Do-shik says: "No, this bastard is not Kang Jin-wook. It is Kim Yoon-suk" (see above: Kim Yook Suk, age 28, another waiter. Killed in front of the lockers).

비가 (Elegy)

(There are Chinese characters in this chapter heading, which I cannot type and/or translate)
Kim Yoon-suk was hospitalized after Kang Jin-wook beat him up. And because Kang Jin-wook was afraid the men would harass her again, he went to work the next day, to be there, to protect her. Oh god, this is terrible. Ye-ri almost cries ...
But how could she have done it? Alone? Ji-hoon goes back to the kitchen. And switches off the light. The last clue ... It is darkness. The thug? He pulled out a knife to defend himself, sensing danger, but he couldn't see anything. And Ji-hoon watches her through the blinds in the office ... after having switched the lights off. Through the blinds, he shines a flashlight. And there she is, walking around, slowly, but confidently.
And Ji-hoon says: "A blind person may be weak in the daylight - but we're the weak ones in the dark. Even the man with the knife couldn't win. Because there was something even more terrifying than the taser. Darkness becomes our handicap. Because it's our fear"
And she turns her head ... and looks their way.
And we get a flashback to how she killed them all in the dark, one after the other, then switches the lights back on and goes back on stage.
She stayed in the club because she had a reason: She wanted to make sure all the evidence pointed to Park Eun-soo. She even moved the beer boxes, just pretending that they had been moved ... and she most likely made the footstep sounds (another flashback: her walking around the bar with men's shoes)

Ye-ri is at the bar and tells the blind woman that it has been revealed that Kang Jin-wook had no affiliation with this crime. The woman blinks.
"But Kang Jin-wook" (and Ye-ri struggles to continue) "... won't be able to see you".
"How fortunate", the blind woman says, "because of me, he has been hurt a lot. He said that because of him, I had to go through this. He thinks it's his fault. That this happened because we had to hide our love. I hurt him."

And another a flashback. Her assuring him that she is fine, him telling her he will kill everybody. And him saying that he feels it's his fault. He tells her to take care of herself ... he is leaving. She wants to grab his arm, but he just walks away. "That's when I knew ... this person doesn't love me anymore. He won't protect me anymore. I gave him that lotion as a gift ... because I was always curious about where he would be. But in the end, the lotion only gave him pain."

Ji-hoon is at the boss' office, looking at a watch on a dead man's wrist on his tablet. He gets up. Kim Yoon-suk is standing there and Ji-hoon tells him to come with him, without saying anything. He tells him to just refill her beer mug. Kim Yoon-suk enters the bar, and the blind woman perks up. Everybody watches as Kim Yoon-suk goes over to her, with a bottle of beer in his hand.
She turns around, facing him, and says: "Because I was drunk off that lotion scent ... did you not think I would recognize you? The feeling of knowing and having to accept it ... that sad feeling ... it helped me sing my songs. I can protect you. Don't have a hard time because of me anymore. Even though I'm blind ... I am not stupid."

And he starts puring beer into her glass ... as his watch slides down his wrist. And she grabs it, fumbling for the watch ... and her glass drops. And she cries. Sobs. Even screams. Not the same watch. It is not the same watch ... And there is a final flashback, while the song from the beginning plays, of him ... it should really be dark, because it would have been, for him ... but the scene is very brightly lit, too bright. We see how she tasers him. And then strangles him.
Ji-hoon stands outside the club, watching the rain fall. "What a sad eye contact that must have been", he says and sighs a little. Then he steps into the rain and walks to his car. Fade to black.
In his office. Ye-ri hands him a file. The taser was found inside Song Hwa-young's speakers, she informs him. And she confessed. The case is thus closed.
So what was the motive in the end? Ji-hoon asks - did she just do it for revenge?
No, Ye-ri says. She wanted to take away the guilt he felt for not protecting her. For him to be free.
He thinks about what he has just heard - and smiles a little.
She stays there, not saying anything, but watching him ... and he looks up, surprised. She opens her mouth to finally TELL HIM, when ...
"Nam Ye-ri-ssi?" It's Do-shik. He has a look of great sadness on his face as he looks at Ji-hoon ... who looks back at Ye-ri. Come on, people, he is not stupid! Out with it!!
But Do-shik says: "Can you help me? I need to get someone a gift."
And Ji-hoon's happy smile when he realizes that Do-shik must be asking advise for a lady friend almost breaks my heart... Because this is NOT what this is about. So not.

Final Thoughts and Comments

Damn. So Do-shik thinks Ji-hoon is not yet ready to hear the truth?! Ahhh! TEN! You tease, you ... Who else is getting really afraid of the finale?! Darkness, fear, not being able to see ... being blinded by things, not least love. All of these themes once again connect back to our character's past, mainly Ji-hoon's blind rage and revenge mode.

As for the case ... Let me try to summarize. The blind woman falls in love with a waiter (who is also in love with her). She gives him a specific cologne so that she always knows where he is; but they keep their love secret (because she is also sleeping with the boss? Not sure...). The other men, who are in the habit of watching her change through the blinds, buy the same perfume and go molest her. Okay, I am confused about this: Did she think the guy(s) molesting her was her waiter-love?! Or did she realize that it was not him? Or rather ... when did she realize it? Only when her love found out and threw the fit and the perfume? Anyway, the waiter-love goes into a rage and beats them up (so that one even has to go to the hospital). This also leads to his strong guilt (for not being able to protect her) and their ensueing break-up. He leaves her  - and she decides to kill them all, for sexually assaulting her and for making him feel guilty about it and hurting him. She then tries everything in her power to make the singer look like the murderer. Unfortunately, she kills the false person - because she didn't know that he had returned, and because she was blinded; I guess by her hatred.

Now, things that I do not get (and I must admit (and you might have realized) that I left certain things out when recapping this episode) are: there are a (few) bits in this episode when they discuss that the blind singer wanted to implicate her lover in the murder, i.e. by pretending that he had moved the boxes. I simply do not get it and even after watching those scenes multiple times I don't. Why would she want to pretend her lover killed these people?! Also, I am not quite sure I understand why she made sure an officer went to look for her taser at her apartment. Ji-hoon mentions evidence of her having an affair with the boss? Huh? This is, in fact, mentioned twice (Ye-ri also talks about it after the phone call with the music industry guy). So she was really, really obsessed with being a professional and successful singer and kinda did everything for that. But ... how is that related to the case? Also, why did she seduce Park Eun-soo (and when)? Was this already part of the revenge - or was this part of her wanting to be a singer at all cost?

If this made more sense to you and/or you have some explanations, I would be glad to hear about it in the comments section below!