Heartless City (Moojung Doshi) - Episode 13 (A SqueeCap)

kakashi:  I hate this episode! They make Baksa suffer!!!! nooooooooooooooo (☉__☉”)
Shuk: All these little vines and snares were bound to catch him at some point in time, dammit.
JoAnne: Look at those eyes.  LOOK AT THEM. Those eyes are saying 'oh it is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, M-F'ers.

Episode 13

kakashi: Baksa's features harden and his eyes narrow as he watches his lady Soo-min meet the Neanderthal - and if looks could kill, these two would be SO DEAD. Many times over. He turns to leave, feeling betrayed. In the car, he thinks about what Jin-sook told him about how they met. Man, he looks seriously pissed.
Shuk: He has to be thinking of the Big Picture, namely, who put Min-soo up to tracking Baksa Adeul, and that now he has to both keep away from her (for his safety), but keep an eye on her (for her safety).
JoAnne: I'm just cheering because it's Early Baksa, way up high, looking serious and HOT.

kakashi: One of the Special Ineptness Team members is on the phone with Min and tells him that Scale testified that Baksa Adeul is dead. To his credit, Min is utterly shocked. Okay, he kinda likes the boy. Maybe. Before we get to see any tears, though, Baksa calls. Min is relieved!
Shuk: He is relieved because he can still manipulate in pursuit of the drug cartel before he sacrifices him in pursuit of Jin-sook. He's reaching Ass category too.
JoAnne: Special Ineptness Team, hahahahahahahaha.  

kakashi: They meet at a church and intel is exchanged. Baksa says that Pusan needs to know who killed Director Jo-The-Super-Creep. You crazy bastard! Please tell me you won't?! He pops the question: Does Neanderthal also have an undercover agent? Min says he doesn't know, and indeed he doesn't. Only that everything coming out of his mouth sounds like a lie to me.
Shuk: He's  lying liar who lies like an Aubusson rug. And not in a pretty way.
JoAnne: No, he knows. Right? He knows. Doesn't he? (I'm on my second Hugo. Can you tell?)

kakashi: At the Bak Cave, Baksa is gloomy ... when he remembers something all of a sudden. Yeah ... what has he forgotten, huh, what?!
kakashi: Cutie Soo!!!! He has forgotten about Cutie Soo!!! Oh nooooooo .... but Cutie is doing quite fine. The boys are tending to their wounds (can I join? Or let me be the handkerchief!) when Baksa arrives and fills Cutie in.
Shuk: I am sooooo relieved he and his boys beat them back. And that his face is relatively unscathed. And that he looks awesomely hot in that t-shirt! And after a shoe-view, Cutie gets the po-po news about Safari, and they discuss the next Hail Mary play. Same stuff different day.
JoAnne: I'm remembering back 8 years ago, in prison, when Cutie was getting his ass handed to him. Our boy has grown up. I did not expect him to survive this, I really didn't. But it seems like only that cute driver guy got messed up.
kakashi: Baksa is truly insane, he keeps insisting he needs to go tell the chairman Pusan Safari killed his crazy son. Jin-sook apologizes for being a dick (uhm ... no. What is the female equivalent of that?) and they group-hug! awwwwwwww.
Shuk: Biatch. And I hope she solidly stays with Baksa for the rest of this, or he doesn't have a chance. I know he's happy that his family is getting along again! That tiny Shi-hyun smile makes me feel all warm inside.
JoAnne: Cutie made me laugh. And damn Jin Sook for looking so much younger in a ponytail, but that ugly ass shirt has got to go. Her hair is not very abundant, is it.  
kakashi: In the meantime, we're with the Especially Inept Special Team. The guy whose name I can't bother to look up gets a phone call from Cutie Soo, who wants to check what going on with Scale. I tell you what's going on, Cutie Soo (will you come over for a drink?), he is being mistreated/ interrogated by an enraged Neanderthal! The Bak-Team says they need to get to Scale before Safari does. The Safari-Team discusses the Scale and the Pusan problem. In fact, both teams have the same problems, so they should probably work together. Just a suggestion.
Shuk: The thatch would burn with all these people under the same roof. But it would be interesting. Safari is already several moves ahead with The Chairman, which doesn't bode well for our boys. And, everyone wants Scale. Which way will he ultimately go?  And Detective Dick has far less of a scareability factor than The Chairman or Baksa, so his threats are not going to work on our sartorial-challenged drug dude.  
JoAnne: No name dude is Do Hoon. STILL can't place him. Shithead. Thighs arms looked really nice in this scene. And you know who I would really hate to be? Safari. And not just for the hair, either.
kakashi: Ohhhhhhh shit. Somebody is having a rage fit. In a bathroom stall. Or is it indigestion? I am not quite sure. He is even scarier than his son. And the music isn't helping. He is going up to Seoul. *gulp and tremble*
Shuk: This is a man who created a monster he can't properly grieve for. He scares me, even in the potentially amusing location of a bathroom stall.  The Chairman is certifiably insane, and he's gonna punish everyone alike. This.Is.Not.Good.
JoAnne: I thought at first he just needed to lay off the pepper paste, but yeah, this is some weird rage fit over his son. Not that being enraged over the murder of his son is weird, but you understand. And I am SO glad that creepy ass son of yours is gone, Chairman.
kakashi: Alone in his Bak Cave, Baksa is thinking. I don't like it! STOP thinking!!! But MAN does he look good when he does.
JoAnne: This is definitely another episode where the camera man couldn't hide his emotional connection to our sensitive, slender - but MANLY - hero.
kakashi: Before things hit the fan, Min tells Neanderthal (he is having a particularly bad hair day) to kick Prosecutor Ahn out and lead the Ineptest Team himself. Min is trying to subtly convince Mr. Very-Bad-Hair that the dead person could indeed have been Baksa. Neanderthal gets his VeryBoringExGirlfriend's handu phone and is sad in the park, while flashbacking. Two things: I really, really, really don't miss her one iota. And: this is so boring. Reporter Cha suddenly almost jumps him, and he gets up and leaves. She notices that he was crying.
Shuk: [busy putting tiger stripes on her purple fingernails]  Can we get on with it?
JoAnne: Heartless creatures. I was completely drawn into the scene and wanted to comfort him. Hard.  Hey - did you guys laugh when Min said suddenly reversed and said 'well, I wonder if it could be...'  because that wasn't obvious at all.
Shuk: I can't believe anything that comes out of that man's mouth anymore.
kakashi: Neanderthal tells Ahn off, the details elude me and it's not all that important.
Shuk: I like his veiled "Don't jerk my chain, jerk" message he gives to Prosecutor Ahn.
JoAnne: For 30 seconds, I wondered if Ahn wasn't in cahoots with the bad guys to the extent that we've thought he is. Then I forgot to care...except I think this is going to be important, ladies. We should pay attention to Ahn, because he's going to be inconveniently THERE or share info or something at some point when it really matters. Or else why bo---oh right. KDrama.

kakashi: He then talks to that other lady ... is she a prosecutor too? ... and tells her to be careful of fishy Ahn. Fishy Ahn in turn gets in contact with Baksa - to tell him everything that happened. Baksa tells him that the dead person is indeed Baksa Adeul - and is such a cool bad ass. On the way back, there's this little slightly melancholic scene with the driver, who is in love with the Ahn-Doll-Girl. Baksa tells him that they only get in touch with "them" (= the girls, I'm guessing) when they need them. And looks very lonely as he says it.
Shuk: Baksa is so cool in this one, essentially cutting Fishy Ahn at the knees. But I felt bad for Baksa and his driver; both of them deserve a little quality time with their squeezes. 
JoAnne: Although in the big picture, I am sure Baksa is missing SooMinnie - in this instance I thought 'them' referred to Ahn and the Doll - neither could contact Baksa directly any more as he had cut ties to them. She had to go through her sweetie, that cute driver. Baksa knew that, and saw her talking to the driver, and was warning him to stay away. I like that driver. I hope he lives.
Shuk: Me, too.
kakashi: Meeting between Neanderthal and Reporter Cha. Is she on drugs? He remembers something in the middle of their meeting and runs off to listen to parts of the lipstick recording again. He remembers he recorded the now dead guy, identified as Jo Ha neul.
Shuk: So now he's bringing a civilian reporter into the police investigation? Can his own Police Investigation Team (PIT) use their resources? [sigh] They are the pits indeed. The reporter finds information on The Chairman's son; I guess she Googled under "Psychopathic Nut Job From Pusan."
JoAnne: I felt that his choice to step over the hedge, rather than walk around, was significant on several levels. First, it displayed The Thighs to great advantage. Well done, Show! Second, it's a visual reminder of his impatience and willingness to cut corners, as well as his pre-disposition to NOT automatically kowtow to authority. Thus reminding us subtly of his daddy issues, in fact, and his need to 'jump over' his father in terms of power, authority, and moral rectitude. Which actually makes the disregard for convention a deeply self-mocking display of his own internal conflict. And we cannot discount his unhesitating desertion of yet another woman, although it did play out to great comic effect. I mean...yawn.
kakashi: Some girl talk, when Safari calls. Jin-sook tells him to never call again. I am pretty sure she said that before. If not several times. The colors in this next scene are really pretty as The Lady of the Blurry Knives expresses her unhappiness about his lingering attachment to Jin-sook - and wants to know where they stand. Pretty much nowhere, woman. Isn't it obvious?
Shuk: I still think Eun-Soo is the kiss-and-kill type much like our late unlamented creepster Arthur the Aardvark. Safari needs to protect himself from neck to nuts with this one.
JoAnne: Just saying I called this one in her first episode.
Shuk:[Acknowledges JoAnne unni's greatness]
kakashi: More girl talk (booooring) and then Jin-sook meets with Min, reluctantly. She wants to get more intel on Scale's position. The conversation is rather boring, but he does warn her to stay away from the Doctor's Son (and he tells her that he know who it is). And he feeds her wrong intel about who killed VeryBoringExGirlfriend. When she leaves, he tells her he got a divorce. What a joke. And some morose flashbacking from Mighty Min, who mourns the time when she was still interested in him.
Shuk: What I got from the girl talk is that Detective Dick is putting his mole in danger with his constant texting. And now we know that Min is lying to the woman he supposedly loves, and hanging out to dry the boy he had buried in the drug cartel. 
JoAnne:  ied about what?
Shuk: That Shi-hyun sniped the DeadBoringGirlfriend. And probably the divorce, too.
kakashi: Min-soo is with Neanderthal and he tells her she was used as a murder weapon by Jin-sook. She identifies Safari, Meth Kim, and Blurry Knives for him. He babbles about the dangers of being an undercover agent. Sorry, show - we get it. This has been repeated at least five times by now.
Shuk: Is it time for another episodic drinking game?
JoAnne: I like these Hugos...

kakashi: Safari calls Neanderthal! And they meet. It's Bad-Hair vs. Very-Bad-Hair! And I guess that's why there is some bonding and they decide to go against Baksa together.
Shuk: This is going to get sticky for Baksa, if both sides gang up on him. Or is this clever manipulating by Safari? The questions roll around in my mind, as my beer roils around in my stomach. The tension!!
JoAnne: This is the dramatic equivalent of a Triple Salchow followed by a Twizzle and I'm getting dizzy just watching. Those are real terms. Look them up.
kakashi: Safari is almost a DEAD Very-Bad-Hair-Day next when he appears in front of the Chairman. I am officially scared now. Chairman gives Safari a last chance: bring him the Doctor's Son alive. He doesn't care in how many pieces, or rather, how many pieces are missing, but he must be alive.
Shuk:  That beatdown was ugly, and eerily reminiscent of the one he gave Baksa, right down to the Asp baton. Only worse. And the final expression on his face is "How the hell am I gonna do this?" But he laughs in the end.
JoAnne:  HOLY CRAP how do these people not DIE from this shit?  Not really comfortable with the bloody smile OR the concerned Kim Eun Soo at the end, either. And where are they? Why would you set up a room that way?
Shuk: What's black and white and red all over...
kakashi: Before we get to the really scary stuff in this episode, however, there's an interlude with Scale, who is released. He is being followed by Meth Kim and the Neanderthal. The first wants to kill him, the second wants to ... I don't know. Follow him? But he fails (surpriiiiiiiiise) cause Baksa's driver cuts him off. Baksa sends Cutie to protect Scale.
Shuk: It's a ridiculous caravan of cars.
JoAnne: So then perhaps they should have concentrated on METH KIM, if they wanted to protect Scale.
kakashi: But who will protect Baksa from himself?!?!? He is going into the monster's lair!
Shuk: Just like the first episode, when he placed himself at the mercy of Scale, or later when he showed up at Safari's place, he's going to tread into danger. This time, though, he's going to someone who is completely irrational. Third time is NOT the charm, uri Baksa!!
JoAnne: When I figured out what he was doing I sat there with my mouth hanging open. Pure crazy balls.
kakashi: What follows is NOT PRETTY. He introduces himself to the Monster and says he's here to make a deal. And he says Safari killed the Monster's son. He can confirm with Scale. And Chairman orders the call.
kakashi: Scale is in his former palace, fondling his former throne. Meth Kim enters, knife in hand, ready for the kill. The Chairman's call goes to voice mail. Oh fuck. Monster's hangmen force Baksa to his knees and the Chairman orders them to kill him. But Baksa can stall by beating some of them up. Chairman orders the kill a second time ... when Scale calls back. And confirms that it was Safari who killed the Monster Baby!!!
Shuk: I sank back into my chair after jumping on the cushions and screaming at my television screen. Holy smokes, it felt like a death penalty reprieve.
JoAnne: I may have downed an entire Hugo here. Thank GOD Scale called back. Oh God...we're counting on Scale. We're all gonna die.
Shuk: [checking the beneficiaries on my Life Insurance policy]
kakashi: Chairman says ugly words - and tells Baksa that okay, he is going to "believe" what he says and "trust" him. But he has one condition: Go get Safari. Baksa agrees. And then, the Monster says: "And one more thing" ... and Baksa is beaten to the ground. When he comes to, his hands are bound.
Shuk: Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit. This is bad bad bad.
JoAnne: So...does he not want Safari? Look at our boy. He looks good. If we're all going to die, I'm glad we're dying with such a good looking man.
kakashi: Chairman steps on his throat as he is writhing miserably on the ground. The death of the monster baby is still on him, Daddy Monster says. He may pick one person ... the one closest to him. The one he loves. Chairman promises to slit that person's throat in front of Baksa. And ... oh no........... Baksa looks really, really scared now :(  They take his phones away from him.
Shuk: Crap.  Wae?!  Why didn't he leave his flip phone in the car or something, knowing where he was going??
JoAnne:  Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  
kakashi: And the Monster says ... "oh ... there is one right here. But the number is stored under a question mark". And he calls. We see Jin-sook ... we see Min ... we see Cutie-Soo ... and finally Alien Eyes. Of course it is her. She picks up.
Shuk: All the other times, it was just him. For the first time, they've involved someone else directly. He has a right to be scared.
JoAnne: That little collapse when he realizes who Chairman is calling.  He is desperate to protect her. 
kakashi: Baksa looks terrified. And then he starts stammering how this woman is nothing to him. When the Monster doesn't believe him (of course), he starts pleading for the woman's life. Really well acted, Doctor's Son. You bastard.
JoAnne:  Why is he a bastard?
Shuk: My question too, but I thought she may be referring to Chairman Monster.
kakashi: Ladies: I am pretty sure this is ALL planned. He knows she's a snitch. She is his leased cherished person among his somewhat cherished ones.

kakashi: Soo-min is brought to the Monster's Lair (nice dress). She is slapped around (seriously don't like this) and it is good to see that Baksa also doesn't like it all that much, especially when the slapping gets rather forceful. He whispers to her to watch him. Yeah, boy, we are watching you.
JoAnne: Are we EVER.
Shuk: Please tell me she remembers whatever pitiful modicum of self-defense training Detective Dick gave her.
kakashi: When they pull the knife to kill her, he jumps up, having cut the ropes with a tooth of his that came loose when he was beaten earlier. And they run. It is a fucking miracle, because she RUNS in 50cm high heels! Look!!!!!
Shuk: LOL - It looks like an indooor running track.
JoAnne:  He did it with the tooth? Hahahahahahahahah
kakashi: They get to her car and flee. When they are parked safely in some parking garage (Jin-sook's hotel? His Bak Cave?) he apologizes. And she ... tells him that she likes him. Godawful timing, Missy. When asked how he feels, he tells her to stop this dangerous game. And to delete his phone number right away. At this very moment, her phone rings. It's the Monster. To tell him he always keeps his word - so try protecting her all you want.
Shuk: Oh Lordy, that gave me geesebumps, and not in a good way. That Chairman has long arms, to be sure. How in the hell is he gonna do that without revealing who he is?
JoAnne: I cannot take this. This is too stressful. And damn...he just keeps getting better looking.
kakashi: She wants to know what is going on ---- and he just gives her that tortured, heartbreaking look ...
Shuk: He already knows she can't get out, whatever he just told her.
JoAnne: Ugh. I'd follow that look anywhere. You!  Men, you!  Bad guys! You stop with the looking like that!

Smiley    Final Thoughts and Comments: 

kakashi: Oh my goodness, this was intense. When this show is about the Doctor's Son, it is a winner. The rest isn't getting any better but at least we seem to be getting less exposure to the plot holes. I am not sure how much of that Chairman-encounter was really planned by Baksa, but I guess he was expecting something along these lines. The most expendable among his "loved" ones is Min-soo; who confesses her love to him. And the really bad and really good thing about it is that he is of course also in love with her, even though he doesn't want to admit it to himself.
Shuk: I honestly don't see how anybody is getting out of this alive. Everyone is getting increasingly battered in this fight for control, and everyone but Chairman Monster is running out of uninjured minions. I can't even hazard a guess what Safari's next move is, let alone Baksa's, Jin-sook's, or, really, anyone. AND WHERE IS HALIBUT? My brain is cripsy-fried over this show.
JoAnne: I think she's already as important as the others to him - he was desperate to save her, I don't see how he could have done more. That scene, with the ringing phone, and his 'family', one by one. Man, this show is intense. I cannot wait for tomorrow, but then there's a WHOLE WEEK to get through. And we're getting too close to the end. We have a friend who just began watching this and has been marathoning episodes since yesterday. It's been fun to watch her get to certain points, and then remember how it was when we did, too. I should just start this from the beginning again. On perpetual loop, for the rest of my life...

"See you soon, biatches!"