What's In A Name? (Two dramas I thought were similar but....aren't)

Now that Gu Family Book is drawing to a close *sigh*... (Little Recap: DaddyHo comes back hotter than ever, his heart is small and black but his hair is full and his posture good. Kang-Chi and Yeo-Wool KISSS!!!! and then make googley eyes at each other for the next couple of episodes. Bad Guy *boo. hiss.* is exceedingly evil but kinda dumb and keeps getting thwarted. There's noble sacrifice and noble idiocy and HEA??? Episode 24 is airing as I write this so TBD. )

EDIT: $?# GFB crashed and burned in episode 24. I almost don't wanna watch...infact! I think I'm going to watch the last 10 minutes of the episode coz I wanna see LSG with short hair and green eyes. 

Major thanks to GF at dramabeans.com for this pic (I have neither the skill nor time to take screenshots)

...I'm in kdrama limbo. I don't know what to watch. Mandate of Heaven looks good (per Latteh0lic...check out her squee) but I'm not ready for another Sageuk. Clueless City (hehe) looks bloody and Ten2 requires a marathon. I marathoned Ten (1?) and it was very satifsying.

So I decided to decide between these two.

Cos you know...they're both musical dramas...right? right?? *blinks innocently*

Going off the posters and titles, Monstar is clearly about high school kids who want to make it big but aren't 'pretty' by idol standards, hence Mon-Star = monster. harhar oh such a clever play on words.

And I Hear Your Voice is obviously about a young opera singer torn between the poor but talented guy in black and the suave investor guy in grey. And their special place is an aquarium.

It has absolutely nothing to do with a prosecutor and a cop and a boy who can read minds solving unsolvable crimes (WTF?!? really SBS writers? This is the best you can do? Mind reading?This is why I watch KBS and MBC)

I'm currently leaning towards the tvN show...they haven't done me wrong yet : Flowerboy series, Answer Me1997, Twelve Men. QIHM. Is it squee** worthy? I think maybe not but hopefully it'll tide me over till Ten2 ends.

**If you are interested in recaps for these two shows (and you're not already a beanie) head over to dramabeans.com and check them out.