Goddess of Marriage - Episode 16 (KimJiCap)

Not my favorite episode so far. Not at all. I might even say I hated it. There aren't even many beautiful Kim Ji-hoon pictures to be had and he only half-smiles once. That is why I invited uri lovely JoAnne again to help me giggle.
JoAnne: *cracks knuckles and then wonders if it should rather be the funny bone*
kakashi: We are back in the restaurant, where steaks are vigorously attacked (I will have to show Kim Ji-hoon how to lovingly and gently cut a piece of meat once he is my man). While our married couple enjoys their dinner (NOT), the Snore rumbles in, sees them, and freezes. And stares. He does stare really well, this one. He sees how the caring Tae-wook puts tasty things on his wife's plate. Thankfully, that Terrible Girl spots him and waves him over ... just as Sourpuss looks up and almost sees him.
JoAnne: A man should really know how to handle his meat. Also, re BoringUnfortunatelyNotDead:  
oh my GOD her voice. Can I punch her? I didn't hate her in Baksa's Bad Day but here... oh good Lord, I hate her so much.
kakashi: The mood is icy, and Tae-wook suggests to be angry after the meal. She agrees ... and their very pleasant dinner (NOT) continues. But at least The Snore's dinner isn't pleasant either ... cause there is that Annoying Woman - and his direct view of the Sourpuss, who now belongs to somebody else. He flees the premise shortly after, while the Tae-wooks continue their angry-meal. Some angry-make-up-sex afterwards, maybe?
JoAnne: She is working my last nerve, this mopey woman. Seriously. Tell the family no, but do it politely of course because you are Korean, but still: Just Say No. It's NOT hard to do. Go ahead, ask me something, Kakashi.
kakashi: JoAnne, do you want to inherit my fortune?
JoAnne:  DAMN YOU!  Although it's appropriate, I suppose.  Sigh.  No. See?  Ok, not easy, but doable.

kakashi: While she cuts microscopic pieces out of her meat, Tae-wook assures her once again that he will make sure she can continue to work at the broadcasting station. As before, she is not convinced. (JoNote: Well, she's not stupid.) We are turning in circles now because we have heard this exchange at least three times already. She does add something new though: her contempt for her sister-in-law. Bravo. She says that Dragon behavior is expected of his Mother, because that is how an Elder behaves. But her sister-in-law? She is of the same age as them and is also highly educated (she has a PhD in Public Elations).
JoAnne: Sigh. Your adorable Tae Wook tries several times to tell her 'ok, I got it, we cool.' but she just needs to taaaaaaaaaaaaaalk about it. And then taaaaaaaaaaaalk about it some more. Really, I think he is being amazingly supportive to her. Not that she's wrong or anything but listen girl, chill: he agrees with you. You know that thing about a dead horse? Let it GO.
kakashi: Tae-wook tries to defend his sister-in-law, but Sourpuss will not hear it and she even gets quite loud, when she repeats how miserable her sister-in-law makes her. I'm 100% on her side in this, but I do feel a bit sorry for Tae-wook, too, who is once again caught in the middle. Sourpuss is back to the old unfortunate issue: money/valuable things that are given to her - things she does not want and doesn't care for. What she does want is to be understood and cherished by her family. Good luck with that, missy. To sum a long dialogue up, even as a daughter-in-law who prepares breakfast and chats with the family in the evenings, she wants to do her job as a radio writer. She cannot only be the daughter-in-law of an über-rich family. And Tae-wook looks at her with agony.
JoAnne: Because he's thinking two things: One: is the nooky really worth all THIS? and two: no, she's not just the daughter-in-law of an über-rich family. She is also the adored and much-desired wife of HIM. But she doesn't think that's important enough to mention. And she's had the benefit of those muscles working for her! How is that even possible?

kakashi: Happy to report that the Snore is going through some agony as well - as always - as he is drinking wine with the SuperAnnoyance at her place. Yes. At her place. She warns him of the OtherSuperAnnoyance, his partner. Huh? That's a new plot line ... Anywayz, their conversation is awwwkward and I seriously think she is wacko. She kisses him again, even though he SO obviously isn't into her. And she even places his arms around her. He storms out. I hate the AnnoyingWoman for throwing herself at a man like this. I really feel ashamed for her.
JoAnne: She is just ridiculous."It's been a whole WEEK since you oozed your broken heart out into the sunlight for me, Oppa... how can you still be pining over your lost love?  Oppa! Oppa!" *smack* Oops. That was me, grabbing her by the hair and smashing her head through that really cool window frame.
kakashi: I liked it too. There, I made a screencap of it.

kakashi: At the Restaurant of Mistreated Steaks, Tae-wook pays the bill - and looks at his wife's back. She has already gone outside and is crying. He tries to comfort her, but she doesn't let him. And she says she should have prepared herself better before marrying him, she should have done research about how the women in his circle live. He has tears in his eyes (awwwww), but he grabs her by the shoulders and says that they will overcome this. In the car home, he takes her hand in an attempt to comfort her ...but she pulls it away.
JoAnne: And I called her a fucking bitch, I admit it.
kakashi: It doesn't help their mood that they have a breakfast from hell to attend the next morning - but without the Patron to keep the mother in check. Cheating Dick of a Husband hasn't been home for 3 days, which of course displeases the Dragon. She shouts at the DirectorBiatch. Tae-wook tries to calm her, but he is also shouted at. On to the fact that NewDirector told the Dragon Father about the picture deal. And on to insulting Ji-hye, her job and the way she talks. Tae-wook speaks up again, but the Dragon insults him by saying he is just a lowly as the two women and she pushes him out of the way.
JoAnne: I actually laughed a lot throughout this scene: Grandma got OWNED by the littlest daughter and DirectorBiatch rewarded it by putting something tasty on her spoon... Ol' Fish Lips is losing control and I LIKE it. 
kakashi: So true. And I guess that is why I can actually watch through these Dragon scenes ... there is humor there. Even though it is hidden beneath a huge pile of meanness.
JoAnne: They're finding a very delicate line. I'm a bit impressed. It could just be us with terribly mean senses of humor, though.
kakashi: Or course, things at the broadcasting station are also starting to go really wrong ... her superior has started interviewing candidates for her position, behind her back. Sourpuss flips. She has emotions! That's good! But everybody, including her friend from Jeju, does not understand why she is so worked up: she married into a tremendously rich household, did she not? So it is absolutely clear to everybody that she will stop working. And they want to be prepared for the day she quits.
JoAnne: I find it absolutely ridiculous that she had no clue that CheongDam Daughters do not work, first. Second, that NO ONE. NO ONE asked her upfront before she got married if she'd be quitting to live a life of leisure. Sorry, nope. You know someone marrying into Serious Money, you naturally tease them about the permanent vacation and endless spa visits.
kakashi: On top of that downer, Dragon Father calls and she goes to see him at the company. Seemingly nice, he talks to her about her job. Chat, chat, chat, then he insists on knowing how much she earns. And when he hears he is like .... wuuut? That little? And they work her like that? He tells her to quit. Why would she accept that treatment with her academic background. He tells her to come work for the company - in the Company Newsletter Team. Okay, I laughed at that. And he'll give her three times as much as she is getting now. riiiight.
JoAnne: I knew this was coming. 
kakashi: Maybe he means well? A little? Not sure ... he tells her that she is getting special treatment, and that NewDirectorBiatch had to be the Houseslave for 7 years until she was allowed to work again. And, if she gets pregnant (I guess with a boy) she'll get 10% of the company stocks. Hm. While I understand that she is having troubles adjusting to it all, I wouldn't mind a little tadpole-son and 10% of that company.
JoAnne:  Oh I don't doubt he'll give her 3X the amount, plus the baby bonus. But that entire thing was fake from beginning to end. He doesn't want her to work, now, but for some reason he's trying to play it with kid gloves. He was dripping insincerity from the first moment. But seriously, Miss Mopey:  It's easy. 'Noooooo. No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Yougottabefrigginkiddinme.  Go F*** Yourself. Suck my big hairy...' You get the picture. There are so many ways to say no. Pick one, for the love of God.
kakashi: The Tae-wooks play golf at night. Yum, I would also like to have a golf teacher like that. If I played golf. But she cannot admire her husband's beauty (OF COURSE) ... she is too tired and wants to stop. And she is mopeying depressed... He tells her not to worry, he'll talk to the Dragon again, but she says it's more serious than she thought. She thinks she got married without any thought; she was too shortsighted. She never thought, even in her dreams, that she would be attacked like that after her marriage. She asks to go and see her sister alone - and he grants her the wish, even though he clearly would like to join her. And it is also pretty clear that he hears very well what she is saying: why, oh why did I get married to you.
JoAnne: How come he no longer remotely scares me? I should probably be more suspicious. But GAWD he's so adorable and so in love.
kakashi: ... and so hurt and already heartbroken. *sniff*
kakashi: The Snore gazes into the sky. 
JoAnne: I choose these parts to check Tumblr, Twitter, Email, etc. As long as I hear a sad song, or his voice... I'm good. Unless he is dressed for sports. Then I watch.
kakashi: After the noisy visit at her sister's house, Sourpuss is depressed ... and she stops at that café. Which café? Hers and the Snore's café. And she goes to sit at their table. And ... the Snore walks up to the café.
JoAnne: I'm too busy fainting after realizing that there are TWO coffee shops in Seoul to be sarcastic and snarky about the coincidence, but to show my good faith effort: WhatTheFuckEver.
The Others

Doormat, who is still with the Grandmother President, puts her and her mother-in-law's house up for sale - and the mother-in-law moves in with Career Woman. She is such an unpleasant person, yikes. She could marry the Dragon Mother and they could have babies.
JoAnne: Laughed HARD at the sale news, but WHY is no one saying to Evil Bitch Mother-in-Law that the most LOGICAL thing to do is move in with her precious dick-blinded ugly-ass English-mangling son?
kakashi: Would be, maybe ... but he doesn't have a place to stay either. Ahahahaaaaa.
NewDirector: She picks her personal belongings up from her mother's place and giggles over some old photos in a scrapbook. We also hear that she had a friend and something happened to that friend (did you catch that, JoAnne? Anymore details that I missed?). Maybe this is our Nam-Woman connection?
JoAnne: I DID hear that. I am very curious about that.
Cheating Ass-Dick Brother seems to have settled in with the Nam-Woman - and he tells her he is sick of his wife and wants to end it. Alright.
JoAnne: End it ALL, Cheating Ass-Dick Brother. End it ALL.

Final Thoughts and Comments

kakashi: The writer is quite mean ... first, she shows us how the Sourpuss is being distant and cold with Tae-wook again. Then, she sends her to the café ... and sends the Snore after to meet her. I am guessing we should fear for our main couple (rather than root for another little dance in the sacks by the Snore-Puss couple)? It works. Tae-wook comes with the family-baggage from hell and at this time (half-time, I think?), we are still VERY unsure about Sourpuss' feelings for him. We have seen her care, at least a little ... but she does not (yet?) love him. The family-baggage from hell looks like a total deal-breaker and at this time, I'd advise him to just pack his things and move to Switzerland. But would he be the same person without it? Is leaving this household really an option for him?
JoAnne: Of course it's an option. And really,  I do not understand why she does not avail herself of the ONE comfort she has in this new life. It's a perfect opportunity for them to draw together and unite as one front and he is CLEARLY all about uniting on every front, plane, and furniture surface he can find, so....what gives, Cold-Ass Mopey Woman?
kakashi: As for the central conflict of this episode, whether she should still work after marrying into such a family... I am kinda left cold by it. Sure, I wouldn't want to give up my job easily either and I like the Sourpuss for being such a feminist about it, but she really didn't do her research. What is the point of somebody with millions at their disposal working their butts off for a small salary? That is a valid question, as much as I dislike the Patron. If work is the issue, does it really have to be her current job? Though I wouldn't advise her to work in the Company's Newsletter Department (oh man, what a proposal!)... And if writing is the issue, she could easily write for somebody or something else or just be a writer at home.
JoAnne: Yep, I get that she likes what she does and derives a high level of satisfaction from it. But now she's in a situation where her having THAT job is preventing someone who NEEDS a job from having one, because think about it - if she removes herself from the job force all kinds of minuscule shuffling happens that results in someone's life improving, somewhere. And she can take her talents and skills and connections to do something that has just as much, if not MORE impact as well as opportunity for personal satisfaction that she is UNIQUELY suited to provide. The saying 'to whom much is given, much is expected' comes to mind. Then again, they aren't suggesting she quit and do volunteer work. They're suggesting she quit and learn to golf and paint and by fresh fish for - omg...is Fish Lips Mom a cannibal, then?
See? Those do look like her lips.