Heartless City (Moojung Doshi) - Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

Baksa needs somebody to clean his windows, don't you think?
Shuk: There has been a lot of speculation whether Baksa's actions at the end of the last episode were calculated or not. Is he evil enough to dangle his semi-not-quite-girlfriend as bait in front of a monster? We have passionate proponents on both sides, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out for us. But for now, we know this: The crapola has hit the rotating blades, and Chairman Jo the Crazy Man has just put a kill order on Soo-min.

Episode 14

Shuk: Baksa drives the two of them to Jin-sook’s place, where he takes apart her phone and tell her to forget about him; it’s the only way she is going to survive. Soo-min desperately tries again to keep the connection between them; she promises to be at the same café where they previously met tomorrow night. He walks away without a word.
JoAnne: It does not suit my notion of cool to have him walking home like a dweeb... but then again, I don't live in an urban area. Sometimes people walk, I get it. But I thought this looked silly on him.
kakashi: Oh, we walk all the time here. And ride buses and trams and trains. Or bikes. And you know what? He might very well have called his driver once he's out of sight. Though ... who is going to get his car from outside the Monster's Lair? Or did he walk there, too? 

Shuk: At the Bak Cave, he pulls out a briefcase. Aha! So he did grab the cocaine. Wonder why he didn’t give it to Jin-sook for distribution. He ruminates for a moment while fondling the bags, and the light flickers film noir-esque over his face. He pulls out another flip phone.
JoAnne: The flickering lights mirror the thoughts in his head. Am I evil? Am I not? I vote for human. He's gonna do some shit...but I like him anyway.
kakashi: That's a fan, of course. One of the air distributing kind, not a human fan. Indeed, fans are often used in noir. Why? I don't know. 
Shuk: Who cares? Bravo, PD-nim!
Shuk: At the Cave of Confusion, Hyun-min realizes that Baksa Adeul may be leaving him clues. Reporter Cha brings Thighs some food, but he tells her he’s busy. She mutters out loud how did Dead Girlfriend get him in line? I’m thinking, storywise, hasn't it only been a few weeks since he buried her? Cut him some slack, there, chippy.
JoAnne: That is, to the WORD, what I said. She's cute and all but damn she's irritating right now. Go away.
kakashi: Can she please be the next one that dies instead of, let's see ... Soo-min, for example? 

Shuk: At the house, Hyun-min thinks on the words of the late Deputy Commissioner. He receives a phone call, and I thought WTF when I recognized the voice. The detective goes on alert when Baksa identifies himself, and bluntly asks him was the red herring/identity of the dead Arthur was a message. Baksa confirms it, and follows with a blunt statement of his own. “I didn't kill Lee Kyung-mi.” Thighs just snarls and promises retribution; Baksa smoothly promises a location. Ooh, is he gonna set up his own sting?
JoAnne: Thighs lost his shit there for a minute, but I'm such a Baksa supporter that I was actually thinking 'Well he wouldn't LIE about that!' Except... for Thighs, how is he supposed to know this? I would suck at undercover, you know why? Because every time a person on the other side thought I was bad I'd be all 'But you know, I'm really one of you - I'm just undercover. So we're in this together and all.' I'd be dead, I know.
kakashi: I do get why Neanderthal needs to be big-big enemy with Baksa for the dramatics of all this, but I do not really get it. He said a while ago himself that he doesn't think Baksa killed her personally. So why is he so obsessed with him?
Shuk: I think he needs someone to hate more than himself for his girlfriend's line-of-duty death.
Shuk: In his vehicle, Hyun-min activates the team without Prosecutor Ahn’s knowledge. And Baksa shows up at the same place he escaped from with Soo-min, what, 24 hour before? Boy’s got a death wish as big as the Himalayas, and balls to match.
JoAnne: Could have knocked me over with a feather. Where is the wheelbarrow for him to carry those balls? Seriously.
kakashi: I don't know, ladies. Maybe he's a little bit, hotly and sexily, insane?
Shuk: Crazed Chairman is enjoying a rare steak when he gets word that Baksa Adeul is there to see him. He scoffs at Baksa for not bringing the girl with him, and Baksa offers him the briefcase of drugs as a gift.
JoAnne: I immediately thought 'Bad move, bad move! The drugs were his to begin with! Abort! Abort!'
kakashi: It's just a pretense, that case. He just wanted to see Big Daddy Scarey again.
Shuk: After activating his team, Neanderthal goes in alone, as usual, clad only in a black t-shirt, jacket, and badass attitude. The Chairman knows right away what Baksa planned, and releases his thugs. We get a great cross fight, with both warriors kicking ass with their respective pile of mooks.
JoAnne: He takes the time to put his jacket back on. BadASS. But did anyone else think that in some of the shots it might not actually have been Jung Kyung Oh doing the fighting? *sad face* 
kakashi: Don't look too closely, JoAnne. That goes for many things in life. 
Shuk: The Chairman leaves with two minions, but when Hyung-min finally breaches the inner doors, Baksa takes the opportunity to grab the case of blow and head out to the same exit as the Monster. The detective sees him walking away and realizes the similarities between that retreating body and the person he caught at the warehouse. He quickly subdues the rest and chases the other ones. Where’s the rest of the task force? Mayhap looking over the already-unconscious pile of goons in the lobby. Same Eediots, Different Episode.
JoAnne: Arriving fashionably late: It's not just for parties, anymore.
kakashi: That's the slogan for Neanderthal's security company, the one he's going to found after all of this is over.
Shuk: Baksa catches up with the Chairman, and slams him against the wall, offering to visit him in prison. Hyung-min finally shows up, and Baksa pushes the cartel leader into his line of vision, along with the briefcase.
JoAnne: Laughed my ASS off at this. But you know it's pointless in the long run. If this dude spends one night in jail I will eat a live octopus.
kakashi: Ah, octopus. There's a dead one thawing in my fridge right now. 
Shuk: Ewww to both of you.
Shuk: There’s a roundup of everyone but our lean mean fighting machine.  Chairman Jo clams up, and is led through the precinct to an interrogation room. Prosecutor Ahn sees this, and quickly calls Chief Prosecutor Ji. I called it! Neanderthal Dad’s in the middle of this too. Min also gets a phone call from Chief Yang, and learns that The Chairman has been arrested, thanks to the actions of Hyung-min, and the information supplied by Baksa. His face registers shock, but just for a moment as the Gang of Old Guys enters his office. Who are they anyway?
JoAnne: I believe that would be the city leaders or a board of commissioners, something like that. By the way - Min looked way more pissed off than Ji did, and I think that's important.
Shuk: The Old Guys insist that Chairman Jo couldn’t possibly be involved in something so nefarious; after all, isn’t he a cultural icon and good to children and puppies and donates to good causes? I feel a little ill here.
JoAnne: I completely didn't even consider that he must have a whole other life outside of Drug KingPin. 
kakashi: Probably because you haven't seen Time Between Dog and Wolf yet?
JoAnne:  No, I have.    

Shuk: Baksa’s doing a little rinse-and-spit action to get the blood out of his mouth. He receives a steamy text and goes to meet Min at the church. Min wastes no time yelling at him for getting Chairman Jo arrested, but Baksa counters: isn’t that what the plan was all along? Min says all he wanted was to find a weakness, but now they’ve started a war. Baksa agrees, but what else can he do? He has a tiny temper kicking moment, then leaves.
JoAnne: Why are they meeting in a church all the time now? What happened to that creepy abandoned amusement park? Are we no longer amused? Is that it? Is the church supposed to indicate that Min means Serious Business Now? And really his whole pissed off thing doesn't make sense. They wanted to bring Pusan down, and then it was infiltrate and find the weakness in Pusan...well, either way, goal met. Fucking micromanager.
kakashi: Maybe it's because the next TV production needs the amusement park more. I think I also spotted it in TEN2. And I agree with JoAnne. I don't get it. Baksa did what he was asked and now it's not what he should have done? Plus: I don't think Baksa had a temper kicking moment, I think he hurt his leg and that's why he stumbled. It's to show that he is suffering.
JoAnne:  Oh yes, definitely, I didn't see that as temper. I thought he stumbled putting on his shoes.  It didn't work for me as a metaphor though.
Shuk: Driving he looks at a couple sharing a late night snack, and he flashes back to the convenience store meeting with Soo-min. He ruefully shakes his head and drops the Pororo bandaids.
JoAnne: He can't stop thinking about her. The whole drive, and now while he's been home for a while. What is she, he's wondering. No, I can't be distracted, he tells himself. I did the right thing telling her to stay away. I don't have time for this, I don't have room for this. And yet, he wants to be with her. You know he does.
kakashi: Don't give in, Baksa. You know ... women. Bad. Thing Adam and Eve. Think original sin. Apples and stuff. 
Shuk:  But...it's Pororo!  How can he not?
Shuk: Bak-fam is collected, and Baksa announces they are going to do both the production and the distribution side of the drug trade. Everyone is surprised, but he has already figured out each person’s job: Cutie-soo will buy the factory and Scale will manage it; Jin-sook is to find and convince Pusan’s drug chemist over to their side. That way, nobody has to have any further dealings with Pusan. Ah, so he circles the wagons and keeps his family safe.
JoAnne: So he's done with being undercover, and he's just going to be a drug lord now? Is that what this is? Because I fail to see how this fits in with his mission to destroy Pusan. I mean, I can see it destroying Pusan but no undercover cop ever was told ' break up this drug ring by creating a rival drug ring that will take its place.' But I do see this as a decision to stick with his peeps. In which case, why can't he have his little Mary Sunshine and his peeps, too?
kakashi: *shrugs* - cause we wouldn't have enough drama then?
Shuk: After the meeting, Jin-sook also mentions that he is declaring war on Pusan. Cutie-soo is happy not to be bored.
JoAnne: It's a good thing you're pretty, Cutie-Soo. And Jin Sook? Girl...that dress is STELLAR. Your best choice by far, although it is more suited to an evening wedding than hanging out at an industrial complex cum secret hideway.
kakashi: All I see is that dress. Me wantzzz it. I'd even wear it just for cooking at home. That's how nice it is.
Who doesn't want to cook in satin and high heels?
Shuk: Eun-soo bursts into Safari’s office with the news that The Chairman has been arrested, but Safari already knew. I guess he still has some lines of communication with the Inept Squad. You just know he’s moving chess pieces around in his mind; no doubt he will come to the right conclusion.
JoAnne: I am quite sorry to see the softening up of Eun-Soo. I liked her better when she was just an evil ass-kicking bitch.
kakashi: A typical way to destroy kickass female characters. They do it all the time in KDramaland. Remember IRIS2? No? Lucky you...
JoAnne:  The kitteh says she is the most ass-kicking female actor out there, so I had hope she would just stay fierce.
Shuk: Soo-min finally gets the lipstick/transmitter out of Jin-sook’s office. Jin-sook shows up, and the girls sit. In typical subtle fashion, Soo-min pipes up: is Director Jo dead? Jin-sook confirms it; because of how he treated Soo-min, he had to go. Once she leaves Jin-sook’s boudoir, she throws away the lipstick. I think that means she now Team Jin-sook.
JoAnne: Perhaps she just wants a more natural look.
kakashi: A small tip for the Special Ineptness Team; next time you use a lipstick as a recording device, do not have it sport a red light. It's, you know ... a give-away. 
Shuk: Safari shows up at Jin-sook’s as well. And I have to say I love her dress and desperately want both it and her figure. Anyway, Safari asks if Baksa turned in Chairman Jo. Jin-sook says nothing, even when Safari comes up with the right conclusion; that Baksa has started the war. He wants to meet up with him. She tells him to beg forgiveness from Baksa if he wants to succeed, and to stop making her hate him more than she already does. Aww, his face, a little sad, a little resolute. He stares at her for a long time, until the elevators close. It feels like their relationship is finally over.
JoAnne: I got that feeling too. And it worries me a little for Jin Sook, because there've been a few times where her ass was saved because Safari pulled his punches a bit - and he only did that because of who she was to him.
kakashi: I don't think he'll harm her. He loves her. Or whatever it is these people feel. This was a very sad scene, I thought. 
Shuk: Chairman Jo is sweating a bit in the interrogation room, but he still says nothing. Hyung-min spells out everything we know already; Chairman squeezes out an inordinate amount of water from his handkerchief, and puts his tie back on. He must have had the interview timed out in his head because, just then, Prosecutor Ahn bursts into the room and releases him.
JoAnne: Interrogation Techniques 101: Make your prisoner uncomfortable. The room should be uncomfortably warm or cold. But the way dude responds, I know he is just biding his time. He knows his rescue is coming.
kakashi: Love this guy. Hahaha, the way he wrings the sweat out onto the table ... 
Shuk: Hyung-min leaps out of his chair and pins Fishy Ahn against the wall. The team grabs their leader and holds him back while the prosecutor explains that there’s not enough evidence for an arrest.
JoAnne: Loved this. He lost his MIND. And then Ahn gets all brave when there's plenty of people to hold everyone back.
kakashi: You seriously are the only one that I see using love and Neanderthal in the same paragraph, JoAnne. 
JoAnne: I'm from New England. Huge slabs of granite inspire affection.

Shuk: And the Monster is released. He gives looks over the entire team as he walks away, and finally talks to Hyung-min. Only to tell Neanderthal that he will see him soon. The detective, impotent, shoots dagger-eyes at Prosecutor Ahn.
JoAnne: Why waste your time, Yum? Go see his boss. You know you wanna.
Shuk: In a Japanese restaurant, Chief Prosecutor Ji (Neanderthal’s Dad, you may remember), and Chairman Jo share sake and intel. Monster offers to take care of Baksa and Safari once they are caught by the police, purely out of the goodness of his heart, and Thigh’s dad hopes they don’t have any more “misunderstandings”. They both promise to do their best.
JoAnne: This was extremely interesting to me. A number of things were made clear: One does not work for the other. They may both work for the same shadowy figure, ultimately - but even that I am not so sure. I think they dislike each other but have an uneasy truce. Neither will push too hard against the other, and they will coexist in some sort of way and 'everyone' - meaning the dicks in power, including them - will win. Very much a situation where 'better the devil you know'.
kakashi: Pretty much as it is in real life, I'd say. Live and let live. I don't think there is a bigger Bad here, necessarily.
Shuk: Ji warns him to make some distance between his late son’s business, and his own. Jo mentions that Hyung-min is a lot like his old man, and the old man needs to take better care of his own son.
JoAnne: Hackles: raised
kakashi: That was a threat, I'd say. Or at least a warning. 

Shuk: His own son is drowning his sorrows in soju at the house when Soo-min arrives. He jumps on her for being out of touch for 13 hours, worried what Kyung-mi would think if something happened to her. He tells her he failed; Baksa used him to attack Pusan. That’s all we hear, and he wakes up the next morning on the couch, with a Hello Kitty note from Soo-min and some bean sprout soup.
JoAnne: Pouty sad face for Thighs. He needs love, too.
kakashi: Bleh. 
Shuk: That same morning, Safari’s upholstery-pattern jacket is nicely juxtaposed below giant zebra-striped window treatments. Eun-soo asks him if they should flee to Japan, and he cryptically replies he betrayed the police because of money and the loss of faith. A short time later, he leaves a church with a picture of two young children. Omo. I couldn't tell - is that Shi-hyun and Kyung-mi?
JoAnne: I believe it is, yes. Although for a minute I was hoping it was a pre-perm Safari with Jin Soo, and that they also have a childhood connection.
kakashi: Of course it's Shi-hyun and Kyung-mi! And we also know that church from earlier. And now, Safari knows about the connection. 
Shuk: Returning to the Restaurant of Back Door Deals, Chief Prosecutor Ji places a little seed in Fishy Ahn's mind that President Jung and Baksa Adeul are the same man.
JoAnne: But does he KNOW that, or is he just smart? And do they want to bring down Doctor's Son? The bad guys don't want him either, so...does their wish to get him mean a sort of support for the bad guys?
kakashi: And especially ... WHY do they want to bring down Doctor's Son? 
Shuk: Perhaps Ji and Jo see him as a true threat, for all their posturing that he's just an annoying fly.

Shuk: The female prosecutor is investigating Ahn Doll Joo-young, and passes the information on to Hyung-min. He looks at a picture of her, and realizes she is Soo-min's friend from the orphanage. She is currently dragging a drunk Ahn back to her place. He slurs accusations of her being in cahoots with President Jung, and demands she tell him who Jung really is. She stays tight.
Shuk: The detective is meeting with Reporter Cha, who has been investigating Arthur. She tells him that Jo's company shares had been transferred to his wife, who wasn't particularly upset at her husband's death. The talk turns personal, and they agree to meet for a late night movie.
kakashi: Have we met the wife? Will we meet the wife? Is she the next completely insane person going to come up from Busan? 

Shuk: At the precinct, Daddy Ji and Baby Ji have a cold conversation. Dad tells him to get over the dead detective; Son insists on knowing why the arrest warrant for Chairman Jo was denied. Stalemate.
JoAnne: Everyone acts like the poor guy has been moping over this girl for years. It's been weeks, she was murdered in front of his eyes, and he was going to marry her. She was carrying their child. Give him some time to grieve, people! Daddy Ji confuses me because his behaviors and attitudes seem to go back and forth between protecting his son from some ugly truths about their city (and perhaps himself) and being completely onboard with son knowing the truths, but only if he'll join Daddy's team.
kakashi: Plus, he has a son in special care because he's a drug victim. 

Shuk: Report Cha gets stood up by Hyung-min, even though he is watching her from across the cafe where she was waiting.
JoAnne: Why. Is he interested, but unwilling to be so? She just reminds me of Min Young so much.
kakashi: Seriously. I don't get this side-side-side plot.
Shuk: Baksa is on his Thinking Couch. Is he going to show up at their cafe and see Soo-min? Nope, he parallels his arch-nemesis and leaves the cafe without her knowing he was watching her. Joo-young does show up, though, and Soo-min cries on her shoulder. Later, she cries some more in her room.
JoAnne: I think Kakashi will say he's just there to gather more intel on her, but I think his heart wants to meet with her and his brain says it's a bad idea and this time, his brain won.
kakashi: Oh, no, I guess he's not sure what to do with her. Love her, kill her, both. Just kidding.Of course he's drawn to her and puzzled by his feelings. I never doubted that.
Shuk: Baksa meets with Cutie-soo; he has decided to let Meth Kim go. Cutie refuses: He is the guy who killed his girlfriend and stabbed him. A quick abshot of the knife scar and a promise to punish Meth Kim. He heads to the building where Meth Kim is secured to a metal column with white rope. He advances with a blurry knife, but somehow Meth Kim secured a metal pipe. One whack, and he's running out the door and leaving Cutie writing in pain on the floor. Hyun-soo immediately recovers and calls Baksa, warning him that this is the last time he'll let Meth Kim go. Aww, he staged the whole thing. I kind of thought the cardboard box full of shovels and metal pipes was overkill, though. Still, yay, bromance!!
JoAnne: Made me laugh. Where the f*** is Halibut?
Shuk:  Maybe Halibut was The Big Bad the whole time?  Nah [grabs another straw]
kakashi: Meth Kim? The best runner in the history of KDrama. If you can call the waddling running. And I'm a bit sorry Cutie Soo is such a marginal character. He really IS hot.
Shuk: Meth Kim makes it to the road and hails a taxi. He borrows the cabbie's phone to call Safari with news of his escape. Safari is understandably curious on how easy the escape was. Meth Kim wants to meet up with him, but Safari advises the dealer to turn around and go back to Baksa. Why? Because he's the bait to catch Safari. That man's genius brain is a nice counterpoint to Baksa's intellect, who by the way, is the cabbie. He knocks Kim out and takes the phone. Safari tells him The Chairman has been released, and the two of them need to cooperate to survive.
JoAnne: I thought that cab was too convenient. Funny as hell though.
kakashi: Something that I really like is how smart Safari is. He always gets it. Right away. 
Shuk: Baksa asks a question near to his heart. Why did Safari betray the police? Safari pauses for a moment, and verbally shrugs it was for the money. He changes the subject and tells Baksa he looked into Kyung-mi's murder (while staring at the picture from the orphanage). His conclusion? Chairman Jo. Whut?
JoAnne: Gotta be a misdirect. And right now I'm laughing at the expression on Meth Kim's face right up there.
kakashi: ScreenCapping 101: Always go for the derpest faces.  

Shuk: The taxi is stopped in the middle of a lane, but Baksa jumps out to perform an Agitation Dance on the street. Chairman Jo planned to kill both the detective and Baksa to taunt the police. I have to throw the BS flag down on that play, since the sniper had plenty of time to kill Baksa (and Shi-hyun should know this, since he supposedly had sniper training too).
JoAnne: I'm with you on this one.
kakashi: Yeah. Utter BS. 
Shuk: Safari asks him why this information is so important to him - is there a deeper link between the dead detective and him? There is no answer. Instead, Shi-hyun goes to the Acheron Han River, and stares at the fading light. A voice behind him matter of factly mentions how easy it would be push him in.
Shuk: Baksa and Safari talk as they both look over the river. Baksa says he comes to this location on the death anniversary of his mom. According to Safari, Jung Mi-hee was a strong and beautiful person, and best friends with Jin-sook. Oh man, another past relationship link.
JoAnne: I always assumed they'd been friends, ever since that first card-game. I wonder what else I assume that I perhaps shouldn't.
kakashi: Yeah, We knew they knew each other and were and friendly terms. I think here it's mentioned because of what comes next. 

Shuk: Baksa calls him Uncle Duk Bae and asks him why he killed his mom. Safari is surprised and wondered if that was the reason Baksa had chased him. He tells the younger man that his mom was one of his distributors, and that he never supplied drugs for her personal use. Oh, gack, was she somehow killed too?
JoAnne: I IMMEDIATELY know where this is going. Shit.
kakashi: Of course. Lying liar Min! He is the one that told Baksa that Safari killed his mother. 
Shuk: Baksa freaks out and grabs Safari by the lapel. Safari decides that rational conversation is not likely and tells Baksa to call him when everything is sorted in his head. After he leaves, Baksa staggers under the Seongsan Bridge, almost paralyzed from the weight of revelations. He remembers his younger self giving a bag filled with white powder and little baggies to his mom from his sanchoon, and finding his mom dead, grabbing all the available cash, and running. Oof, that poor poor younger self. The adult self lets out almost animal sounds in his pain.
JoAnne: Poor Baksa. Safari is only guilty to the extent that he, himself, is guilty. Which is not true, because he was a kid who hadn't a clue, and his mother and Safari were grown ups. But still.
kakashi: The hurting of his own hand that took part in his mother's death? A bit over-dramatic for my taste. As is the breakdown scene. But I'm willing to forgive him. 
Shuk: Min receives a text from Baksa, and meets him at the church. Shi-hyun asks Min how his mother died. Min says yes, she died of an overdose, and Shi-hyun stands up to head out. Min tells him that if it is too difficult to complete the mission, it's okay to leave now, and he can still join the police force. Seriously, Min, do you honestly expect him to believe you?
JoAnne: Because we sure as F*** don't.
Shuk:  Please see the BS meter above, because I'm sure this one pegged it.
kakashi: I am not sure what Min's real feelings towards Baksa are. And why the whole undercover game, starting with Safari. What IS Min's stake in all this? 
Shuk: Shi-hyun lifts the older man up by his jacket, and yells with crazy eyes: "Why did you do this to me?!!" Min tries to reply, using his given name, but the young man cuts him off:
"Don't use that name. I'm Baksa Adeul. Now everything is finished."  
Shuk: And with that, he leaves with the Superintendent calling out to him.
JoAnne: Poor guy. Initially I'd have said he just figures he's part of the dark side now and always has been, but after a bit of conversation on other aspects of the drama over the last few days, I'm revising my theory. I think now he feels like no one is the good side or the bad side anymore. Everyone is just as dirty as everyone else, himself included. And if everything is just shit he might as well stick with the life he made with the people he cares about and not worry about good or bad anymore.
kakashi: I think the turning point is in this episode, when he realizes that he trafficked the drugs that eventually killed his own mother. This sin is so big, there is no way back. Never. He is doomed and all hope is lost. 
JoAnne:  Exactly.


Shuk: This recap took longer than usual, partly because of my crappy PC, but also because of the amount of information given to us. Some of the bigger players are now showing their hand, leaving the middle management guys scrambling for some type of leverage. Safari's team is further ahead from an information point of view, but Team Baksa excels at the last minute changeup and overall has smarter members. I've no doubt it will be a battle to the death there.
JoAnne: They should really just team up TOGETHER and topple Jo.
kakashi: And people should start donating so that Shuk can by herself a new PC. Or why not go Mac, sista?
Shuk:  When the new MBP comes out, unni. [adding coins to a jar] [thinking about the cost][adding dollars to the jar]

Shuk: And our Investigation Team, if I can say that without curling my lip, is strictly on mop up duty. Your leader is a wildcard, playing lone vigilante, and gathering data from media sources and gangsters alike. If they manage to get the jump on anybody, I'll soju bomb.
JoAnne: Since they are so ineffective, I wonder if that's actually a statement of sorts. Not against them, necessarily, but a comment on how pointless the struggle is, when everyone is in tacit agreement about letting sleeping dogs lie. Because you know, even if the Inept Squad was formed with an ulterior motive on Min HongKi's part, and even if some of its members are not exactly straightforward in their loyalties... the truth is that Ji Hyung Min's desire for revenge dovetails 100% with the stated mission, and while his methods are questionable, his motivation and end goal is not. He is fighting to take down the bad guys. 
kakashi: Maybe it's for the comedy. It would be too dark otherwise.
Shuk: But what of our boy? I think Baksa is now solely focused on bringing Chairman Jo down by any means necessary. Assuming Safari is telling the truth (and let's face it that is speculation at best), Jo now represents everyone and everything that has ever gone wrong in Shi-hyun's life, topped off with the cherry of the kill order on Soo-min, where, for the first time since his mom died, he has experienced the warmth of a friendly human. Oh yeah, like JoAnne likes to say, it's on like Donkey Kong.
JoAnne: Oh yeah. He's ready to fuck some shit up. And that duck face down there is disturbing. 
kakashi: Is it Monday yet?


Jillia said…
Is it too much to ask to scratch reporter lady off the show!? She is just useless... or is there anything big for her coming up in the next 6 episodes!?

Is she Chairman Jo's daughter!? O.o
OMG said…
OMG!!! that last picture is too cute!!! The end of the episode had me wanting to take Baska into my arms...then into my bed...and feed him as well! U know im on the same ride with Min as SH is...i mean i liked him in the beginning, he seemed like a good guy, but now with recent revelations...i dunno! WTF is his end game? what does he want? we know he wants Jin Sook but what else????

SH and his love for SM is cute!!! He wants to see her and probably even have her by his side all the time but i think he keeps her away for her protection and also because of the question she asked at the end of ep. 11! Dude...going to see her when ur head tells u not to is IT...ur soooooo i lurv with her.

Im glad we are ramping up episodes before the finale...i dont like when dramas ramp up an episode or two before...my question is whats gonna happen with SM now? Based on the preview for episode 15, it seems Baska finds out about her and she's in danger....ooooooh m so excited!!!!
CM Shukmeister said…

I saw the preview for 15. Now that the war is on, we are going to start seeing collateral people brought into the fray. The scenes with SM are scary, but we know that he will try and protect her to the best of his abilities.
CM Shukmeister said…
Jillia - They said she was the daughter of a Councilman or Senator (not sure the translation). I'm guessing her unseen dad is probably The Big Bad, since Neanderthal's father is happy to see him date her. Marriage ties always works for loyalty and cash flow. Six more episodes!
aoiaheen said…
I actually have a theory on why the reporter is around though no one wants her.

I think Ji Daddy wants Thighs to marry someone at their social level. When he found out that he's proposing to an detective who happens to have grown up in an orphanage, he wants to be rid of her. I think he's the one who gave the order to get Lee Gyung Mi killed. It would be the easiest way to get rid of her - during a dangerous mission. No questions would be asked.

aoiaheen said…
Sorry... I didn't complete my thought...

Anyway, the reporter is probably around to show us that daddy has marriage thoughts for his son in his head so it won't come to us out of the blue.

then again, I might be completely wrong and she's just around because the writers need someone to fill the hour.
aoiaheen said…
"Boy’s got a death wish as big as the Himalayas, and balls to match."" *imagination going into overdrive*

Some of my thoughts when watching and reading the squeecap:

1) Baksa looks so freaking hot with blood dripping down his forehead. especially when he has the knife to Chairmans neck.

2) I think Min was rightly angry with Baksa trying to frame Chairman Jo, (if he really was into getting pusan , that is). Baksa wasn't really thinking clearly when he went to Chairman. He was desperate to get chairman out of the way for SooMin's safty and his plan had too many holes, just like the rest of the episode proved. When they went for Chairman Jo, they should have had enough proof that he infact is guilty of narcotics production. Just a bag thrown at this feet isn't proof enough with such a corrupt police force/prosecutor office.

3) that sequence where Baksa was in the car, thinking of soomin, and then the pororo bandaid scene - it was so sad and well done. I could feel his loneliness and pain and guilt and everything.

4) I mourn EunSoo becoming less scary. I loved her evil.

5) That last scene has me worried for Baksa. He seemed so defeated.
And Baksa knows there is no way out for him.

6) And also, the lack of guns is feeling a little wierd lately. Come On show, are you telling me that a guy like Chairman Jo can;t afford to give his minion a gun or 2?
melona said…
Thank you for this Episode Squeecaps!

I agree on the comment regarding Jin Sook's dress. Love it! and she's fabulous.
I also call BS on Safari telling Baksa that Chairman Jo ordered Kyung Mi killed. Obviously it's just Safari's strategy so that Baksa will hold hands again with him. My money is still on Min.

Loved Jin Sook and Safari's farewell scene. Nothing much was said but both of them knew that this is good bye. And the last glance they took of each other, that was sad but beautifully played.

About Daddy Ji, at this stage I don't know what to make of him, but from his conversation with Neanderthal I get the impression that he takes his job seriously and hence is unlikely to be in cahoots with Chairman Jo doing bad things. It's more like he's treading lightly and waiting for the right time to bring Jo down. He got a son permanently disabled by drugs! That alone should be a powerful motive to work against the drug cartel and NOT with it. He should have a bigger plan on play here.

Reporter Cha is a useless side character that takes up more screen time than I would like. What is the point of her again?

And lastly, I don't get why Baksa is so surprised at the revelation that maybe Safari is not involved in his mum's death after all. I've always thought from the beginning that this was a weak plot point, because how did Min manage to convince Shi Hyun that Safari killed his mum, when Shi Hyun is obviously smart and can think further than just turning around after being blindly fed some information. His mum is an adult and she made the choices (whether it's to be a drug distributor or a user). It's not like Safari took a syringe personally and made her overdose (in which Baksa's quest of revenge will have more base) Now that he realizes that even he himself was involved, he can't blame Safari and I think that made him lost and confused. It'll be interesting to see if he'll really turn to the dark side after this. And I love Jung Kyung Ho's acting in that last confrontational scene with Min (replayed it so many times).

The consequences of this plot point are great for moving the story along (and very fitting for a noir), but the reasoning of how we get there, is a little weak IMHO. It's only a minor quibble and Heartless City still owns me :)
Jillia said…
Shuk and aoiaheen-
Yes I agree. It's not like that I think she doesn't have any purpose. It's just frustrating... to see precious time is wasted in each episode with her. But I'm sure there will be some big revelation in the next episodes. I will just sit back and watch. :)
anais said…
He DOES look like Duckie!!! But MUCH MUCH cuter and more adorable. Look at those eyes!

As for Min, he always or has for some time played loathsome travesties of human beings. See Horse Doctor. As soon as he was on, my kdrama-dar was pinging him as the lying sack of cowardly ass.

Great recap, ladies. Love you.
alexe said…
Yes , indeed , you're just awesome , ladies . You give the drama a second life. Of course , my love goes to Paksa adeul , but Min isn't uninteresting ...
Ennayra said…
Love this squeecap! I'm super late watching Heartless City, just trying not to get spoiled. I saw in today's open thread on dramabeans that you guys have been doing squeecaps, and I had to check out your site, since all I do while watching Heartless City is squee for Baksa Adeul and curse everyone else (okay except Soo). I really love Jung Kyung-ho here, so I'm streeeetching this drama out. Yes, I've been watching it for 2 months. :-)
CM Shukmeister said…
Ennayra - Glad you showed up, no matter how late! And stretching is fine! This one still stays with me, even though I've been involved in several SqueeCap projects since. Poor Baksa, I want to both hug him, and lick his wolf tat. Is it too much to ask for both?
marblegirl said…
OMG!! I am so addicted to your blog and recaps!! You are all Awesome at this!! Thank you, thank you.. I will watch a KDrama, then google for the recaps and look for your blog...nuf said.. I do not plan on entering a recovery program for my addictions to KDrama and your posts...as I don't have a problem..no, not at all,
JoAnne said…
Hi! Welcome to Squeeville! Thanks for the kind words :)