Spotlight on Lee Jin Wook

Lafer here. Now that we're spent weeks oohing and aahing over the abs and eyelashes of Song Seung Hun, I feel it's time to move on to another actor recently stirring up discussion and hot flashes, the yummy Lee Jin-Wook. A whole new audience was introduced to him after the success of the drama with the stuttering title--Nine: Nine Times Time Travel. Personally, the whiplash from present to past to present, etc. during this drama put a few chinks in my normally solid Kdrama-watching Armor of Suspension of Disbelief. And frankly, I’m still not even positive about what happened in the end, especially after reading discussions about the first Sun Woo vs the second Sun woo vs the dead Sun Woo. But hey, you can never have too many Sun Woos in my book. I liked Sun Woo so much that I felt a need to further explore the actor who brought him to life.

All I can say is Hooray for Lee Jin-Wook and Hooray for cable TV! I find Jin-Wook the perfect combination of sexy, cute and personable. He has that slight air of cockiness (and who doesn't like a little bad boy in the mix?) yet portrays vulnerability well. He's good looking enough to catch your attention but not so blinding that he'd turn you into a blithering idiot just to be in his presence. (That last statement is debatable, but he does seem somewhat approachable, at least in my fantasy world!)
Ah yes, then there is the kissing. Clearly there is a reason why he has kissing scenes within the first 5 minutes of his most recent dramas. And they certainly aren’t your stock kdrama kisses. They're the kind that pull you in with a little shock and awe and keep you coming back for more.

I have read where he has been called the greatest kisser in Kdramas (and no, not just by me!) His crinkly-eyed, bunny-toothed adorableness can put even Song Seung Hun to shame when it comes to the kissing department.  Let’s see Mi Do try and resist this guy!
Needing to fill the void of LJW viewing after Nine ended, I decided on a rewatch of I Need Romance 2012. The entire show, was, in fact, about a very adult relationship heavy on the skinship. And while some found his character a tad unlikeable, his magnetism was clearly evident throughout the drama.  After all, he was able to turn Yeol Mae on with just a brush of his finger to her nose. No one does playful seducing better than LJW!
Yes, I would have waited eagerly to see the two cats in the ready and willing position
especially if I knew this was coming:
And of course, a little cuddling afterwards is always appreciated and makes him all the more appealing!
Obviously, it's important to remember to separate the character from the actor.  But Jin-Wook's acting and especially his kissing scenes are so natural one tends to forget.  He must have the same kind of appeal in RL as he was able to woo Choi Ji Woo and be her boyfriend for a few years.  Oh, that reminds me - he has no problem with noonas - another HUGE plus in my book!
Lee Jin-Wook, I'm looking forward to your next drama. I am definitely planning to check out Powerful Opponents and may even try to watch Spy Myung-Wol (kakashi says: Don't!). But when picking your next drama, please let it be on cable!  Or at least pick one that promises to show off your "abilities" to the fullest!  I'll be waiting.