Eagerly Anticipating....Master's Sun

Omo! Omo! *jumping up and down and hopping from foot to foot*
This summer so far has been a bit dry for me. (What with Monstar airing ONCE A WEEK!!! Why TvN?? Why?? But that’s for another post) but late summer is looking up!!

Because of.......
MASTER’s SUN!!!! {Starts August 7th Wed and Thursday, 20 episodes?}


Cos it’s got So Ji Sub!!!! *drool*
Erm..your reflection is looking at you
I thought he did a brilliant job playing two people in Ghost. {If you haven’t seen it go watch it now!} and I can’t wait to see him in this new Drama.

So what’s the story? Well...*sigh* it’s not normal even by kdrama standards so let me set this up for you right. I'll tell you the good things first ok?

Writers: Hong Sisters!
That means rom-com. Laughs and lots of cuteness.
I haven’t had the pleasure (general census is misfortune) of watching Big so I can think fondly about classics like My girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox and The Greatest Love and You’re Beautiful. I’m excited.

Director:  Jin Hyuk, who previously directed “Prosecutor Princess” and “City Hunter”
Dunno what he looks like but City Hunter was well shot so fingers crossed.
Love interest: Kong Hyo-Jin. She’s a Hong sister’s veteran having worked with them on The Greatest Love. She also starred in Pasta.

Side kick: Seo In-Guk. Endearing hero of Answer Me 1997. He’s so cute! Just happy to have him back on my screen.
Excited yet???  Are you! Are you! Wanna Watch it? Ready to dedicate all your bandwith to watching this show?!!! Dying to know what it’s about???
Erm yeah…this is where it gets iffy. Here’s how the Korean Herald puts it:

The show, titled “Master’s Sun,” stars Kong as a secretary who begins to see ghosts after getting into a mysterious accident. So Ji-Sub has been cast to play her counterpart, a self-absorbed, money-driven businessman. 


That could mean anything. Could be good or could be a disaster

But HEY! It’s got So Ji-Sub in it!
Many thanks to Soompi.com for the promotional pictures.