Goddess of Marriage - Episode 15 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Let us all welcome the wonderful JoAnne who is joining me today with her incredible snarkpower to rant about GoM "a little"! But no ranting about Kim Ji-hoon, hear me?!
JoAnne: Hi! Notice me not making any promises.
kakashi: I will have to do some gifs of the Big Boring Snore Bore, out of fairness. He does bare his chest mighty well in this episode and I was unable to ignore it (even though he puts me to sleep almost immediately in all his other scenes). I hope Kim Ji-hoon will not get too angry with me? Oh, you ARE angry?! Sorry, baby. Just make sure you get some extended shower or bed scene next, okay?
JoAnne: I think he mentioned handcuffs?
kakashi: Oh. Handcuffs. Me. Him. hmmm ................. 

Episode 15

kakashi: The Big Snore has a rather lengthy boring scene in the beginning where he mopes about Sourpuss, while reading the news coverage of her. His constipation must really be very bad ... and gets instantly worse when he spots the UnfortunatelyNOTDeadWantToBeGirlfriend, who is coming along to his company's MT. What the frigging hell does MT stand for?! Mope Training? Two days and three nights for her to jump him. Let's see whether she is successful.
JoAnne: Even I fast forward when he mopes. WE GET IT, dude.

kakashi: Oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever seen a woman more annoying that her. Where is the Truck of Doom when you need it?
JoAnne: People who die should stay dead. Or come back as zombies. Zombie Goddess of Marriage, coming soon to a computer screen near you.
Truck of Doom (another time, another show, but here to make a point)
kakashi: On to the next woman from hell. Dragon Mamma. She is shouting at Sourpuss about not stopping to work and adds all the other mean stuff she can think of. And she also lashes out at NewBiatch, for not training the new Houseslave well enough. Alright, Sourpuss would need to love either Tae-wook OR money a LOT to endure this. Not sure she does either. NewBiatch parts from Sourpuss with a warning: Work is not the only thing a daughter-in-law of this RoyalPainInTheA$$ household cannot do. Hm. Now I'm curious. What's the other stuff? Go to the toilet maybe?
JoAnne: Well she's married to an ass, and Tae Wook never comes home, so I'm guessing orgasm. Orgasms are also things a daughter-in-law of this RoyalPainInTheA$$ household cannot do.
kakashi: Things get out of hand at the mope training real quickly. There's wild sex and stuff. Haha, of course not. But the Big Snore goes for a (booooring) run ...
... and dives into the pool ... (sorry, lafer, but he barely swims better than Kim Ji-hoon. I think they need swimming lessons from me. And Kim Ji-hoon's body is better by factor 100000000000000. Just saying. He shouldn't mope so much and train his abs a bit more instead. ).
JoAnne: But look at those arms, which are made for hugging. Also for holding you up against the wall when you wrap your legs arou...anyway.
kakashi: You know what? You can have him a thousand times. Wrap him up for good so he will never come back, though.
kakashi: And why does he walk around half-naked in front of his colleagues?! What a show-off ... next up, a boooooring shower scene ...
kakashi: ... enough already, okay?
JoAnne: Did you get hit on the head or something? How is that body boring? There are so many things you can DO with it, come on!
kakashi: That body is in the way of THAT body: 13 effin minutes pass before I get to see my Kim Ji-hoon for the first time. He's on the phone. With the Sourpuss, who reports to him what his mother said. It pains him to hear it. But she says she is okay(ish) - and she'll talk to her after work about the issue. Ah!!!! #NotAGoodIdea!!!
JoAnne: I think I had a twitter melt down here....no wait, it's later when there's screaming from the Big House.
kakashi: He also doesn't think it's a good idea and implores her to wait for him, several times - until she finally agrees to wait and let him do the talking. Not sure that's a much better idea. But beautiful shots of his wonderful nose.
JoAnne: Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's plasticene... no wait, that makes bombs doesn't it? Either way, he should NOT blow his nose vigorously.

kakashi: Later, he backhugs his beautiful wife and thanks her for waiting. He was worried again ... about her running away. And he is serious ... he really is anxious when he thinks about her. Not dumb, this one, not dumb at all. He even almost cries as he tells her he feels like a child who has to hold on to his mother as hard as he can because he fears to lose her.
JoAnne: It is hard to feel sexy about a needy man... but it helps if he's got a rager poking you in the back, I guess. (Actually, he's kind of touching my heart a little, your Tae Wook-ssi.)
kakashi: She tells him she doesn't need a man all day ... she just needs to be able to work, to write, and to read. and he says he knows ... he knows well, and that is why he needs to make sure she can do these things.
JoAnne: He won major points with me there.
kakashi: And they bravely go to face the Tigers together. He sings her a children's song about a tadpole turning into a frog (saying it is his favorite song) and does a little dance ... oh my ... melting, melting, melt down ...
JoAnne: Apparently, I CAN feel sexy about a man singing a baby song. Man that was cute. But my feelings of attraction were all mixed up with the terror that I felt as they approached the House of Horrors.
kakashi: He can't keep his hands off her and it is hot and cute at the same time, but we know there is doom awaiting them ... they walk in on Awful Brother and Dragon Father having this huge fight ... and Tae-wook just drags Sourpuss out, abhorred
JoAnne: He must have felt very exposed and embarrassed. I felt bad for him. Nothing funny about that house. Nothing.
kakashi: He runs down the stairs and flees to a bench to brood. --Anyone else bothered by the fact that the Palace grounds really do not look like a private setting at all but very much like a resort? It's particularly the street signs that annoy me--. Anyway, he is angry and sad and troubled that it only took one and a half month for his family to expose itself as the horror it is. He feels disgraced ... and deeply sorry.
JoAnne: YES THANK YOU I LOVE YOU. The street signs and the cross walk markings and all that. And it NEVER gets dark.
kakashi: She tries to comfort him, but he says he can't take it anymore ... father, mother, brother ... he would rather live without them. And he knows, with tears in his eyes (*sniff*, don't cry, baby) what kind of poison this is to a woman like her. She says not to worry; she told him she'll do her best for the situation she has chosen.
JoAnne: I think compassion for him might melt her mopey heart eventually.

kakashi: But he says, oh so smart: "That's not enough - It doesn't mean you're happy, it just means you are making an effort". And she says: "If you put in an effort, you become happy ... so let us put in an effort". Hm. Will that be enough?! She tattles on about being family and making efforts, but he hugs her, saying he is going insane because of his terrible family ... and she comforts him like a child, telling him that all is well, it will pass.
JoAnne: That might have been their first moment of real connection. She did a good thing there. And he IS smart.
kakashi: And ... CUT to sweaty basketball with the Big Snore. Some brooding/moping, too. Will this ever stop? UnfortunatelyNOTDeadWantsToBeGirlfriend goes talky-talky to BroodyBroody. He says stuff about the Sourpuss, i.e. that he believes she wanted him to hold on to her, and that he wanted to hold on to her ... but it didn't happen. And he regrets, regrets, regrets ... yeah, we know. And he also cries. Is this the episode of the crying men? And she is right there to help him forget.
JoAnne: In the beginning I was just thinking how much I hate it when a really soaking wet from sweat man sits at the table, and in the end I was thinking how cool it was that the chairs are deliberately sitting in the pool.  In the middle I thought oh wow...do you think he's right? She was hoping he'd stop her?
kakashi: Maybe. Yes, I think she did at that time. And I am sure she also feels regret, but maybe not to the same degree as he does.
kakashi: The woman he tries to forget is still patting Tae-wook, who is now asleep in their bed, fully dressed unfortunately. And then, she walks out and roams the park, moping. At least no annoying flashbacks.
JoAnne: Silly Kakashi, don't you know all Koreans sleep fully dressed all the time?
kakashi: But not often with ties. And not Tae-wook. I have proof!!
kakashi: Later, her dreadful sister-in-law once again tells her to stop working. This family has it all, and by marrying into it, she now has it all, too ... she has to stop working and has to take responsibility. And Sourpuss says: "I am sorry, but I am not employed by this family. I just picked Tae-wook as my husband". wow, I really like her now!
JoAnne:  I liked that little exchange. I liked that she stood her ground. I also liked that the potentially evil sister-in-law actually had some interesting and possibly valid points to make - that  there are other things, perhaps, that the women in their family should be focusing on. Not saying I agree, necessarily. Just saying there might be some stuff there to think about.
kakashi: I agree. With you, that is, not the biatch.
kakashi: But things don't look too good ... Tae-wook comes to meet her in between work to take her out to dinner. She is nasty to him. Okay, I don't like her anymore. They go out for steak (what else) at the best steakhouse in Seoul (what else), when the Big Snore appears at the door. And sees them. Just go away, Snore. Leave them alone.
JoAnne: Are you as tired of his partner meddling in his life with woman who is BoringButUnfortunatelyNotDeadThisTime as I am?
kakashi: Oh god, yes, that guy is so annoying!! Where is the truck of doom?! 

The other Stuff: 

Career Woman: Uhm ... I think JoAnne likes her, so I let her fill in what is need here.
JoAnne: I do like her, although her voice is annoying and she's WAYYYY too excitable for my tastes. However, I forgive this because she's kind to her sister- in-law and she stands up to her evil mother-in-law.
NewBiatch: WTF. The evil vixen. She tells the Dragon Father that she agrees with the Dragon Mother that Sourpuss should not longer be allowed to work and later, she chides Ji-hye for not becoming a Houseslave faster. She also tells on CheatingDickHusband and DragonMother and their little money laundering scheme, after which all hell breaks loose (see above).
JoAnne: I cannot decide if she says and does what she thinks is right, or if she's just out to please DragonDad. If it's the latter, I hope  when she gets that 15% of the stock she divorces the dickwad husband and laughs ALL the way to the board meeting. I also can't decide if she actually knew what she was letting herself in for 7 years ago and this is the result of what she learned on the go, or if this was ALWAYS her plan. So I don't know how I feel about her yet.
CheatingDickofaBrother: Gets his ass kicked by his terrible father and goes slapping his wife after, for telling on him. He also starts his affair with the Bat-Ear-Lady Nam. I hope he dies. And she can die too, but only after we find out what her evil plan is.
JoAnne: This man is so grotesque that my lady parts actually try to climb farther up into my body to get away from him. Ugh.

CheatingAnchorman: Gets kicked out by Cynthia. Hahaha, I enjoyed that.
JoAnne: The face push out the door. I laughed SO hard.
Doormat: Everybody's Korean grandmother who is also always a rich President of an incredibly successful conglomerate is after her - cause they have history.
JoAnne: So, what? Is she now the Good Doctor of the finance world? I'd like her to be able to recover some of her pride and self-respect, though, if for  no other reason than the fact that she has a devastated child at home who needs her.

Final Thoughts

kakashi: I thought this was a very strong episode, finally giving enough screen time to our main couple again. As I mentioned recently, I am glad the honeymoon period is over, because it just got a million times more interesting. What will Tae-wook do for his love? His constant fear that she will leave him is of course shared by us, the viewers. Can she endure this? Will she win over the Dragon(s)? Will they have to move out? The Big Snore is also still lurking around, and I bet I'm not the only one that thinks another little misstep is not totally out of the question? Ji-hye is not easy to like, but I do like her much better now than in the beginning. She is starting to wake up and she has stopped being altogether passive, though there is room for improvement.
JoAnne: Yes, I admit it. I can see some light at the end of their tunnel, and the train it's attached to might not be speeding QUITE as quickly toward their doom as I expected.