Goddess of Marriage - Episode 10 (KimJiCap)

People! Stop harrassing me for not hating Tae-wook! Yes, I mean you and you. You know who your are :D It is in fact quite funny, if not hilarious, that I have become the one woman to publicly (=here and on Twitter) defend Tae-wook, who really is nothing but a character in a show. Yes, people: We are insane. Face it. You and you ... and you, too.
On another note, this KimJiCap is the last one before my holidays. Which means: no KimJiCaps for three weeks! Yes, I am sorry, but how should I have known Goddess of Marriage would keep me up at night when I booked them? I'll try to catch up as quickly as possible once I am back of course and will shower you all with incredibly beautiful Kim Ji-hoon pictures. I promise.
Sourpuss gets home after the shout-out and shake-up with Tae-wook and gets the next scolding by her sister. No break for the cheating. Her father and she waited at the restaurant, but neither Tae-wook nor Ji-hye ever showed up. Her sister demands an explanation, but Ji-hye just says it was because she did something wrong. And then, Ji-hye bursts into tears and tells them she told Tae-wook she can't get married. And she goes to sob in her room.
It's a veritable Sobfest. And I do feel sorry for her. Yes, I genuinely do: She must feel absolutely terrible.

Tae-wook meets his (maybe) future father-in-law at a traditional restaurant. And I do take issue that it took 13 minutes until Kim Ji-hoon's first appearance in this episode. Not okay, show! Not okay at all!! He does a very formal greeting and is yummy while doing it. I know what lafer and laos7 will say again ... he isn't sincere ladiladila ... he is a cunning and mean person ladiladila ... but I don't think so! I think he genuinely is a "good son", very polite to the Elders. He hears from Ji-hye's father that Sourpuss said she can't get married. Tae-wook says that he is sorry ... he is lacking a lot. Father-in-law won't have it, but Tae-wook says his personality is very different from Ji-hye's; and that she is having a difficult time because of it. He apologizes for it (as he always does). But father-in-law says a promise is a promise. They need to get married, or course. And Tae-wook asks for his father-in-law's help to convince Ji-hye. Well, okay, that is a little low. He knows exactly that she cannot say no to her father.
Later, Tae-wook is on the phone with her. He is pissed that she told her father she cannot get married to him. She makes him feel bad in many different ways, he says. She tells him not to feel terrible because of a woman like her. Ah, she is now in self-hatred mode. He tells her to get over it. Their problem is their difference in character: nothing more and nothing less. Yes, she agrees: she cannot understand a person like him. How can he even think about marriage?! She had an affair. Another man! He says he knows. He has tears in his eyes, but I am guessing, or rather hoping they are tears of suppressed rage? I don't want my baby to cry ...
He knows, an he ... kinda doesn't care. Does she actually think she is his one and only woman? Of course he had many girls before he met her. Even while dating her, he sometimes had to go see other women. But none of them is even remotely as good as her - and that is why he is marrying her. He even lived together with a woman for a year during college, to rebel against his father. Well, he has dated numerous daughters of well-known families and they went as far as they could short of marriage. YUM. Stop this, now, Tae-wook, I'm imagining things ...  
So why is he choosing her? Ji-hye wants to know. Because she is innocent and naive. There is more than wealth somebody in his shoes craves: A woman like her. A woman that clings to the idea of love, so foolishly and unrealistically and stupidly. And that type of rare woman makes mistakes like she did. He understands this ... and he will let it go once --- but not a second time. He tells her once again to prepare for marriage. He already told her he would live as her dog. But she shouldn't make him a dog with his family: If he has to go to them and say that they cannot get married at this stage, it would be his total humiliation. And he ends the conversation by saying that he loves her forever. And will definitely make her his wife. Raaaaawr, you sexy beast, you! I'm totally innocent and foolish myself! Come and marry me! Me!
Her father talks to her. The longer they spend time together, the less they seem compatible, Ji-hye complains. And she rattles off a list of things that, in her opinion, should be compatible when one gets married. Bullshit, says her father. Nothing matches from the beginning. It is hard to find someone like Tae-wook in this world. The beauty of marriage is that things start to come together once you are married. Marriage is the beginning of a process of working together. And ... it is better to have somebody to hold you than to have somebody you discuss politics with. Well. As wise as these words are ... I am not quite sure that Tae-wook is the one to just sit around and cuddle. But, hey! He said he'd be her dogs and we know that dogs like to have their fur ruffled.
Hmmmm .... you think that's funny?!
Wait .... ha! The Snore texts her!! And the terrible music starts to play immediately and I'm throwing up a little. He says he wasn't going to call. Yeah, then fucking don't. Blablabla, then, finally, she tells him to forget her. Yes, do. Booooooooooooring.

Wait ... is this a flashback?! Tae-wook and Ji-hye are walking together, along a lake. Wow! They are actually talking to each other like normal people! And he is smiling. When he takes her hand ... she let's him. He has always been a tenacious guy - that is why he never misses his target, he tells her. She? The most difficult of them all. He just considers it his fate: a bastard, born with everything, a hateful man - only right he has to suffer a little when it comes to getting his woman. Well, Tae-wook: you seriously get the best lines in this show. Please continue your good work.
What is he going to do about them, she asks (not a flashback then). He wants to know why she is bringing it up again. Because she has no confidence ... that she will love him forever, be a good mother, a good daughter-in-law, etc. But he says that she hasn't tried yet, so how does she know? Well, people don't change easily, is her reply, and she knows herself really well. She can only read and write well. And she even had an affair. Why is she bringing it up again and again?! To torture him? he asks, or because she has some conscience left? Both, is her reply. And she informs him that she needs to be alone 5 hours a day without interruption from anyone. The perfect wife for a busy prosecutor, he says, as they walk into the sunset.
He has driven her home. The three kids arrive at the same time, always happy to see him (like me). Ji-hye tells them to go in and Tae-wook to leave ... but he has something for her: a huge bouquet of flowers. Oh he is so cuuuuute when he gives it to her ... very shy all of a sudden. Yeah, yeah, lafer and laos7 will find fault with hit again, but come on guys! Look at his smile here!
At that moment, the kids discover something hanging out of the trunk of his car. They open it behind Tae-wook's back ... and out come an incredible amount of balloons. Yeah, I didn't know that many balloons would fit into the trunk of a car. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The biggest bunch of them are attached to a banner, which reads: I love you, will you marry me? Tae-wook panics (there is a diamond ring attached to the balloons) while all the neighborhood kids go crazy. When she seems him that way, Ji-hye laughs. It seems ... there is hope for the two.
Later, she is on the phone with her friend. She feels kind of good, she says ... about him forgiving her. About him loving her. She is relieved. Yes. There is hope. (what I do not get, though, is this: hasn't he proposed to her before? Or is this a second proposal to show her how sincere he is?)

While shopping for a gift for Tae-wook, she runs into the Big Snore. He is getting a gift instead of his Architect friend. And the muuuuuusic plays. Okay, I actually GET it, even without the music, thankyouverymuch. Stop it already.
They go for a boring coffee. She tells him that she realized: choosing this or that person is not what this is about. They are all the same anyway (ahaha, WRONG, missey. You haven't seen your future husband's abs yet, have you?). No: this is about her. And she has decided: She wants to be good to Tae-wook. And she tells The Snore that Tae-wook knows about their affair. But even though ... he forgave her. And he promised to be there for her, always. She never wants to meet again. Since she met him on Jeju, one and a half month ago, it has been hell for her. She will never ever do again what she did in Jeju. Goodbye Snore (Oh man ... we all know this is not the last time they meet, this is only episode 10 of 32 after all). And I am not going to comment on all that cheesy stuff he says in voice over at the end, as he does some more car commercials. Nope, I will not. Meet you in the next life and stuff. Gaaaaaaaah, my goodness. They really make him the most cliched romantic douchebag I've ever met in a KDrama.

But forget about the Snore, because ... 

... they get married.  

OMG ... they really get married!

Other Stuff:

- Wow, the storyline with the Anchorman and Doormat Wife is getting harder and harder to watch. It is too brutal. Will she be able to change her life and move on? At this moment, I doubt it. He is her one and only reason to live, it seems. Sure, she has her son ... but her son certainly does not come first. She was even ready to abandon him to follow her cheating scumbag of a husband. Of course, I understand: starting a new life without the person you have spent an eternity with is daunting, may seem impossible. But I do hope that someone will be able to show her that there is more to life than clinging to a love that is no longer. And btw: the attempts at comedy when she is with the Career Woman? Not working.
- And I also hope that Cheating Anchorman is in for a bad surprise when Barbie grows tired of him. He is the most despicable character right now. And that means something, cause there are so many despicable characters!! 
- New Director Woman, formerly known as Abused Wife continues to show her claws. Well. She is not a very nice person either, as we find out.
- Dragon Mother doesn't cope well with the new situation. What an incredibly awful biatch this woman is! Gross Brother also doesn't cope with the new Power Woman well. Haha, he even tells her he wants her to shrink down to the little size she had before again. Do you maybe refer to the size of something else, you terrible person?!

Final Thoughts: 

Hm. Hmmmmmmmm .... I am surprised. I did NOT expect this marriage to happen so soon. In fact, I wasn't expecting it to happen at all. Let me say that this show still intrigues me because it is quite unpredictable. What is in store for Ji-hye and Tae-wook now? I have absolutely no idea. I am pretty certain that she will experience hell from the Dragon Mother, but how will she take it? What will Tae-wook's part in this be? Is there happiness where they are headed? Is it really just the beginning of a long journey for them? Or has the journey ended before it even started? I seriously have no clue. One clue we got, though ... her old life is over. All her friends (all arriving too late) are not allowed to attend the wedding. Because of being late and because they are not dressed appropriately.

Whatever will lay ahead for the two, I am so glad to read about how well they get on together in real life. And thank you, Kim Ji-hoon, for tweeting these pictures. I really am far too involved emotionally. Craaaaazy. Have fun without me for a while, chingus, and see you after my holidays!