Goddess of Marriage - Episodes 3 & 4 (aka KimJiCap)

I am not regretting my choice to do some Kim Ji-hoon focused recapping of Goddess of Marriage. While many people continue to hate this drama (or consider it dropped after only glancing at parts of episode 1 - 왜?), I keep being amused by it and its portrayal of the immoral super rich and the ugly rest. My favorite? The Dragon Mother. Yoon So-Jung is having a ball with her tongue-in-cheek portrayal of this spoiled, sadistic, but ultimately childish witch and I am enjoying every minute of it. 
And of course, there is Kim Ji-hoon. Yum. Yum. YUM. YUM
The PDnim seems to know exactly what we want as he showers us with KJH's smiles and shy cuteness. I am looking forward to seeing this one fight for his love (- and even more to seeing his abs).
As for the rest, warm-up oppa gets on my nerves with his hormonal pushiness and Song Ji-hye gets on my nerves with her mopey-eyed-I-Don't-Know-What-I-Want-Act. How hard can it be? Either marry the rich dude with the incredible abs (thought: maybe she has not seen them yet?) and deal with the consequences (plus hope the sex is good, but come on, look at the guy!) or go for the pushy-angsty guy until the sex no longer satisfies and you get super bored by him (I'm guessing that'll be in one or two weeks from now). The constant (shag-)flashbacks also annoy me. Goodness, we GET it. You slept together. You're attracted to each other. Get on with it!

Episode 3

The episode opens with a family-dinner from hell, with everybody hating each other while discussing tax evasion and other low stuff the rich usually care about. The Dragon Mother and her foul gossipy mouth? Priceless. Song Ji-hye is getting more uncomfortable by the minute and I would like to smack her. Seriously, she could play along a bit better?! Not getting a screencap as a punishment.
On the way back in KJH's, sorry, Kang Tae-wook's, super nice car, she sighs and mopes and annoys me. They discuss the money thing again, but only briefly, cause he tells her to shut up about it and take it already. Doesn't she see? Her pride is less important than her father's pride. Man, you're smart. Let me kiss you. The large sum of money is his, by the way - his mother gave it to him to evade taxes. Love you, drama.
And then, he says: "I thought only big-breasted and big-bottomed women were sexy. But an overly righteous woman is also very sexy, you know." And now, the best part ... he warns her to be careful cause he really wants to ... hug her?! Oh dear. Poor boy. Is she playing ice queen with you?! Don't tell me you haven't gone past second base yet!!!

Thinking lusty thoughts, KJH, sorry, Kang Tae-wook, has to pull a full-stop in front of a red light and warm-up oppa, who cannot stop thinking about her, cannot stop, cannot stop and suffers sooooooo, almost rear-ends them, but can swerve to the left just in time. The two cars sit next to each other for a while - as the two men look at each other for a while. Enemies right away. Rawwwr. Warm-up oppa almost recognizes her, but this is KDrama, so ... not yet.
The next Kim Ji-hoon scene ... omo, he is so CUTE! The hippie-musician she went to Jeju for is coming to her radio show after all, cause his wife didn't sleep with him for a week. And because her boss tells her she did good, she is really happy and nice to poor Kang Tae-wook for the effin first time when he talks to her on the phone. She is on her way to his place (there's a birthday celebration). She bought his mother a cardigan. This is going to be good.
When Tae-wook gets into the house, his mother is in hysterics - and there is loud shouting from his father's study. Right, his father is beating his older brother (he deserves it! Hit harder!), but not because he is a cheating bastard, but because he wants to go into politics. A lot of drama, drama, and Tae-wook tells Song Ji-hye not to come, cause something else came up. Yeah, his father is beating up his adult and fully-grown brother, but it's nothing much, really.
And what does she do? First, she got warm-up oppa's phone number from her colleague, because the stalker found her on the internet and called the radio station. And left her a message. Pushy! Go away!! She let's it fly into the rain. Bravo! But then, unmyeong?! She meets him at the library. 

Other noteworthy stuff:

-Mistreated Wife has been at the Hell-House for 7 effin years. I do wonder why she lets herself be mistreated like this? Does she secretly like it? She really loves her kids, though. There is one important scene, when the woman from the art-center approaches her after hockey practise (her elder daughter does really well!) and is all friendly-chummy. But later, when she's back at the art center, she kicks the picture Mistreated Wife painted and says: "I will destroy you, Hong Hye-Jung" (that's the mistreated wife)
- Slightly Dumb Wife is continuing to be thick and also clingy. When her sister-in-law says she's crazy to be bothering about this stupid husband, she says:"That's his character and this is my destiny." Good line. It thoroughly defines her. At the end of the episode, she finally does see that her husband is cheating.
- Cheating Anchorman: wow, he himself is being made pathetic in this episode, when his Anchorwoman affair constantly ridicules him in front of her husband, who came to visit her. She is a bitch and Anchorman will suffer. In fact, the suffering has started for our men.
- Tae-wook's Cheating Brother goes to the art center and lustily looks at Art Woman in a red silk gown. He sells him a very expensive painting. This will not end well. By the way, warm-up oppa's company is dealing with Cheating Brother. Warm up-oppa is thoroughly disgusted by Taek-woo's brother (cause he is such a good, good guy) and walks out of a meeting.
- And right, then there is Career Woman, too ... she is having a hard time due to her anal superior, who probably has a crush on her. Her husband helps her and makes her laugh. And he tells her that she is scaring the men. They want to be appreciated and praised. Or in other words: they want to be flattered. Good advise.

Episode 4

Warm-up oppa (can I call him Big Snore, too?) and Song Ji-hye have a drink. She is all "this was no big deal with you" ladiladila and he is sad about it, cause he believes her, of course. Being so good and all. But then, everything changes when she tells him not to lie about his big feelings - didn't he fail to show up at the promised location? She was there?! Oh no ... and he was late. Very dramatic exit and chasing scene follows, with a lot of angst. I kinda like it.

But next up. OMG, brace yourselves. Tae-wook goes to her house with a basket and he is ... so, so, so, so, so incredibly sweet. He never was a jerk! I knew it!
Her sister has a heart-to-heart with him, he says "yes", "yes, I understand", and "I can handle it" (it being Song Ji-hye's sensitive side). She warns him not to be over-confident. And she ends the conversation by telling him that they'll accept half the money - so they'll all meet half-way.
When Mopey gets back, she's all mopey. What else. Everybody's around the dinner table, but she greets Tae-wook unenthusiastically, even coldly. And the one kid remarks how that woman is attractive to somebody like Tae-wook? Frankly, I don't get it either at this point.
Later, she and The Big Snore mope together while walking. He has a childhood trauma (his father's early death). And they instantly bond, cause her mother died when she was very young, too. He is a momma's boy, as we learn. He talks her into dinner, she wants to say something (I hope she finally wants to tell him she's getting married), but he then says he wants to start over ... like the first met today. And she shuts up and mopes.

Later, she tells her friend (the one that is married to the fake musician who can't even hold a guitar) that she doesn't think she loves Kang Tae-wook - and that she slept with a perfect stranger. The friend almost rips her hair out as she scream at her how dare she! Can I join her? Stop hurting uri Kim Ji-hoon!!!!! But Mopey calls The Snore "soulmate" - and I nearly throw up.

Another iteration of moping when she tells The Big Snore later (at the same café, which is now "Their" café, I'm guessing) that they cannot be. He is just a holiday fling, there are no big feelings, but she is very sorry. He almost cries.

Dragon Mother, oh my goodness, tells them in the next KJH scene that she doesn't need to prepare any wedding gifts. They go:
No, no, she's serious ... nothing will be just fine. Just get two rings for each other. Song Ji-hye is rightfully offended, cause it was meant to be just that: an insult, cause it's simply and absolutely not true. Of course the Dragon expects only the best! Mopey storms out and tells Tae-wook on the stairs of his castle that he has killed her twice. Nice wrist-grab there, Tae-wook.
She mopes. And doesn't answer his phone calls. Mopes more and has nightmares of drowning, while the Big Snore cannot sleep because he is so lovesick. And then, the cheating vixen calls the Big Snore - and they meet. And hug. To this rather annoying title song. I guess I'm kinda glad it's ruining the mood because ah, my feels! I really hate that she is two-timing!!!
Other stuff:

- When Clingy Wife asks Cheating Anchorman whether he has an affair with that woman, he denies everything. Roast in hell, bastard. Okay, the scene when she imitates him speaking English and claims his tongue trembles when he talks to the sexy Anchorwoman? Had me in stitches. And the next scene, when he talks about why he doesn't go to the public sauna? oh man, buahaha.
- When Cheating Anchorman goes on a business trip, Clingy Wife follows him. Incognito.
- Cheater Brother, who really wants to become a politician, orders Mistreated Wife to do a TV show with him.
- Career Woman is thinking about how to please the Vice Director. So far, she is little to no successful.

Final Thoughts and Comments:

Next episode. That's all.
And please don't make him hurt too much.