Goddess of Marriage - Episodes 13&14 (KimJiCap)

Our main KimJiCap-couple gets less screen time in these two episodes (which equals a far more boring drama in my opinion). Instead, the focus is on the troubles of Sourpuss to adjust to her new role as Royal Daughter-in-Law. Not that anyone sane would blame her. My goodness and bless you, child. I really need to ask a proper Korean whether there are families like that? Are we to believe that the benefits of marrying into it (= money, money, money and I guess status, status, status) would really make up for being a Houseslave? Hm. I’m not convinced, personally. On the upside, we get to see a new Kim Ji-hoon face. I'll call it the "I am so sorry I want candy but can't get it" face. And it's just as adorable as all the other faces he can do.

Episode 13

Ji-hye runs, runs, runs (I would advise her to set her alarm clock a bit earlier. Unless she wants to run? Because of the exercise?) and leaves her sexy husband in bed alone. He is half asleep as his arms reaches for her ... in vain. He sits up, sleepily, and looks at the alarm clock. It is 5:29... 5:30. He doesn’t look all too happy as he dives back into bed, hugging (and smelling... squeeeeee) her pillow.

His wife, the inferior Dobby-Slave is scolded (thoroughly) by the superior-by-age-and-status Dobby-Slave. Four hours of sleep per night: that’s all she'll get and all she has to need. No more. And she gets initiated into the art of keeping 5 alarm clocks and how important breakfast is for the RoyalPainInTheA$$-family. Etc. Etc. Haha. Okay, it’s not at all funny, but it is.

We don’t get to see the taking of the holy breakfast, but next, Patron’s entourage (including Tae-wook and Ji-hye) accompanies him to his car. The Patron is bitching about politician brother, whom he really can’t seem to stand. When he orders Tae-wook to ride in the car with him, not in his own, Tae-wook does this incredibly cute „sorry“ face to Ji-hye and whispers that he’ll be back.
Next, Dragon Mother scolds Ji-hye for wearing comfy clothes (yeah, I also thought she looked a bit too shabby there). Later, her superhawt Prosecutor husband calls her. He says half-jokingly that she hasn’t run away ... even though she hates the house and is uncomfortable with his family. He expected her to leave after a few days. He even thought about handcuffing her. Well, he is smiling, but I guess he also is little bit serious there. He is sensitive enough to know what she is going through, even though he isn't really helping all that much. Yet? And I know JoAnne has something to say about handcuffs, but I am sure she would prefer HIM in them.

She tells him about the scolding and he asks her whether he should stand up for her. For both of them to be scolded, she asks? Yes, he says, still laughing, that could indeed happen. Oh, you cutsie pie ... she tells him that, by the way, she is disappointed that he wore diapers until he was 3 years old (that’s what his mother told her earlier) and he smiles, smiles, smiles after hanging up. Is he happy they are so comfortable with each other? I guess I am, too ... but for how much longer? 

However, when evening comes, his work is piled up high like a mountain and he calls to say he will be late. I’m guessing this is not the first and not the last time that will happen. They continue to be sweet with each other though. I am not sure I can trust this. She even tells him a story of a groom and a bride, in which the groom thinks the bride is too needy and runs away … while she waits for him for 50 years and then dies of old age. Turning into ashes. He promises to be back before she turns into ashes, she says she'd prefer to sleep because she is dead tired. He tells her to rest: he will give her a massage when he gets back. Ooooookay, I want one too. Where can I sign up?
When he does get home and changes into his pyjamas (he is so CUTE with wet hair …) she is still working … and is being sourpussy. He wants … well, THAT. When he doesn’t get it, he makes this cute little disappointed face. When she tells him about “the uniform” she is supposed to wear (which caused her to have a little almost fit the day before) and the time she needs to get up (4.30) he just sighs. No, that will not do! You need to do something, man! She might never sleep with you again, otherwise.

Episode 14

Mope, mope, mope from the Snore. Ah, yes, he is still in this show. But I am getting so bored with his storyline and his constant sadness over what could have been .... *yawn* … next up, breakfast-making from hell and the entourage to the car. Politician brother is begging his father for money. Again. Everybody just turns their back at him, while he whines and begs and insults. Yikes, this is uncomfortable. Tae-wook also leaves, with a sorry smile.
And he would have smiled even sorrier if he had known what follows next … his mother asks Sourpuss when she will finally quit working? She is deeply troubled, but Tae-wook calms her down on the phone ... he has already gotten his father’s permission before the wedding, she can continue to work.
He tells her not to worry, he knows how important work is to her … more important than life. And he knows that she would never have agreed to marry him if this meant she would have to stop working. She agrees, forcefully, which really hurts him. Yeah, it’s hard to hear the truth, boy ... he promises to help her, and she finally seems to believe him. I’m feeling a bit uneasy/apprehensive now. Is the first crisis coming? I guess it wouldn't hurt, because happy couples always exceedingly bore me in dramas.
At night, he cannot even come home because he has so much work. He promises to talk to his mother as soon as he does make it home. She is going to read a book in the meantime … she hasn’t read since they got married. He says she can love the letters all she wants tonight, since he isn’t there … but tomorrow, he wants her to desire him and only him. Oh YUM. He seems to miss her a lot, poor guy. Little does he know that she is called out for golfing lessons right after by polite teacher Kim. Yes, golf is very important. Who cares about books. Smelly dusty things.

And … he doesn’t get home for over a week. Somebody save the poor man!
When he finally does get home, she is completely bombed. Also because of the Dragon Mother, who lied to blue from the sky in front of a reporter about being so proud of her working daughter-in-laws.
She is still very worried that she will be asked to quit, so Tae-wook goes to see his father about it. Who is surprised the topic is coming up because it has all been agreed – but Tae-wook says it’s his mother. The result of this intervention? His mother calls the Sourpuss a bitch - who hides cowardly behind her husband. And she insists that Ji-hye stops working.
Well. Not pretty. Not pretty at all... Who will win this battle?

Other Stuff

The Snore’s life really sucks. He mopes about the Sourpuss Dobby whenever he gets a minute, i.e. when looking up at the sky, while the terrible music plays. Or looking at pictures of her, which are all over the city all of a sudden: On the internet, on random walls, I’m sure he even sees her face in the clouds! And is harassed by the DeadBoringGirlFriend. Seriously harassed - she's a total stalker, a rich kid who fears that men exploit her for her money. But him, she really, really, really wants. While he is SO NOT into her. No wonder he continues to drink like a fish. One of these days, she'll catch him with his pants down, literally, and then ... yeah, she'll have his babies, I'm sure. I'm feeling a bit sorry for Lee Sang-woo at this point, because his character really sucks. It may well be the most boring I've ever seen. He doesn't even get a shower scene (yet!) after he goes to jog his hangover and pain away.

The Newly Empowered Director Biatch formerly known as Abused Wife is being a really b**** whenever she gets the chance, especially towards Ji-hye. She seems emotionally dead most of the time and just tells Sourpuss to become a Houseslave already. She is another very unlikeable character. And she feels seriously threatened by the Bat-Ear-Lady called Nam, whom the Dragon Mother has employed as teacher for the kids. Cheating Husband obviously has the hots for her and Newly Empowered Woman shouts at him to hold himself back in front of the kids. There is shouting and slapping and even blood. No wonder the woman cannot get pregnant. The slightly more interesting development is that she finds out about a money laundering trick by her mother-in-law, involving some paintings from the Nam-woman.

The so-gained money is to be used for Cheating Husband's election campaign. He is such a baby and such a dick at the same time. He is truly pathetic and seeing him fall will be a pleasure. The same goes for Cheating Anchorman, who moves in with Cynthia ... without asking her first. She is super annoyed about it and wants him gone, like yesterday.
No storyline for Career Woman, can’t say I’m sad about it. Doormat Wife works her butt off at some restaurant, where she shows special talents for financial things and meets an old acquaintance ... a woman president. 

Final Thoughts

Are you all convinced now? Tae-wook is a good guy. And who said it first, huh?!? Pretty much everybody else but the Sourpusses and Snores are NOT good guys, though. Man, these people continue to annoy me to no end. Dragon Mother?! If they had given her some kind of backstory to understand her hatefulness, she might have continued to amuse me. But no mas. She is Evilness impersonated and I hope she takes a deep and very painful fall. And takes her terrible second son with her. What a hateful creature! Oh, and not to forget the Pater Familias. He too, is a cold and mean bastard. Not for all the money in the world would I want to be part of that family!

We'll soon reach the halfway mark and I sense trouble in Little Paradise. I'm thankful that we haven't gone down any of the cliche-roads (i.e. her getting pregnant from The Big Snore) and I am thankful I have no idea how this drama will continue from here on. But I am pretty sure it will get rough for our main couple, sooner than later. And of course I don't want to see my boy hurt, but if it involves lots of half-naked brooding, I'm in.