Heartless City (Moojung Doshi) - Episode 11 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: Today marks a kakashi milestone: the 300th post on her blog, and the 33rd SqueeCap! Since 3 is my favorite number, I feel honored to be today's recapper for the next installment of Baksa's Juggling Act. He has to: hide his identity from the bad guys; hide his identity from the good guys; protect the bad guys he loves; and protect the good girl he loves, all while looking like pure hotness in everything he wears. Luckily, at least so far, he is up to the task.
kakashi: Wut? It is? Bring out the champagne! Yeah, drink a lot, ladies, cause that's all the pay you're gonna get.
JoAnne: I'm just here for the intangibles anyway. How's purple? Do we like purple? I can't read that orange. Perhaps green?
Shuk: Okay, I've been told I may have miscounted. But who cares? Let's drink to our boy!

Shuk: And poor Safari. Who would have thought he would become a sympathetic character? More than Baksa, he stands to lose twenty years of his life as his past unravels the present.
kakashi: Twenty years. That's ... hard to wrap my head around. I mean ... man. It explains a lot. Also the hair. And the bad clothes.
JoAnne: The mind. It boggles. And yeah, all of a sudden I want to hug the big galoot. Although I realize in this episode that he is not a big man. He just has a big head. Which is not helped by the hair. I like the purple. Does it stand out enough from the black? I was just a little worried that green would make it too Christmas-y.
kakashi: It's a free country. Mind and yours. So pick to color you like. 

Shuk: Also, a little housekeeping sidenote. I identified the drug person/cartel as "Pusan", but used "Busan" whenever the Korean city itself was mentioned.
kakashi: I have been wondering about this, too. So, are we actually talking about different things or are they just relating to the drug cartel as Busan cause its headquarters are in Busan? Or is Pusan a person? 
JoAnne: Pusan is Busan, the spelling depends on which romanization theory you follow. From what I understand, Pusan is more correct. In this instance, 'Pusan' is the reference they use for Chairman Jo when they don't wish to use his name, and it was chosen because that's where he is based. I never did do the relationship chart because we discovered it had been done in several places, but I can do it if people still want.
kakashi: Well, I haven't heard them clamor for it, so we're probably good.
Shuk: They are romanized spellings of the same work, but Writer-nim is interchanging them as location and person. So I thought I'd make them distinctive.


Shuk: There are more secrets hidden in libraries besides books. Safari, confronted by Hyung-min, pulls out a trump card in the form of a...police badge? Based on the picture, it appears being a overt officer is bad for your hairstyle.
kakashi: How do we always think alike, sista? The only thing I could focus on was Safari's wild hairdo as a police officer. But it shows he is not just having a bad hair day. It's a bad hair life. 
JoAnne: An overt officer would be one who is NOT undercover...but now I just want to sing this: It's a bad hair LIFE, for US.  It's a bad hair LIFE, for US. Steada braided, we get FRIZZ, steada color, we get GRIZZ. It's a bad hair life!
Shuk: I like the current frizz better than the smeared-in-place bangs on his credentials. It gives him something to yank on in his frustration.
Shuk: Baksa's eyes widen in shock as he takes it in. Safari identifies himself as a Vice cop out of Busan, and Baksa relives some of his moments growing up with Safari as part of his family, including his betrayal that put him in jail and the recent whipping at the Bad guy's lair. When Safari looks to the left, Baksa is gone, but he doesn't tell Neanderthal that he was there.  His face looks kind of sad though.
kakashi: Interesting. Why is Safari protecting Baksa at this moment? 
JoAnne: For the same reason he didn't kill him all those times he had the chance. He luffs our boy too. 
kakashi: Sure, sure. But beyond that: what is his mission / what does he know? 
Shuk: Outside the building, where people are happily strolling through the crime scene, while the reporter, still in shock, is being treated by rescue personnel. No one else is caught; Safari is placed in a squad car to go back to the precinct, and Hyung-min nods at a better-camouflaged Soo-min leaving with the backpack. Did Baksa get the drug briefcase before he left?
kakashi: I guess one of the happy strollers picked it up. Or a kid, maybe. Or an animal that went to get itself a book from the zoo library. I mean: someone HAS to have it! And that someone is very happy at the moment. That's worth a fortune. 
JoAnne: He grabbed it in the boiler room after he shot Meth Kim and saved Reporter Cha. 
kakashi: And in the library, he no longer had it. 
Shuk:  Maybe Halibut snatched it away.
Shuk: Hyung-min storms into Superintendent Min's office demanding an explanation. Min explains that the condition for his return was cooperating with the Prosecutor's office. He then storms into Prosecutor Ahn's office, who is playing arrogant ass. Hyung-min reminds him that an officer is dead because of the prosecutor's actions, and he'd better not interfere again.
kakashi: He storms a lot. He annoys me so much, I'd like to whip him in a cellar or something. Sorry. 
JoAnne:  I'll remove him from your sight. May I borrow the handcuffs? And..um...don't come down here. No matter what you hear.
Shuk: [hiding her cuffs and keys]
Shuk: There's no information on Safari in the police files, but during his interrogation, he uncuffs himself, makes fun of Do Hoon, and precedes to pwn and handcuff the detective before help arrives. Some times its fun to root for the bad(?) guy.
kakashi: I love how he constantly demands they treat him as their sunbae. Haha. This whole Safari-sequence was 1a, wow. I'm not sure what to believe: is he bat-shit insane, evil, dangerous, all of the above?
JoAnne: I would like to know what he was trying to accomplish, here. And look how frail those arms are. His freaking head is ENORMOUS. I have to say I find him much more fun to look at when he's wearing Grandma's living room.
Shuk: He's such an intelligent guy, I am going to speculate that he is already aware he signed his death-warrant with Pusan, and maybe is trying to muddy the waters to give Jin-sook what he has left as a small protection. Bat-shit crazy works, too, though.
Shuk: Min receives a phone call from our little Chief Yang that Safari has identified himself as a cop. The Superintendent uploads Safari's "police records" onto the server. So, is he??? Or isn't he??? Grrr, Show.
kakashi: I called it first. Min? Very shady. Very. Let me repeat it: very.
JoAnne: At this moment I actually said to the dog: Goddammit, she was right. The dog was not as impressed with you as I am, and in response she returned to licking herself in an objectionable place.  Well, objectionable for me. She didn't seem to mind.
Shuk: At the Bak Cave, Shi-hyun is having a minor meltdown, with alcohol, trying to take it all in. He has blood on his hands - his own?
kakashi: Must be berry juice. He wasn't hurt, I don't think. Unless there was blood on the suitcase that is strangly missing. i.e. from Meth Kim. Who must have touched the police officer he shot. Or from knife-lady, who certainly has bloody hands all the time. 
JoAnne: Bak Cave still makes me giggle. There was blood. Tiny bits of it - those shots coupled with him worrying at his cuticle had me thinking he's literally picked his own hands raw out of nervousness. And he is FREAKING OUT.
Shuk: For a moment, I thought maybe he got stabbed by Striped Psycho when he pulled his squeeze out of the way of the blurry knife.
Shuk: Chief Yang the Good Cop is with our cheeky gangster-cop when his 'records' are received by Hyun-min, but suspicions are raised when no one at the Busan office knows him. Now it's time for the Bad Cop switcheroo, but Safari is unflappable. They'll have to let him go. Wut? No charges for gun possession or assault on Law Enforcement Officers? My mind reels almost as much as Prosecutor Ahn's. He asks, was Safari the police informant? Neanderthal uses a few brain cells and doesn't deny that he might be. Finally, at least a tiny attempt to protect Soo-min.
kakashi: Ahn is endearingly stupid. I really like him. He messes up everything he can while having fun with a beautiful woman. My role model. 
JoAnne: You want to be inept at work and have sex with women? Have at it.
Shuk: Prosecutor Ahn calls the Commissioner and is told he did the right thing by letting Safari go. Is the Commissioner the head of the drug snake? Hmmm.
kakashi: Who is the Comissioner again? And what role does Neanderthal's dad play in all of this?
JoAnne: The commissioner is one of the names they'd used for Daddy Ji, who is actually the head of all the prosecutors. If they are referring to a POLICE Commissioner, we haven't met him yet. High as we got was Kang, one up from Min, now dead.
Shuk:  Unless Daddy Ji IS the head of the drug cartel.  He shows up way too little for my liking, and that would be an interesting twist. A bit Vampire Prosecutor, but still.
Shuk: As Safari strolls away from the police station, Hyung-min asks his assistance to catch Baksa Adeul.  He counters with a question: who is the real undercover agent? The cop-gangster reminds him that undercover people are still people. Neanderthal decides to look into what high-ranking official might be pulling the strings.
kakashi: How telling. Safari, the 20 year undercover agent, feels mistreated. He is not entirely bad then. In fact: I feel for him. Poor Safari. Let this mamma put ribbons in your hair. 
JoAnne: Yeah, that was good. This guy is just so good. In a related story: anybody remember when Baksa threw a guy off a roof? Wonder if we'll ever pick up that bread crumb.
Shuk: Shi-hyun confronts Min, who confirms Safari is an agent that he planted, but one who failed and let greed and power take over. Baksa  is practically in tears over the news. I am too.
kakashi: Fuck you, Min. You are an asshole. Baksa? Awesome acting here. But, boy ... you look so young and so vulnerable ... 
JoAnne: I have often thought and am now utterly convinced of two things: he can only do his job (IE, mentally manage it) when he puts on the Baksa costume, and this man deserves an award. He deserves all the awards. Well, save one or two for Safari. Seriously, can they each get the Baeksang and share it? Also: I like these scenes, where he unBaksa-ifies, because it reminds us that this is Jung Kyung Ho, of Kang Hyunsu fame, so we can all be re-reminded of what an incredible transformation this role has been for him.
Shuk: I agree about the clothes.  I think of him as Shin-hyun when his hair is down because I feel that is when he is closest in thought to the real man inside. And he still has hope (unlike Safari, who's trust was shattered by Min) that he can eventually shed the Baksa persona just like his suits and become an ordinary guy.
Shuk: Min goes on to say that now Safari was forced to reveal himself as police, Pusan will make his move now, and Baksa needs to be ready for it. I'm starting not to like you, Superintendent Min.
kakashi: Should have listened to THIS wise woman here. Never liked him. Also because of his nose. 
JoAnne: So if he put Safari in there, then his connection to Jin Sook came through Safari? And they fell out because they both loved her? If she's a cop too, I'm done. Remember when Safari drove off in the mini-van and abandoned Baksa to the cops - which were Min and Yang? Who both knew that Safari was a cop? Do you think he was doing that to save Baksa? Do you think Safari has always known that Baksa is undercover? I'm sorry there hasn't been much squeeing. Look at his tiny perfect little ass right up there. I want to pat it.
Shuk: [distracted for a moment]  I think everyone's relationships are intertwined and very very convoluted. As are most of the principal's emotions too. Well, maybe not Min's.
How everyone relates to each other in the show.
Shuk: Soo-min is at her sister's house, going over what happened at the amusement park. She re-installs the battery in her phone, and the phone immediately gets a call from "The Great Wall". Hyung-min wastes no time in telling her to take that phone apart and wait for him.
kakashi: Some people on Twitter and elsewhere questioned the whole "take the battery" out thing. Well, it is true that a cell phone (at least one that is "on") can be tracked with the right equipment. That is why he wants her to take the battery out. Though I think modern Korean cell phones have an off-button now? They didn't use to have one. 
JoAnne: I think even if off, if the battery is with it there's still some traceability?
Shuk: He snatches the phone out of her hands and tells her he will give it back once it's been scrubbed and she's given a new phone number. She asks if she can get a number off  the old phone, but he curtly refuses, hands her another phone, and tells her to run back to Mommy Jin-sook. He damns her with faint praise but offers to buy her dinner, and even tells her he will extract her from the situation if she wants.
kakashi: He is trying to be civil. I still hate him. I hope he does NOT get any love from her ever again. 
JoAnne: But the thighs. Let's not be hasty. Thighs like that don't just come along every day.
Shuk: Instead, they create their Conspiracy Wall, with all the available information on the principal players. Um, did you have to write all over the wallpaper?
kakashi: He saw that in TEN. They have this incredibly sexy glowing white board. 
Shuk:  And the NSA one in IRIS was electronic and didn't damage the walls of, yunno, a deceased individual's home.
JoAnne: They take pictures of everyfuckingbody and yet have NEVER photographed Baksa, even by accident. I call bullshit, writer.

Shuk: At Min's house, Safari and the Superintendent exchange tense words until Safari levels an unblurred gun at Min's face. Safari's hand shakes as he spits at Min:
Saf:  I had no choice from the very beginning. You're the one who sent me into that hell hole.
Min: You always make your own choices. You are responsible for the choices you make.
Saf: Do you think I don't know how you used the intelligence I gathered? You never had any intention of catching Pusan from the very beginning!
kakashi: Min, you scumbag! You evil puppeteer! Give these people their happy lives back! 
JoAnne: Suddenly, Safari's earlier words are even more sad: Once you are in this, you can never get out.
Shuk: Min coldly replies for Safari to stop talking nonsense; since he killed Deputy Commissioner Kang, he can expect to be arrested the next time they meet. He goads Safari into shooting him, but the gangster-cop just shoots the floor, tosses the badge, and walks away. After he is gone, Min tries to go through his normal routine but ends up having a tantrum of his own.
kakashi: GREAT acting, once again, from Safari-dude. The moment he throws the badge down? I thought that was so sad. 
JoAnne: It's like he just that moment gave up his last hope of being rescued from this prison. And what's he got to go back to? At a minimum, Baksa knows he's a cop. Who will he tell? And you can assume that at least one 'good guy' is going to tell the gangsters even if Baksa doesn't. With Min refusing to help at all, Safari is walking out to his own execution.

Shuk: Meanwhile, in his car, Safari has a freakout session eerily similar to Baksa's. It makes sense, since it appears they have the same Puppetmaster.
kakashi: Safari! Come to Mamma! I will add little cute braids to the ribbons. And we will go shopping together, yes? I'll buy you some nice clothes.  
JoAnne: If he plays with the Cinderella castle, make him be Mowgli, and tweet the conversations.
kakashi: You think he'd be good with kids? Awesome. 
Shuk: Safari makes his way back to his place, but the Chairman's goons are there. Our pudgie Al Capone wonders why Safari is running; Meth Kim toadies, and a damaged Eun-soo kneels on the floor. The Chairman's son tells Meth Kim not to come back without Safari, and runs a creepy caress over Eun-soo's face.
kakashi: What a fucked-up scary character this one is. When he licks her blood off his finger? I shuddered. 
JoAnne: Arthur the Aardvark is a scary monster. He sort of reminds me of Crispin Glover in almost any role, and Heath Ledger as the Joker.
Shuk: Madam Lee runs to her protege when she hears she has arrived back at the Den of Iniquity. Soo-min tells her the entire story, omitting her dark savior, and apologizes. Jin-sook brushes it off, happy that Soo-min is back in one piece, and her dongsaeng tentatively advises her to not do any more deals with these people.
kakashi: That was a lame scene. Or rather: I hope Jin-sook got suspicious, cause to me, it sure all sounded like a lie. 
JoAnne: Thank you, random pedestrian, for saving my little sister? Oh, but Eun Soo and Meth Kim both saw Baksa, not to mention Safari. Think Jin Sookie won't get wind of that eventually?

Shuk: Safari has a lonely glass of scotch in the ugly wallpaper room. I'm a little confused; wasn't he just chased out of there? Meth Kim stops by for some fake sympathy and tells him his knife-wielding kitten was just sent to Pudgie's room.
kakashi: Yes, I also was confused about the location here. I thought that room was in the Scale-house. Maybe not. And then, I was confused about Meth Kim. Scary Jo sent him to kill Safari. Will he still try to do that or did he decide he'll rather be with Safari? Or wait ... is Meth Kim police too?! 
JoAnne: That room is at Meth Kim's place. I wonder why he's deciding to side with Safari, who he knows is a cop. 
Shuk: He was always a weasel. My skull design was wasted on him.
Shuk: The two principals talk over the phone. Jin-sook accuses Safari of setting up a sting using Soo-min. He tells her Pusan is on the move, which will spell doom for both of them. A short time later, Pudgie's goons invade Madam's Lee's establishment, and she insists on talking to him. He identifies himself as Chairman Jo from Busan, and offers to have her warm his bed. She tells him to cut to the chase; he wants Baksa Adeul, but she offers to be his distributor like Scale, with nothing involving Baksa. He wants to meet face to face and she agrees.
kakashi: So ... were have I seen the main Jo-secretary before? I mean pudgy-face. Who has to laugh at Jo's jokes. 
JoAnne: Oh great. Add him to my Do Hoon Pile of Almost Remembering. And Jin Sook is great here. This woman is a wonderful, wonderful character.
Shuk: Meanwhile, Soo-min, who overheard some of this while hiding from the goons, calls Hyung-min to come and help her boss. He heads out immediately from the precinct.
kakashi: Lame. Sorry. First of all, Soo-min is just stupid here. Second, Neanderthal is stupid as well. But what's new, right. What do they think? Neanderthal just appears, out of the blue, to save Jin-sook ... and nobody gets suspicious?! 
JoAnne: I got nuthin' to add to this, because you speak the truth.

Shuk: Shi-hyun has just told Cutie-soo about Safari, and he speculates that any old person can be a police officer nowadays. Truer words have never been spoken, my friend.
kakashi: This is the only Cutie-Soo scene in the whole episode. I am very sorry to report this. 
JoAnne: Perhaps he needed time off to audition for a big role in a drama-to-be-announced?  Please?
Shuk: Shi-hyun gets a call from Jin-sook's man that she is in trouble. Aw, man, are the two guys gonna bump into each other again?? Almost. Shi-hyun turns his head just as Hyung-min runs past, and wonders what he is doing there.
kakashi: Not much excited about this trope. It's about time Baksa's identity got revealed. With all the people knowing him and all the people knowing him knowing people that want to know him, it becomes less and less believable that his identity remains hidden.
JoAnne: Yeah, I'm ready for the next phase. Also I wondered how Hyung Min knew his way around the place so well. I mean..her hang out is in the basement?
Shuk: And none of her minions caught him roaming her hallways [sad head shake].  The way her bodyguards are failing at their job, could they be police, too?
Shuk: Inside, Hyung-min passes Pudgie's henchmen with a single glance. Jin-sook assures a worried Soo-min that everything is fine. They share a drink as Hyung-min quietly backs away without either of them noticing. He is noticed by Shi-hyun, though, who follows him with his eyes as he leaves.
kakashi: see above for comments on this. 
JoAnne: I'm going to get some water. Anyone need anything? 

Shuk: At the Dead Baby Mama house at some other point in time, Neanderthal and the chippy talk. He gives her back her phone, and wonders why he is called The Great Wall and who is Mr Gangster? She thinks fast and tells him it's her boss' bodyguard. Nice save! You should have kept "Pororo" as your contact name.
kakashi: Man, she is such a terrible liar. 
JoAnne:  "But why am I The Great Wall?" I laughed. Oh, how I laughed. 
Shuk: Baksa argues with Jin-sook in her car as she prepares to meet with Chairman Jo. She believes she can strike a deal to be his primary drug distributor, but Baksa says he won't stop until Pusan gets him. They go back to her house, and Baksa finally broaches the subject of Uncle Safari's police credentials. She acts surprised.
kakashi: Is it just me or is this drama losing steam at this point? The last 10 minutes (at least) were spent on characters telling each other stuff we already know, or characters almost running into each other for the 10000000x time. Get on with it. 
JoAnne: She seemed genuinely surprised, which was actually a relief to me. I sort of welcome the relative sedateness of the last few scenes because this show is giving me major anxiety/sour stomach issues. Imagine the tee shirt: 'I watched Heartless City, and all I got for it was loose bowels!'  No?  Too much?  How about this: 'Watch Heartless City, and Give a Shit' I like that one.
Shuk: [water spit take]
Shuk: At the prison, Scale gets a chance to see his son, compliments of  Baksa. He breaks the news of Safari's background to Scale as well, promising a visit from his son every week, as long as he hooks Baksa up with Pusan. He would reinstate Scale as the head of the distribution channel as well.
kakashi: I get why Baksa needs Scale's help. But I don't get why Baksa is in the least ready to trust Scale. Uhm. Have they forgotten what happened in episodes 1, 2, etc.?
JoAnne: Remember Scale's explanation to Thighs.  'There is no loyalty in my world.  I am loyal to the person who can kill me.'  As long as Baksa has his son, he's safe. yeah, right.
Shuk: The phone call interrupts Pudgie's dalliance with Eun-soo, who, given her deadened face, is probably a good thing for her. He tells Baksa to arrive by himself and be prepared to beg to be part of the organization again.
JoAnne: She gave one of those 'I'm crazy now' twitches. Did you see that? I hope this man dies with his dick stuffed halfway down his throat. Assuming it's long enough to reach.
Shuk: Pudgie doesn't think Baksa will walk into the lion den, and so is surprised from his game app when a thug announces his arrival.
JoAnne:  What do you think? Angry Birds? Anipang? Maybe Pinterest.
kakashi: Definitely Candy Crush Saga. 
Shuk: Pudgie loses no time in taunting him. After all, he had to know his arrival would mean his death. Baksa gets slapped and forced to kneel, all without changing his expression. Pudgie toys with him a bit more, but in the end agrees to let Baksa and Scale do the distribution; the goods will cost double though, full cost in cash.
kakashi: Ah, the humiliation. Poor Baksa ... 
JoAnne: He took an incredible risk there. I'm still thinking about how he could possibly have thought it would work. It's not like the wholesalers belong to him, really - they've been defecting in droves since he hasn't ever been able to give them drugs ANYWAY...so what's to stop...  Oh wait. Because of the small cell structure, Pusan never actually knew who the wholesalers were. Hmm. Ok. Because it's not like they could just go hang out anywhere at all and ASK, or get the info from a corrupt cop or prosecutor or anything, right?
Shuk: On the way out, along the lotus pond paths, one of  the thugs lays a friendly hand on Baksa's shoulder, but one look get him to drop it.
JoAnne:  There's two things I liked here. Ok, three. The paths themselves are lovely. The look Baksa gives the hand. The owner of the hand. This guy has been fun to watch - a complete wimp around the terrifying PudgeMaster of  Drugs, and yet a serious contender in a fight. Also, vaguely Won-Bin like in appearance.
At the Bak Cave, he has some water, and deliberately ignores his flip phone, no matter how many times Soo-min calls. She wonders if something happened to him because of her. She finally texts him to meet at their Rendezvous Cafe.
kakashi: By the way, I love that he only has an old (non-smart) phone. Not sure what this is supposed to say about him, but it does fit his character. 
JoAnne: My phone is almost 8 years old. We are meant to be together.
Shuk: He spends some time thinking about the situation, but in the end, gives into his wants and shows up. After seeing her across the room, he turns to go, but she sees him and calls out.
Shuk: She touches his lip boo-boo from Pudgie's face slap and starts touching him to make sure he isn't hurt anywhere. I squee a little as he, discomfited, brushes her hands away. As he turns and strides away, her voice stops him in his tracks. She thanks him for taking care of her at the amusement park, and its his turn to ask if she is okay.
kakashi: Why are their interactions so goddamn-good? And where did Nam Gyu-ri learn to act between the last time I saw her and this? 
JoAnne: There are people out there who don't like her in this and find the characterization off-putting and chemistry-less. I don't think any of us agree. She's perfect for him. Because he is not Baksa Adeul. He is Shi Hyun. Jung Shi Hyun. The no-butt having, broadly smiling, fiercely loyal and loving Jung Shi Hyun who bought a house for a girl who had no family, and gave up his first love to a man he thought could protect her better. Her cuteness and innocence are exactly what he craves after the darkness he's lived with for years.
Shuk: Soo-min screws up her courage to ask Mr Gangster her important question - does he know Doctor's Son? And Baksa freezes.
kakashi: Oh shit. No more happy sex.  
JoAnne: Seriously, girlfriend. This was a misstep of major proportion.


Shuk: Well, that's a bit of a game-changer. The entire drug operation is literally imploding, and a psychotic man-boy appears to be at the helm. Shi-hyun is rightly suspicious of his handler, and almost the entire pantheon of people in his life. And the girl he feels an overwhelming attraction for asked the one question he can't and won't answer, and makes him doubt where she stands in all this too. Poor boy needs a long, deep, and satisfying hug. Come to noona!
kakashi: I like him best when he's very, very troubled. By the way, is he also wearing dark circle lenses? His eyes were very disturbing in this episode.
JoAnne: Pretty pink lips. I want to kiss the booboo.

Shuk: So it appears that Safari really is/was an undercover officer from Busan. His reaction and rage at Min seems genuine, for all that his records were artificially uploaded by his handler. And now that Baksa's goal of reaching out to Pusan is near, what does that mean for our clothing-impaired good/bad gangster-cop?
kakashi: As mentioned above, I thought there were too many slow parts in the episode. The writer is dragging his feet. I hope it's because very awesome stuff is ahead, and he wants it to have a big impact, not because he is out of ideas and there are too many episodes left. 
JoAnne: Upon reflection, you could be right. However, I spent both times WATCHING the episode feeling very anxious. Which is kind of stupid the second time around, but whatever. And I have SO MANY questions. I used to go to those basket parties, by the way. 
The World's Biggest Handbasket prepares for the trip to Hell.